Big Bang’s Seungri and Park Han Byul’s Husband in Scandal Around Soliciting Call Girls for Potential Investors

It’s like bad news around Big Bang member Seungri comes in twos. First he was embroiled in a scandal involving a night club The Burning Sun where he was an investor accused of fostering an environment of sexual assault and later closed down. Not the bigger scandal and perhaps criminal investigation comes with a media investigation unearthing reportedly text messages between him, an employee, and Park Han Byul‘s non-celebrity husband about procuring call girls/prostitutes to treat potential investors in Seungri’s business venture. Both Seungri’s agency YG Entertainment and Park Han Byul’s husband have denied the news story claiming the texts are not real and fake news. We’ll see how this unfolds in the coming days but if true it’s not only not surprisingly but a sad reminder of how dirty the industry back rooms are.


Big Bang’s Seungri and Park Han Byul’s Husband in Scandal Around Soliciting Call Girls for Potential Investors — 29 Comments

  1. This shade business with girls volunteerily or highly intoxicated doing sex service to stars or important people exists in every country but it’s deeply hidden and never talked about. There are some famous musicians who after their performance on music festivals are expecting to go to a hotel room with bunch of them and are not satisfied if they are not provided with this extra service. It’s really sad but that’s a reality behind the scenes.

    There are some documentaries about hidden prostitution in Korea available on YouTube. They’re showing that even police officers are frequenting the red ally of Seoul by themselves so it’s like a never-ending nightmare for young girls. Even having sex with prostitutes, which is officially forbidden, is not considered as cheating. It’s really sad…

  2. @Gia yeah they’re called Groupies who hang around musicians. I’m a fan of Park Han Byul who is currently in a drama ‘Love in sadness’ with Ji Hyun Woo and Im fan of Big Bang too so I ain’t gonna believe anything that ventures out until it is actually PROVEN in a K court of law and not by speculation and assumption. As you all most likely know I don’t have a tambourine yo jump on the bandwagon of assumption.

    • I don’t even care so much. It was a club so shady things could happen in there and everyone involved with management should know about it. People who want to make fast money don’t care about humanity. They don’t care about work conditions also. Just look at the K-pop business – idols pressured to have innocent baby doll image, starving themselves, doing fan service for military guys, not sleeping properly, eating toxic pills against hunger, eating mostly only proteins, not seeing family for years because of busy schedule, coping with hate from “fans”, etc… It’s a toxic circle so much admired.

      • I guess @Gia you’ve never been to a club before? Yes as you have mentioned it happens no denying all true no place to hide -confirmed. However like I mentioned before I’m waiting for the supposed court case where this is all laid out and exposed.

      • @Ginger Crunch Oh, I went to clubs in my twenties a lot, but I wasn’t a fan, because I prefer jazzy venues and concerts. My best friend was a complete club lover and I was more like a protector to her even if I drunk too much I had this cold aura around me that they knew they’re not allowed to touch. I was amused how guys try really hard to get one night stand. I think it’s the same everywhere but some clubs I would avoid at all costs. But some people are hoping to get a glance of their idols and don’t care about the consequences.

      • @Gia You’re right if you’re desperate enough to see your idol you’ll be inclined to do anything so the onus is on the individual to take personal responsibility in any given situation.

  3. Not surprised. Seedy. However, I’m more shocked at the abuse thrown to the husband and children by ‘Nut rage’ Korean Air Heiress.

    • Actually @Abc I’m wondering why that woman hasn’t been committed to a mental institution yet but I guess with her all connections and money to burn she can do anything she wants but the poor husband and children having to suffer through her rampage. Someone please muzzle her gosh she threw nuts before, what next? Watermelons? Another wth crazy scenario was when a Korean lady threw a tea cup puppy at the pet store owner because she was refused a refund.

  4. Innocent until proven guilty. But im not surprised with this case. I mean, in a night club, people come for pleasure.. Drink, dance, drugs, wo/men… And i’ve seen many dramas with this kind of cases. It is happening in this world. Not only in Korea, but all the countries, even in the poorest country.

    Ah Bigbang… I wonder if other groups get this all shitty rumors, will they still survive? This boys are getting old, but rumors wont fade away in anytime soon. Sigh.

    Seungri will go to army, hopefully he will be alright. While me here waiting for his hyungs to make great music

  5. the ‘i don’t care’ mentality on a scandal that involves possible sex-trafficking, drug distribution along tax evasion AND Police bribery is really alarming. What do people care about?

    This guy is trash. And her husband is trash too if proven guilty.
    Just because he belongs to a TOP group doesn’t excuse him from being evil.
    And just because she’s a likeable actress, doesn’t excuse her husband of wrong doings.

    The Journalist who disclosed this is very reliable. She’s only waiting for the results of the American-Korean summit to be over (as not to overshadow important politics) to release more information. So far, we’ve only had a preview of what is to come.

    • Yes, this journalist Kang Kyungyoon is incredible. She is the one who first exposed Korea’s #MeToo scandal, debt scandal of Microdot’s parents, Goo Hara’s side CCTV proof, politician Kang Yongsuk’s sexual harassment scandal, and Sechskies Kang Sunghoon’s fraud scandal.

      All of the cases are brought to justice and didn’t stop as a mere article. This woman is amazing, she’s not afraid to go against the powerful to reveal the truth. Maybe someday we’ll see a movie or drama based on her lol.

      • yes, her track record is amazing. I wish to know more about her. She seems like a tough woman who needs to be admired. She also seem to toughroughly fact check her articles. So it’s really hard for me to defend the side being accused at this point.

        People don’t care about a criminal scandal because ‘I’m a fan of oppa! he would never!’ but they go bat shit crazy over any dating news. Witch-hunting and slut-shaming the girl
        or trying to put the guy down because X or Y are not good enough!

        In fact, I’m waiting for any dating news to come up in the very near future.

    • I don’t care was ment for people who are famous and think they’re untouchable. I hope it won’t be swept under the carpet but there were so many cases where good lawyers managed to turn sides upside down that everything was forbidden and forgotten by fans.

      • Yes, REAL scandals like this are easily swept under the carpet. Fangirls will defend their oppa until their last breath.
        Yet people turn ape upon hearing any dating news. They witchhunt and sl*t shame the girl while putting down the guy and calling him a no good. It’s hard to understand their priorities. We get people defending a woman beater but shaming actors/idols for dating.

        in fact, i’m expecting dating news to come up at any time in the very near future…

        @jkim, yes this journalist has an incredible track record. I wish to know more about her as she’s someone to be admired. She’s been consistent in releasing news that are thoroughly checked so at this point, it’s hard to believe the other side.

    • Cant wait. The fact that shes thorough makes it even more impressive. Evil cannot triumph over good and lets hope that truth prevails in this case. Im hoping for this korean ans american summit to quickly end and for NK to sign off on the end to korean war so that Moon Jae In can focus on his job and improve his dwindling approval ratings. This society needs serious change… the low always trodden, those with power and money always winning. Sickening… injustice is rampant

    • @ayenyou Can you please let me know how do you become a VIP?I like BB music and all members but admired from afar but then again I like a lot of K pop groups and I’m hoping and praying that the 5 members announce a World tour sometime in the near future.

      • hi @Ginger Crunch, glad to know you like their music too, .

        how do I become a VIP? from attending concerts, buying albums, watching all shows related to them, streaming their songs, and awaiting their comeback after military.

    • I like their music and i dont think i would stop being a vip bcuz of this scandal. They have a lot of shitty scandals in the past. Well… If seungri is guilty, let the law punish him. But i love their music and will always wait and support their music.

      Waiting for bigbang to comeback.

  6. Listen I have my favourites too but I’m not delusional enough to ignore it if my fave was accused of being a pimp and drug dealer and then, instead of clearing his name, destroys the evidence and demolishes his club….which all look like the behaviour of someone who has things he wants to hide.

  7. maybe, someone is just using Seungri’s scandals as well as GD, to divert SK /people’s attention from the recently SOPA scandal.

    • If you think about it, why Seungri? Why Big Bang? If there really is no such skeletons he hides inside his closet, nobody could drag him no matter how they rattle his stuff. So, there must be some solid evidences. This isn’t a drama where everyone is jealous of him and wants to get rid of him. Of many people, why is it Seungri? I bet there’s something fishy about him.

    • Nope. The real diversion used here is to try to convict seungri for drug use and take the attention away from the yeoksam police dept bribery/burning sun scandal. Korea netizens are ablazed with this at the moment. We shall see how it pans out. If they find out that seungri has drug traces and convicts him, YG will set in with their mediaplay and in the end, get him off with a light sentence and send him off to the army. Ala TOP (attempted suicide/demotion). All in all when it turns into a bigbang scandal, all attention will be on one person rather than the more serious case at large. They already handled 3 drug cases top, gd and park bom adding SR to list is no problem. I hate YG. Worst company ever

  8. If he’s not oppa people won’t even care to defend him with all the evidences that come out from credible journalist, everyone will judge him right away. But when it’s oppa..duhh the stupidity

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