Zhao Li Ying Gives Birth to Baby Son with Husband Feng Shao Feng

The baby showed up a few days early but I’m sure the parents are thrilled to make his acquaintance. C-actress Zhao Li Ying gave birth to a bouncing baby boy on February 26th, with her original due date in early March so not all that early. The actress is reportedly staying in a luxurious single room hospital suite for delivery before moving to an even more swank maternity center for her month long confinement as arranged by her doting husband Feng Shao Feng. I still remember not 6 months ago when rumors came out about her being pregnant and she vehemently denied it and threatened to sue the tabloids. Then three months later the couple married and now welcome a new addition to the family. Wishing them happiness with their baby son and hopefully no more need to so awkwardly hide stuff from the public in the future.


Zhao Li Ying Gives Birth to Baby Son with Husband Feng Shao Feng — 23 Comments

  1. What? She was planning to make money (by suing) from the tabloids when in the end she knew she was really pregnant to begin with but denied everything? Hmm…and she was on that long list of celebs who were being investigated for tax evasion..Makes you think twice about a person. I liked her a lot in the past but that just sounded…shady of her…

    • Agree on this. Denying to such extend of attempting to sue the tabloids over a legit truth is really shady. Not judging her but that action says a lot about her character.

  2. It’s possible she was never going to sue the tabloids. Maybe she was just trying to have the rumors at that time die down. She was probably under contracts with many of her endorsements to not be married or announce her pregnancy within a certain time. Idk why ppl get so mad about celebrities lying about dating/marriage/etc. Normal ppl always lie to until they feel it’s a good time to share the news. Miscarriages or stillbirths are much more common than ppl realize so many ppl are reluctant to share that news early. I’ve known ppl who were dating but denied it to their parents or other ppl cause they weren’t too serious with each other yet. I’m happy that they decided to share the news at all.

    • Denying is normal but threatening to sue is another thing. It’s as if implicating the other party as spreading lies with concrete evidence till she has no qualm over the psb of bringing them to court.

      I have no issue if celebs wish to keep their private lives private but i don’t like the way she handled the rumors which in fact is true. She can just denied without trying to discredit anyone.

  3. They didn’t actually sue so it doesn’t bother me at all. Everyone has threatened in one form or another, whether as a joke or serious. Like brothers/sisters when one gets hurt or plans to tattle to the parents – one sibling will go I’ll tell mom… the other will go if you do I’ll… or in relationships, I’ll break up with you if you don’t do this or that. Or if you tell ppl rumors/secrets, you say don’t tell or I’ll… you get the picture. It would be worst if they did go through with the suing/threats.

    • She didn’t sue because obviously, the tabloid was reporting the truth and if she did went ahead with it, she would be the one paying a hefty amount instead, losing the case.

      The point here is simple… It’s fine that she went all out denying (she has every rights to protect her personal life) but to go to such extend of discrediting another party is shady indeed. That’s why I said, this action says a lot about her character.

      • Yes it saids so much about her character. I’m still more annoyed about her fans throwing blames at everyone. Calling FSF sleazy, uncle, pervert, cheater and all the bad things. After they confirm the relationship, the fans looked like fools and had to come out to say FSF is actually a very good guy and so lucky. Then came along the pregnancy rumors, fans go crazily protective of her actions again. If they love their idol they should’ve just told her it’s ok to be pregnant and just admit, instead of trying to deny things just to be on the news and hot search every week. While her fans are the ones protecting her every action, they even have to force themselves with lamest excuses like she don’t owe them anything. Lol, her success came from them only. And, she doesn’t have to say anything truthful. Other actors shall not lie, but this idol is the only person that may be allow to lie. Since when have anybody on earth, whether you are an entertainer or not, will be privilege to make public lies? Her only friends in the circle are only known to be Sina and He Jiong, and they knew too knew nothing as well. Feel bad for Sina, she probably cannot unfriend ZLY or else the fans will unfriend Sina in retaliation.

  4. I’m confused…..she hasn’t given birth yet? The number one search in weibo today was her husband denying the report that the due date is March 3rd, 2019….and he said that once the good news is here they would definitely share

  5. I think it s pretty common on the industry to threaten to sue people just so they could calm the rumour down but they never actually go ahead with it. I dont think you could tell her character from it though cause it could be what her PR told her to do and they might try to save her from breaking many contracts but they did it in the wrong way. She should change her PR people and also do some investigation who spoil the rumour on her team. But beside that, i dont think we need to hate on her or put her down. It s her 1st preganancy and she didnt have a husband yet, she might have panicked like so many husbandless 1st mother in Asia.

  6. She threatened to sue because they stole her private information. I think that was fair. I also think it is fair that she wanted to keep her pregnancy a secret. I had a miscarriage my first pregnancy and decided not to tell anyone for my second one. Some people think this type of superstition is ridiculous, but it made me feel better during my pregnancy. Only our parents knew I was pregnant until a month before I gave birth so my husband and I had to lie to our friends for a few months. It gave me peace of mind so I don’t judge people who feel similarly. Dealing with a miscarriage is hard, even harder when others keep bring it up.

    • Agree. In China, they will not announce their pregnancy if it doesn’t past the first 3 month duration. Other celebrities also did the same. And I think spreading negative things about her on this day is not a proud thing to do at all.

  7. Hiding pregnancy and hiding miscarriage are totally different. It’s not really like there’s a way to hide pregnancy too, it’s just obvious. People can just tell by looking.
    ZLY hiding her tummy is rather sad and absurd. Doesn’t hurt to tell anyone news that are suppose to be good news. All the attempts to flip good news into bad news is so what the?

    ZLY fans are mad people! Recently actress Tang Yixin got attack online madly by ZLY fans because TYX had 1 (only 1) photo of her in a big jacket and that lead to pregnancy rumor. She didn’t waste no time to stupidly sit around and just let the rumor grow big of course, so she made a response back right away. She showed a video of herself exercising so hard that made her passed the nonpregnancy test.
    ZLY fans got so angry,they say TYX response made ZLY splitting photo look more foolish than before, it’s like purposely throwing the pie right into ZLY face. ZLY rumors have always been sitting around for months and year, and her response was not convincing. The fans digged through every nasty thing about TYX online. Calling her out for doing plastic surgery and having relationship under Wu Xiu Bo. I don’t know what made her fans so crazy. She must be a very charitable person, her projects are so average. To be more precise, below average. They think everything ZLY did is ok but not others. If there are any faults then it’s only her management faults, or it’s always her co actors faults.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS….CONGRATULATIONS…..One way or another they both have to keep their own privacy however they choose to. LETS JUST CONGRATULATE BOTH OF THEM. I am so happy for both of them.

  9. Stop spreading false rumors. She didn’t threaten to sue the tabloids Jesus. She denied the rumors cause they said she was pregnant five months in August and she was still having plenty ambassadors contracts which made her couldn’t public her marital status. For sure neither of them ever threatened to sue the tabloids. In the past she had to face even crazier rumors but never did so also. Gosh! Tired of these people getting news from “sources” and act as they’re truth.

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