Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s Agencies Deny Marital Strife Rumors After C-media Spreads Baseless Splitting Up Conjecture

These days stars not only use their social media to increase their reach to their fans and share updates, it’s also conversely has become source for potentially negative updates. Last week Song Hye Kyo cleaned out her social media account by deleting a bunch of pictures, including ones of her with husband actor Song Joong Ki. She’s apparently done this before and plenty of other stars do it or even shut down their accounts at times. A common occurrence led to C-media freak out as articles blanketed the internet about how the Song-Song marriage was on the rocks.

Then fuel was added when Song Hye Kyo was photographed at the airport this week dressed down and without her wedding ring. That’s also a common occurrence as sometimes ladies don’t want to bring expensive bling on work trips and risk losing it. Even C-netizens were not feeling the veracity to these speculative articles but now the news has spread back to Korean and K-netizens are furious at C-ent for manufacturing discord. This led to both stars respective agencies to officially announce the rumors are not true and they won’t even be dignifying it with further comments.


Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s Agencies Deny Marital Strife Rumors After C-media Spreads Baseless Splitting Up Conjecture — 102 Comments

    • Well this one is the most baseless and nonsense rumor by cmedia. The basis is because she delted some pictures and she dont wear her wedding band?! lol so stupid.
      But what’s funny is the knets reaction. One comment said she sold her wedding band and the other one is i went to work today without my wedding ring so im divorce too? Do chinese people carry their wedding ring 365 a day? Lol too funny.
      But seriously its hard leaving in a limelight when just one move you are subject of gossip by malicious people.

  1. Ah I know that big lavish wedding never last longer, I thought I say this before like Angelina jolie-brad pitt,jennifer gardner-ben affleck, ryan phillip-reese witherspoon,amber heard-johny depp, madonna-guy ritchie. Because:
    1. They end up seeing competition each other.
    2. They are following our divorce rate.
    3. Long distance relationship hard to be maintained.
    4. Cheating scandal.
    5. Lack of need financial security.
    Let’s see how long their agency to hide fact this marriage was fake from beginning. Just like lee min jung and lee byung hun. Ssc can hide this forever since this rumors keep getting bigger everytime.

      • This marriage was for cleaning her image as tax evasion scandal. Just like knetz saying (+19,-9) She did tax evasion, why people always so obsessed with her?

    • And what are the benefits in entering a fake marriage for sjk and shk, they rejected million of dollars just for streaming the wedding in china, even sponsored honeymoon, rejected all magazine photoshoot together, sponsored wedding in shilla, they dont have company to merge, just like in dramas.

    • And for lbh and lmj staying together even after cheating scandal, its common even for ordinary people, so many stays in the relationship even if its abusive, they may have reasons, saying the marriage is fake is reaching.

    • What a stupid conclusions! Korean star situations can’t be same as hollywood stars as you thought, and the rumorsis just baseless just like your mind.

    • It seems you have been inimical to their marriage from the very first day.hollywood people don’t know what marriage means that’s why their marriage doesn’t last. So don’t similarise the beautiful kikyo couple with them

  2. It’s tough being a big star, it’s even tougher being a famous star couple. People just love to speculate. When they aren’t lovers, rumours spread about them dating. When they are lovers, rumours spread about them splitting. I feel sorry for them. Relationships are a fickle in private, it must be so difficult for these stars.

    • Fame has granted her lots of CFs bringing her lots of money, but the loss of privacy is a price she has to pay for being famous. Always on the spotlight. Cannot get the best of both worlds. SMH… Celebrity should always be prepared for false scandals….

  3. K-media just pick it coz its trending in weibo with million of repost in an hour, sina and other big media in china reported it, just coz she didnt wear her wedding ring in the airport, they shld atleast present a more believable reason,

  4. They’re just a normal married couple who just so happen to be in the spotlight 24/7. I don’t know how or why this is news? It’s speculation that’s it. Gosh is Entertainment news that hard pressed for nowadays they’re starting to hunt through IG accounts and checking out wedding fingers for the ring whilst looking at the demeanour and dress of a person for tell tale signs of a break up. Cnetizens be best keeping their whack theories to themselves thank you.

    • The reason was after her Encounter drama, some crazy SSC shipper came and left malicious comments on her account; they can’t distinghish between private life and professional life. she decided to remove most of her pictures to show them that her personal life and professional life are separated. In her most recent pictures with her manager, some crazy people asking for picture of SJK; she took further step to inactivate her IG comments,
      And with her addition of not wearing Her wedding rings leaving the C-ent with speculation that they are divorced.
      It added the fuels to K-nets that the knets decided to step up and created more turmoils.
      I feel so sorry for the famous people, that’s there price of being famous and having the privacy invaded.

      • I know many famous k celebs who has no IG account, and they seems to lead normal lives. Not every human being on earth needs to have IG account..she created her IG, therefore she’s the one inviting them to invade her privacy..

      • Her Instagram is the normal Instagram like many celebrities, picture of her CFs, and some of her previous dramas. Some celebrities do have Instagram and some doesn’t.
        She is just happen to attracts lots of noise; everywhere she goes.
        Like I said: it’s the price for being famous,
        You cannot have it all.
        That’s life.

  5. Feel bad for them because fans just don’t understand that they are normal people too. Song Hye Kyo is always the target. SMH…

  6. Both are mediacore, shk got an easy ride from his partner in encounter. Change the male lead and you will get another flop drama like worlds within. Sjk must be regret for turning down kingdom, and vagabond will beating asdal as well

    • But honey joo ji hoon item was flop only get 4% rating and about kingdom-netflix knetz they thanks that drama didn’t broadcasting in korea cause bae donna and queen acting was bad and annoying. About asdal and vagabond i thought that drama will be flop cause knetz getting tired with bad acting. Most important now was script, director and we’ll acting. If your acting mediocre your drama will be flop for sure.

      • Both are different genres so story is king and for their sake I hope both do well rating wise within Korea alone. It’s the casting that is the driving force behind each drama that is creating the hype right now. I’m excited for both shows but more so Asadal for the female leads KJW and KOB because I like their characters in previous drama/films and acting prowess. I’ll wait and see how VB goes because I’m still not convinced at Suzy’s casting as a Secret Govt agent. LSG will nail his role as always and I hope he doesn’t end up carrying the drama alone. However as a pair from stills they do look rather good together.

  7. These are lovely pics of the couple. They look so so adorable and happy together. ?

    Whether the rumours are true or not, I will believe it when it comes from the horse’s mouth. It’s a waste of time to speculate.

    I am Chinese ancestry, and I loathe C-Media, the lowly ones who stir up baseless rumors. I shudder at how disrespectful and disgusting they can get just so that they can create the opportunity to make money.

  8. So their plant an entire rumors based on speculation that she isn’t wearing a ring. Please song song do a favour and sue the hell out of those media who started this absurd rumours.

  9. It wasn’t started by C media, it was started by SSC antis on weibo, said SKJ is cheating with SHK’s coordi. People like to share negative rumors so it spread to other platforms and C media just reported on it.

    • another abc-this rumors song-song couple begin when someone who spread rumor that song joong ki cheating on shk with hyun kyong. This 1st when sjk and shk playing bowling with her bbf in December 2017, they talk sjk cheating because he talk and smile with hyun kyong then when song-song couple come to iu concert December 2017 concert sjk talking with hyun kyong while shk singing iu song. In March 16 2018 also fans capture sjk,shk and hyun kyong have dinner together in itaewon restaurant after promoting sulwashoo. In March 30 when shk come to Busan, sjk with her and they eating food also with hyun kyong. Also there’s is someone who saying in sns that saying sjk and hyun kyong have secret account that them share pict and communicate in secret. So when encounter drama come this rumors keep getting bigger and bigger all time. Also their agency is bad handle this rumors.

  10. Tbh, few Korean stars are popular enough to truly trend on Weibo. How it works is that stars usually buy into the trending topics, which is why you can click into a supposedly hot discussion and find next to no one talking about the issue. This “rumour” was reported by C-media but stirred up by the “victims”. It’s publicity after all.

      • And both of them have endorsment to protect and a divorce rumor is never a good publicity. So your accusation that they stirred it up is nonsense because its their image that will get affected.

      • Song Song are well know among Cnetz to have bought yearly subscription to hot searches. Like @kitai said, their topics trend but hardly any comments because they are computer generated. Do cnetz really care about some passe Korean stars that much that anything they do trend on weibo? The most ridiculous one I saw was “SJK waited outside for SHK while she used the restroom”..LMAO. They are not even that interested in their own biggest celebrities. Taking into consideration the size of China, only a very small percentage of citizens are interested in Korean stars, especially nowadays.

    • Didnt the phrase trend coz it was repost million of times, and if sina pick it up of course it will trend, and koreans do trend in weibo especially idols, dating news, popular dramas, didnt know u can pay to trend in weibo,u can buy followers in ig or tw but dont know for weibo, just reposting will trend just like tw just tweet the ht

      • Yes, Weibo position can be bought. It is their business model. Their number 3 position is reserved for CF.

      • @Aurora, the weibo divorce rumor is recent while their yearly hot search subscription started years ago, they are two separate observations. It is normal for people to spread negativity and gossip, but it is not normal for people to spread trivial things like SHK using the restroom to the point it becomes a trending topic. I said the rumor was started by an anti because I do not believe SSC to be that low to start a rumor about their own divorce just to get on hot searches. Like I said, if you are so inclined and can read Chinese, just search “double Song buy hot searches” in Chinese and you will you find endless articles about this.

      • @anotherabc actually the phrase that trend in weibo was “shk is not wearing her wedding ring in the airport”, it trend coz of the repost, so the phrase shk went to the bathroom can trend too if people repost it, another phrase trend dis morning was “shk sjk agency deny the divorce rumor”

      • @ma.llyanne, unless she pooped her pants, why would a few million Chinese citizens care to repost that she used the restroom? Yeah, she is just that popular and loved there that everything she does is a trending phrase, including taking a dump.

    • And shk is 1 of the few popular korean star to trend in weibo, even just showing in the airport, even her wedding, her drama, but i need to ask around if u can pay to trend in weibo,dont know for tw too, can also pay to trend in tw? U must be knowledgable abt this

      • Lmao @ma.llyanne just look at @anotherabc post first she said that the rumor was started by anti ssc in weibo and since a lot of people like to share negative it spread and pick up by c media. Now after @kitai posted she’s singing a diff tune now she’s saying ss paid a subscription and that no one cares about them in china. Lol how funny can you atleast be consistent.

    • @anotherabc where is ur proof and why would they pay to trend in china though, i saw yoona also trend in weibo, exo u think they pay too?

      • If you can read Chinese, just do a search on “double Song buy hot searches”. They trend on weibo for the most trivial things like SHK using the restroom or SJK curly hair. The reason they buy these searches is because it gets reported in Korean media to give the illusion they are super popular and relevant in China so their commercial value goes up in Korea. They can get more CF deals and ask for higher fees in dramas because advertisers think they can reach the lucrative Chinese market through their popularity.

      • So u are basing it fr trend also, and phrase can easily post by weibo user, u dont have concrete evidence then,

      • U think big companies who pay them in der drama and cf dont know that they are trend buying if its true, for sjk a company like cjemn dont know that he is buying trend in weibo,and the chinese company who is willing to finance his upcoming movie dont know also, just throw the money on him coz he trend in weibo fr time to time

      • @another abc: from your previous comment you stated it was some SSC anti creates the rumor, and later you said they buy search from weibo to on trend.
        You lost your credibility for twisting your tongue, and what’s your motives for spreading rumor without evidence?
        You are no different than those people from those C-media.

    • Didnt the bali sighting trend in weibo too, did they pay for that too, lks dating rumor trend jenie kai dating did they pay too,

    • Lol I always see Cnetz dissing Korean celebs for buying Weibo hot search in douban and tieba forums. They even have a list of celebs who love to buy hot search.

      • Korean celebs or der fans? Fr what i know fans do buy but for album comeback, and maybe u are referring to awards they need that for awards in music shows

    • Funny u are saying that nobody is talking about it in weibo, but if u click shk ht u can read them, fans went to her ht to look for update but instead see that they are talking about wedding ring, and divorce rumor.

  11. Lol song song are immensely popular in China including many hallyu stars and kpop bands. I think he was last hallyu star to make it big in China before THAAD came in to the picture. So it’s obvious this kind of malicious rumours will be trending in no time. Btw c media noticed she didn’t wear her wedding ring but not how she looked happy at the airport l, waving to the cameras and even giving autographs to her fans.
    C-media is worse.

    • Does being well known equate to popularity?? I’m not so sure. It could be people being nosey rather then actual love for the star so reaching top searches on Weibo isn’t something to be proud of.

      • By no means I means trending is equal to popularity. We all know how big of news song song wedding was, so this kind of divorce news for a couple who are loved by kdrama lover will also be a huge case of gossip among fans. And the more people talk about it on sns the more it will be trending.

  12. When fans supposed to be protecting you, but unfortunately they acted like a real hater. SHK need to stay away from romance drama, there’s too many crazy shipper.

    • But that’s her comfort zone. Will she take action, crime or thriller dramas to risk rating flops? I think we have already been through with her drama choices these past few years ?

    • I’m sorry but I don’t want SHK to do that. If they can’t handle her doing a romance’s their problem, not hers.

    • Its actually a big problem. I know that many of her crazy fans sending letters to sjk’s father when ec aired, and PBG got hate because this drama (he actually got so much love again when ec end, thanks to his a big fanbase) the next drama she take will get the same reaction, and maybe worse. Stay away from romance not that bad, she can take drama like god’s gift which awesomely good. As a fan dont you really want her to take another role? And btw if she take another mello drama, I’m sure it wont work anymore.

    • Hi valentinozara, I have an idea of what kind of a person you are based on your comments here..but I hope you’re a much better person in real life otherwise I’d feel sorry for those around you. Pray that everything you said won’t come back to you like a boomerang one day.

      • I agree, she is now on twitter spreading rumors that shk is falling in love with bogum and that is why she is going to divorce jk. I hope her close one helps her. So much unhealthy obsession with those who had nothing to do with you is dangerous.

      • That valentinozara is showing us how hate can turn someone as stupid as she/he is.. It is very dangerous..That person is obssesive haters and stalker!

  13. I’m so lost with all of this sorry it’s going over my head with buying Weibo searches and everything else happening with SJK and SHK I wish this type of rumour mongering just fizzles out like now but anyway apparently in Brunei there is a list for anyone local and interested in helping out on the Asadal drama which apparently starts filming on the 24th February. So thats pretty exciting and factually based.

  14. Lol wasn’t it the same c media that was spreading rumours that she was pregnant before they got married.imagine thinking their marriage is in trouble because she didn’t wear her wedding ring,lots of Korea celebrities don’t wear their wedding rings too lol ridiculous

    • They are just happen to be so famous, and who k-ent couple would create this buzz other than SHK and SJK ?
      And some people here saying they buy the weibo to create rumors to be famous!!! ???
      It the most ridiculous, absurd and crazy thing people can come up with.

  15. Man, it must be hard to be a celebrity in Korea. (Or anywhere, really.) These are just normal people who happen to have a very public job. And their personal life is really no one else’s business.

    I think it’s fine as a fan to notice a couple who get along particularly well. You can find it sweet. You can cheer them on if they seem to like each other. You can watch and observe and learn from examples of couples who do end up together. But you can’t be in their bedroom. You can’t create wild stories about them like this. You shouldn’t confuse acting and real life–it’s perfectly possible for a person to ACT a role but actually be in a real life relationship with someone else. Acting is their JOB, and if they are successful, they will be good at it. (I’m thinking of Encounter.) When fans attack or degrade other stars or start fan wars to bash others based on how they think a star should live his or her life…wow, that’s too far over the line.

    One thing I love about K-ent is how close everyone feels. Even as a foreigner, I’m probably only a couple degrees of separation from any person in hallyu. It fosters fan loyalty and guarantees an audience (which is necessary if you want to keep working in this field). But it has its down side, too, and that is when fans think they can make all your decisions for you. It makes me sad to see people trash an actress’s friends in the name of being her fan (ie shipper wars, when the actresses actually get along quite well). It makes me sad when people make up complete lies and post them, just to get clicks and sell stories. Even when proven absolutely wrong, people get this false stuff in their heads, and you can’t get it out.

    I would rather cheer on all the good things about someone than make up or follow dirt, just to get a good story. These people aren’t abstract characters on a screen. They are REAL PEOPLE. Think how frustrating and hurtful it would be if that happened to you. Why should a famous person be any different?

  16. @another abc got a point here. Those defensive fans who cannot read Chinese may be a bit naive because you will never find out the real truth especially in China. SHK has been in show biz for 20+ years, there maybe some inside tricks going on (e.g. with Dispatch blocking dating news in the past). She’s got connections that you may not be aware. ? I cannot read Chinese, maybe someone can do more research and report back here instead of arguing to no end… Coz it’s always the same people in Defense for her but I bet they are ifans not understanding the whole situation.

    • And it’s always the same people questioning everything about her. I still remember you were the one accusing SSC of mediaplaying their wedding. But what happened after they got married? Were they always spotted together? Did SHK mention her husband at every chance she got? Did she upload their pics when fans ask her to?

    • @candycane A lot of koreans actors actress and kpop bands trend in weibo everyday some even own an weibo acct. But the funny thing that @anotherabc claim is that they buy hot search to trend because korean media will report it and it will give an illusion that they are super popular there.

      First do you think korean media is not aware of trend buying.
      Second Advertisers and producers just think they are popular there so they pick them as a model/lead? No advertisers and producers do some intense research survey in the celebrity that the inverst with.

      • Koreans know best how to trend buy. I have learnt from reading multiple sources that whenever there is a government scandal, there will be a media scandal to follow to divert public attention. Isn’t this true? The funny thing is why you are so adamant that there is no trend buying. Do you know them for sure? At least there maybe a possibility, right?

    • Dispatch didnt block the dating news lol, they just dont release any pic, so many newsoutlet in korea who can release anything,dispatch is just any other newsoutlet,they dont own the others, factsonly

      • Don’t release = hide, if this is a word more pleasing to you than “block”. News can be manipulated in many ways, different words can twist the whole story. If you cannot read Chinese, then you may be missing on some important information, is my point. Mediaplay is always under my suspicion whether the intention is good or bad. I am never a very trusting person. Whatever in trend will have a monetary gain, it depends who is the smart one to earn it ?

      • But u are only talking abt dispatch,they are not the only newsoutlet in korea thats what im saying,its like ur saying they can control all media in sk,

      • I only raised Dispatch as an EXAMPLE (e.g. = example). I NEVER said anyone can control all media in sk. Don’t put words in my mouth!

  17. People have legitimate reason to question the SSC marital status. She used to wear her wedding ring even on official press conferences. However, she was not wearing the ring at her lalest event in Singapore, even when she was spotted at the airport.

    All the SHK fans reacting on the mediaplay comment, oh knock it off. It’s a fact anything sorrounding her is all mediaplay. The couple even used their marriage for mediaplay. Fans should know that better. And, there is nothing wrong with it as that’s how they make a living. But not that they planned it. They don’t control the media, so there were things they have had made it work to their advantage. And, for those who made it look like it’s a bad thing, guess you have so much time on your hand.

    • There you said it they cant control the media. So why the accusation? Normally media play was started by agency by releasing diff news eveyday. But for them most of the news came from fan accts and gets reported by media and its not in their control. And for their wedding how come they media play it when they never had a wedding pictorial for a fashion magazine, official airport appearance for their honeymoon. And mind you this couple dont even accept sponsored airport outfits.

      • You did’t to defend. They are celebrities and esp SHK who’s more into commercial endorsement. Media play is not a bad thing. All celebs are surrounded by it whether they like or not. Some of them are created by them and some have catalysts that they used to their advantage.

        Those celebs/actors/artists who don’t know how to play along will never last in this industry. Though I see many celebs who cheaply used media to earn money but I don’t think that is the case of SHK. So I don’t see the necessity to defend in a such way that as if she did something wrong. Though I understand in some cases if you do as there are people who malicious put it in the wrong context just for the sake of hating.

  18. Why do you think Ms koala always post article about Sjk and Shk. Because its guarantee it will get a lot of clicks and traffic meaning more money for koala lmao. And some people here got the nerve to accuse them of different things just to trend. Lol media, blogsite news site will always post celebrity who will cause traffic and make the article trend plain and simple.

    • What are you trying to prove? That they didn’t buy it? Okay, just a general search has provided this result (in 2016). For the first 3 positions, it is 50000 yuan per hour, for 4 and 5 it is 45000 yuan per hour. It’s an open secret that agencies/companies are allowed to purchase Weibo search rankings. To have 2 titles suddenly drop in such high rankings someone would have paid good money. If I was a fan of both I would just be glad that someone is willing to pay that price for their media play.

      • Seeing how their chinese fans throws a large sum of money during baeksang and their yearly lavish gifts and charity donation i wouldnt even be surprise if they are willing to pay that amout to make ss trend in that site.

    • And No.2 trending is DoTS 3rd broadcast anniversary with 300 million reposts! It must be the greatest show that graced the Chinese’s screen for such enthusiasm after 3 years.

    • It’s called media buzz. And the fact that we can stay anonymous here, some may even choose to make multiple comments under different usernames. Crazy. LOL.

  19. A lot of people dont wear their wedding bands in the airplane for a couple of reasons.
    1. Comfort
    2. So they don’t lose their ring
    3. Comfort
    4. Did I mention comfort?
    Its ridiculous to think they are gonna divorce over not wearing a wedding band im sure their love is deeper than that

  20. Wonder why shk still has fans lol!She use phone in every magazine and Cf and she also date all of her costar, song joong ki should use condoms when having sex with her!!!And her latest drama was disaster!!!!

  21. Wonder why shk still has fans lol!She use photoshop in every magazine and Cf and she also date all of her costar, song joong ki should use condoms when having sex with her!!!And her latest drama was disaster!!!!

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