Kim Go Eun is Fashionably Versatile at Chanel Spring/Summer 2019 Paris Show

I don’t follow K-pop but I do know that popular group Blackpink member Jennie is always wearing French couture house Chanel and getting either praise/criticism for me. Jennie is the cute sexy type but her overly label conscious Chanel looks scream hypebeast and I much prefer K-actress Kim Go Eun‘s frequent Chanel selections. Kim Go Eun was in Paris this week for the Chanel Spring/Summer trunk show which had a garden to beach setting and Kim Go Eun donned this amazing geometric patterned flowy dressed with a black belt cinched waist that translates from couture to everyday easily. She also wore the classic Chanel tweed in a non matching dark orange jacket to white trousers that is so chic on any cosmopolitan street.


Kim Go Eun is Fashionably Versatile at Chanel Spring/Summer 2019 Paris Show — 8 Comments

  1. Kim Go Eun is such a versatile actress. I love that her natural beauty and her bright and friendly aura are reflected in her style- subtle and elegant. Her beautiful smile can light a room and I love how she carries herself with confidence. Hoping she come back with a soon!

  2. KGE is naturally beautiful and she has an air of elegance and graciousness plus she doesn’t even have to try; she is cool. Also she’s a fine actress so hopefully she has a drama because I know she has done a few films that are awaiting release. Glad that she has swag to rock Chanel and doesn’t appear to be lacking confidence.

  3. 2nd luxury brand to make the biggest profits last year ( thanks to KL who was a brand himself) , number one is Louis Vuitton ( LVMH group)

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