Lee Jong Seok Confirms Military Enlistment on March 8th and Drops 1st Look Pictorial to Promote Romance is a Bonus Book

After a few possible enlistment dates bandied about in the past year, it’s finally time to say auf wiedersehen to actor Lee Jong Seok who is confirmed to head to the military next week on March 8th. He’s leaving on a solid career note with the well-received tvN rom-com Romance is a Bonus Book, and having the chance to work with his dream costar Lee Na Young. Lee Jong Seok is enlisting towards the tail end of the enlistment period but he hasn’t wasted delaying his service, having plowed through successive popular dramas starting from Pinocchio to W: Two Worlds then While You You Sleeping and now Bonus Book. He’s in the cover and pages of the March edition of 1st Look magazine in a pictorial title United Colors of Romance as he wears the preppy and colorful outfits with confidence and ease. I’m not going to miss him as much while he’s gone since my Lee Jong Seok craze has mellowed out but he’s definitely got to recharge and ready himself for two years later to come back and take his career to another level.


Lee Jong Seok Confirms Military Enlistment on March 8th and Drops 1st Look Pictorial to Promote Romance is a Bonus Book — 18 Comments

  1. He’s looking better these days, he should not do anything else to his face unless completely necessary. I wish him luck in the army.

  2. There’s also Hymn of Death, that was…an unusual type of drama (his performance was good though even if the character was like his usual ‘sensitive soul’ type, no hate since that’s what he does well).

    Anyway, good luck to him on his military service and I hope he completes it well.

  3. I find his nose and mouth so weird but he wins me over with his easy charming screen presence . He seems to do well with noona leading ladies. Really liked him in ICHYV but could not watch the next 3 dramas because of bland PSY, blank Suzy, and horrible OTT lazy acting by HHJ. Couldn’t believe this was the same girl I liked so much in BL/SI.
    I am enjoying LIABB so much. Love the other couples in the drama. ….the short tempered editor and the designer are stealing the show these last few episodes.Loved the scene where they decide to go ahead with the meeting with the two juniors asleep on the table from exhaustion .

    • I agree with you. I loved him in School 2013 and ICHYV, but since then I start his dramas but end up dropping them, because of the same reasons as you. And one thing that I hate is the make-up, I believe he would look better all natural and less glossy.
      Now, I have not drop his current drama bc of the second lead couple, for me they have more chemistry and sorry to the main lead couple but it’s a better story.

  4. I actually a big fans of him before, all his drama is a must watch for me, he actually always worked with big writer thats why he always get a good drama. but then I’m become bored with him. He always acted as the same character over and over again. I skip his last two drama. Thats why Im not going to miss him. I hope when he comeback, I already forget his acting’s style, so I can enjoyed his drama again.

  5. Your love LJS ❤️Mz Koala how sweet yep I’m loving Romance is aBonus Book and find him endearing as I haven’t watched any of his previous works (stop n starting n not finishing dramas doesn’t count) and this is such an easy laid back watch I’m really enjoying everything about this drama especially my girl Jung Eugene. She is rocking it with Seo Jun though and I like Park Hoon he ya a comedic Godsend.

  6. I dreaded this moment and know it was ineluctable but still…*take out my handkerchief and sob hard* I almost watched all his projects till the end (except for While you were sleeping and Doctor Stranger)and it’s always a pleasure to see his charming acting. I’ll miss him for sure (2021 seems like so far away) but wish him all the best and will,of course, eagerly waiting for his return.

  7. I share the feeling with others here. LJS is not physically my type at all but he has such a sweet charisma on screen that I always fall for him. And usually I like him with all his co-stars. I liked him with Lee Bo Young the most (my fave noona romance), but I also think he had real chemistry with Park Shin Hye, and the pairing with Han Hyo Joo and now with Lee Na Young works for me too. The only time I found the romance a bit bland in his dramas was with Suzy, it didn’t work for me.
    Well, I’ll miss him. Sad that we have to wait 2 years to see him again.

  8. I can’t say that I am a fan of him cause I never really follow it but I have to admit that he has good eye for drama (at least the 1st half of the drama). I always watch his drama and enjoy his performance even when he isn’t the reason for me to pick up a drama. I hope he serve well.

  9. There are many actors and actresses I like. I like them for who they are – not their popularity not their looks not whether they did or did not do ps, not their high or low rating. When the acting is good to me, i will like them.
    Mr Lee Jong Suk is one of my favourite. I like the way he is, his looks is so fine to me,everything about him is awesome to me.
    I will wait for your return and I believe you, as you have always promote South Korea, will serve well. Bless you Lee Jong Suk.

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