Nuyou Magazine Showcase TW-star Rainie Yang’s Diverse Visuals

Normally ageing gracefully is applied to male stars more than the ladies, totally gender biased of course, so it’s always extra sweet to see a teen female star turn into a an adult dynamo with a one-way improvement year after year. Singer-actress Rainie Yang went from gawky rookie to current iteration as a Jolin Tsai-esque chameleon with plenty of hard work along the way. Next year in 2020 will be her 20th debut anniversary and I couldn’t imagine why she would wish to go back t her twenties when her thirties have been on fire. She may even get married soon to singer boyfriend Li Rong Hao, or not, but who cares as she’s living her best life and everyone else can just FOMO around. Her upcoming Nuyou Magazine pictorial from Singapore is excellent, great angles, outfits, and color variations to cement Rainie a confident fashion star.


Nuyou Magazine Showcase TW-star Rainie Yang’s Diverse Visuals — 4 Comments

    • She does resemble her on the cover mag.

      I love most of her hair styles. She can pull off almost anything. She does age well.

  1. No, Raine Yang looks nothing like Natalie Portman, not nearly as pretty. Of course she should still look youthful, she and Ariel Lin are still in their thirties. Get back to me when they are pensioners’ age, and look like Christie Brinkley at sixty five.

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