Park Bo Gum Really Enjoys His Coca-Cola in New CF Stills

I totally get why Park Bo Gum may not be a lot of people’s cup of tea, though I think way more people like than dislike him based on his wild popularity in Korea. He’s got this beaming smile and clean cut good looks, liking him can be likened to loving white bread but I find way more depth in his acting than his looks convey. It’s way better for him to take a break from romantic leading man and take on action/thriller/mystery/horror genres for the next year or two to re-establish his non-heartthrob cred which he had earlier on. Much like his real life BFF Song Joong Ki getting dirty for A Werewolf Boy and turning into a womanizing schemer in Nice Guy before heading back to K-drama sanitized male lead territory in Descendants of the Sun. Up next for Park Bo Gum is playing a clone opposite Gong Yoo in sci-fi movie Seo Bok so that’s a big step in the right direction. On his off days he can shoot more Coca Cola CFs like this one and just spread the sunshine.


Park Bo Gum Really Enjoys His Coca-Cola in New CF Stills — 11 Comments

  1. Ms. Koala in one way or another is correct. Accepting up and taking out-of-the world and challenging roles would give great benefit to BoGum in terms of acting especially in the big screen and also with the television but I didn’t say that his projects before are not brilliant because those were all brilliants and put him in the list of sought after actors. I think based on his recent interviews he is heading there. He just said that he is still doing fan meet until April so after this April month will be the time of anticipation what kind of projects will he be doing. He has a a deep tone in acting,just look at the eyes you can see that he is acting, and even the PD of the Roaring Currents admittedly said that. He needs to break the barrier of being this and that. This is the right time to challenge himself to be one of the great actors of his time since he already graduated. However, that white bread thing referring to his looks is a little off to me. He is Park Bo-Gum because of that good chiseled looks. Fans have loved him because of that good looks adding with his upstanding persona. His looks is not bland and not predictable. He is the opposite side of your description. He can be every look in every photoshoot. His looks is versatile as the same as his acting. But if I’m defining your description incorrectly, well if that’s the your description of Bogum as a bread I would love to buy and eat it. ??? This is just my opinion. Take it or leave it. Peace ???

  2. You find more depth to his acting? Lol he is not that natural when acting, I can see he’s acting when acting, he’s similar to song joongki, blank paper. Either way, song is way better sometimes

  3. After came across an article, talking about this young actor, I came to understand the reason why he is so popular and loved by many. The article was about his fan meeting, saying about no gift police that he does not accept personal gifts from fans. I was in Wow. A genuine person of integrity, considered, and responsible . He knows fans many times compete with each other by struggling to give expensive gifts to their bias, believing that shows how much their bias are loved/ and popular, and you see their bias showning off those gifts , with, in my understand, maybe the intention to thank/or created competition between fan bases/ and fans, or showing to others their popularity and the extreme fans go to support them. But this young actor took the burden out of his fans, his message is clear, that love does not come by given material things, to love him for who he is a person that happens to choose/study/work as an actor. He does not promote himself through his costars, media play, staged news, etc. A very clear message Love me for my acting works or heat the route. He is on the way to build a solid career as a true actor for life. I am glad he chose to do a movie, we will be able to see his grown more as an actor. I wish him all the luck in the world and many Prayers for his success.??

  4. Its funny how hater always comparing him with actors who actually so much older than him. They’re so helpless. Miss koala the reason why many people dislike him, its because people have different taste, and its become a big deal when PBG become too popular.

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