Gong Hyo Jin Shows Off Versatile Chic Dressing in New CF Pictorial

Most Korean idols and even actors/actresses are dressed by coordis so it’s hard to truly know their own fashion style. K-actress Gong Hyo Jin is someone who has consistently for two decades exhibited her own unique dressing that suits her lithe model frame perfectly. I’m so glad that her style still gets her plenty of clothing endorsements because she doesn’t subscribe to any of the typical Korean fashion trends. This latest pictorial showcases an effortless and everyday looks that would work in a mix-and-match way that any woman can pull off. I’m looking forward her to drama return in 2019, she’s still working more in movies but whenever she picks a K-drama it’s always notable and interesting.


Gong Hyo Jin Shows Off Versatile Chic Dressing in New CF Pictorial — 20 Comments

  1. She’s been playing similar roles in dramas. Always the girl who initially annoyed the guy only for the guy to fall and pursue her later. Pasta, The Greatest Love, Master’s Sun, the one with JIS and Jealosy Incarnate… All share same character traits. Idk where’s the versatility ppl rave about.

    • She is good actress but her drama roles are usually ‘meh’. I used to like her in earlier dramas like a responsible simple and doting mother in Thank You.

    • I like her a lot but its true she’s played almost the exact same character for almost 2 decades. I feel the same about SHK. Somehow they’ve both made long successful careers out of it while others need to prove their versatility at every level.

    • Really? How is her character in Master’s Sun anything like the tsundere producer she played in Producer, come on. And she initially got famous for melo roles like Sang-doo and Thank You, her movies also have different types of roles for her including the one where she abducted a child.

      You people accuse actresses of all playing the same role even if it’s someone like Park Min Young who literally went from doing a tragic sageuk (7 Day Queen) to a modern romcom WWSK, it’s ridiculous and I’m not even PMY’s fan.

      • I did mentioned same roles in dramas, didn’t I? I didn’t mention movies because I never watched her movies.

        You pointing out her role in The Producer is like 1 different role out of 5 same roles. And either you like it or not, it is indeeed true that she’s been doing the same roles for all her recent dramas except The Producer.

      • Lol @Alexa sang Doo and thank you are dramas, not movies. Please do your research first before criticizing someone’s volume of works.
        Gong Hyo Jin has done thank you, sang doo let’s go to school which are both Melodramas, and quite serious one. And then there was biscuit teacher and star candy which was of drama genre. Master’s sun and the greatest love are romcoms but still very different although these are both Hong sisters drama. Her last drama with Jo Jung Suk was praised for the quirky writing style as well. And TBH, KDramas are known for their romance, even if it’s a slice of life, comedy, thriller or mystery or a serious drama, they will have their share of romance. So it’s a bit of a stretch to charge her for doing that for her course of works..which is ultimately the heart of any KDrama lol.

    • @Sky Say what you want but all her RECENT drama roles are the same except The Producers. And yes, I did my research. You should do yours too.

      • Okay you can stay in your bubble and speak/ believe whatever you want. I can’t deal with your unrealistic opinions lol.

  2. You should watch her early dramas – Thank You and even earlier — Ruler of Your Own World ( w/d Yang DOng Geun, where Lee DOng Gun was introduced) and Sangdoo, Let’s Go to School w/ Rain. She didn’tplay the girl who annoyed the leadng man in those dramas – and she was very good in all of them.

    • Her acting is the same in all her dramas which is why even though those roles were different in the end they have the same feel to them. Shes a good one but she does do the same thing over and over..

  3. Her roles are always the same down to a T and even her styling for every drama is similar but she still has a likeable quality that makes people want to tune it I feel.

  4. She is the Best Have loved her in all her roles she brings joy to the screen and has chemistry with all her leading man. Cannot wait for her next drama.

  5. I hate to break this but GHJ has been offered lead with….Kang Ha Neul for the tv drama ‘When the Camellia Blooms’ to air mid year. Nothing confirmed as yet but I thought she was cast in a drama with Kim Rae Won? Okay I’m not having a particularly good time with all the casting news lately. Whilst GHJ was great in Door Knock I’m finding her and KHN tentative casting a bit hard to take.

    • She’s actually doing a movie with Kim Rae Won..not a drama. I would love to to see her with Kang Ha Neil lol, love my noona romances when done right.

      • My opinion only; I’m just in disbelief why Kang Ha Neul? (KHN was destined to be cast alongside IU)Get someone older please to match GHJ. The genre is romance- thriller- comedy. The Drama Gods have abandoned me because I had a great run of drama castings in 2017 and 2018 and now I’m out in the cold with 2019. Nothing is going right. Bloody Save Me season 2 has new cast members offered roles which is okay because it’s Esom and Uhm Tae Goo and Im partial to seeing them act together.

      • Because Gong Hyo Jin let kdrama watching ahjummas live their dream. Older, plain looking woman that always has good looking men, older and younger, fall for her. Read the synopsis of this drama Koala just posted.

      • Glad it’s all in a drama where dreams are for free but seriously KHN? Hello I got my update from Soompi and the synopsis was there too. KHN character is in love with GHJ character. Nuff said. I liked her in Door Knock. I’m good I just ain’t watching this drama if it is this pairing but for those of you who do go for gold! I’ve been tortured enough these past couple of months I’m not going through the rounds again.

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