First Look at Jang Ki Yong and Nana in OCN Drama Kill It

K-actor Jang Ki Yong is clearly primed to be the next It Boy in drama land and I’m fine with that. He toiled in bit parts and supporting roles for four years before his breakout as one of the antagonists in tvN drama My Ahjusshi and followed that up with his first leading role in the low rated Come and Hug Me. 2019 may be his year to cement himself as a bona fide leading man before a bunch of actors return from military enlistment and he’s got the role lined up with OCN drama Kill It. I lol’d at the title but it works for this drama about a top assassin and the police detective chasing after him. Nana is the female lead and the two definitely can sell the visuals of hot contract killer and cool capable police woman. The drama will take over the time slot from Trap come late March. 


First Look at Jang Ki Yong and Nana in OCN Drama Kill It — 14 Comments

  1. Ooooo…. I want to watch JKY but I don’t like his hairstyle here. I haven’t watched Nana before, is she a good actress? or is she a waste of time?

  2. I think prior to My Ahjussi, JKY was giving major SLS to a lot of viewers who were watching Go Back Spouses! So for those who actually saw him in GBS before MA came along, I would say that’s his breakout role. In fact, the two Characters he played in those two dramas are so vastly extreme and different, it became even more impressive and it showcased his acting potential. Now here’s a pretty boy who is tall and hunky and *gasp* CAN ACT!!!!! Omg, now that’s a deadly combination. And with Come and Hug me, he further proved his acting chops. He has very expressive eyes and I think that makes his acting so much more alive and engaging. If he becomes the next IT boy, I absolutely have no qualms about it because boy definitely has the total package ?? I look forward to all his current projects. Oh, he did a very cute cameo in Touch your heart with yoo inna and it was very funny (what with his expressive acting and YIN deliberate bad acting, it was hilarious!) Go JKY!!

    • Yup total it boy package indeed. I also came from GBC and damn was his role vastly different in all three shows. Plus he nailed all three and I can’t imagine anyone else but him in CAHM. He was phenomenal there.

  3. Jang Ki Yong is good.

    I am on the fence with regards to Nana. It’s a bit sad that he got paired up with less capable actresses back to back (Jin Ki Joo and now Nana). But then, he has another drama with Im Soo Jung coming up after this, so I am all good and happy for this talented handsome boy.

    Oh, and his DOTS parody in Touch Your Heart was insanely good. He strutted better than SJK with that model stature of his.

    • Yup. His tall tall taaaalll stature made the strutting for the DOTS parody so much more manly! I wish he would continue to cameo in every single of YIN imaginary script scenarios in Touch Your Heart, that would be hilarious! But of course that’s not possible, so we’ll just have to wait till March to see him back on the screen again.

  4. Nana was in The Good Wife and she got good reviews from that Plus The Swindlers. I’ve never seen her act but I’m a fan of After School her K pop group with Uee and others. I love JKY and yes he was sublime in the 1st episode of TYH. I’m gonna miss Kill it because it’s dark and nope I’ve had my heart massacred these past 2 months with my fair share of dramas so best I stay away.

  5. I saw Jang ki yong as cameo in touch your heart, he did dots parody with YIN. I prefer his version than the real one. hehehe I hope he really become another ‘it boy’ and have a bright future like KSH or PBG.

  6. In Come and Hug Me, Jang Ki Yong was good in the sad scenes with his father but the romantic ones were pretty awkward.

    Nana was good in The Good Wife but she didn’t have a big role. In Swindlers, I don’t really remember her…

      • But the movie was not so great for me even if there were Hyun Bin, Yoo Ji Tae, Bae Sung Woo and Park Sung Woong. I love all of them and they were good but the story was not very original. Nana was the usual girl in this kind of movie nothing special.

  7. JKY also finished Bad Guys the movie so more good works for our beautiful hunk and hopefully it premieres sometime this year.He reminds me of Kim Won Bin and gosh those two titans in the same frame on screen….Argghhh I’ll go cross eyed from trying to choose who to stare at.

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