TW-actress Ivy Chen Welcomes Baby Son with Director Husband

The list of TW-actresses from the popular idol drama days of the last decade and a half who are married and/or married with baby now significantly outnumber the still single ones. No wonder even the single actresses who are still in their thirties are getting so much pressure. I think love and marriage can’t be forced so congrats to those who find it and keep on having hope to those who are single. Actress Ivy Chen is one of those who recently tied the knot, marrying her director boyfriend Xu Fu Xiang last August 2018 and today the couple welcome their first child a baby boy. Director Xu is well known in the industry himself after directing the critically acclaimed Ruby Lin drama The Way We Were so this couple are clearly balance work and personal life commitments together in the same field of work. Congrats to the happy parents for welcoming their little piggy, having been born just after the lunar new year switch from the year of the dog to the pig.


TW-actress Ivy Chen Welcomes Baby Son with Director Husband — 4 Comments

    • I was curious too cause I just came home from the hospital with a newborn so it’s fresh in my mind. I am guessing it’s either L&D (labor and delivery) or postpartum maternity rooms? I havent ever seen puzzles in a room. Is it one of those rooms for the 1 month thing? It’s gotta be postpartum (?) cause good for her – she’s smiling. I don’t recall smiling through L&D and I definitely didn’t have boots and leggings on. ?

      Anyhow – congratulations for the new parents!!!

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