Park Bo Gum Makes Boring Clothes Look Good in New Fashion CF Spread

The thing with Park Bo Gum is that he looks as good in print as he does in motion. He was like a walking suit billboard in the tvN romance drama Encounter (Boyfriend) despite wearing a polyester blend, but he does tend to very young so I also understand why some viewers didn’t connect with his pairing with Song Hye Kyo. I thought he was wonderful in the role of the too perfect boyfriend crafted as the catalyst for a very closed off woman to open up, and here in a new fashion pictorial he showcases all the different outfits a guy may wear on various date outings. The clothes are rather lackluster but when Park Bo Gum wears it I think it looks fantastic!


Park Bo Gum Makes Boring Clothes Look Good in New Fashion CF Spread — 26 Comments

  1. What a lovely way to start the day with Mr Handsome ❤️ With or without teeth when he smiles he’s still absolutely gorgeous.

  2. My bogummy so gorgeous yet so boyish ? I want to see him more in reality show. Btw still found it weird to know that he’s not that popular in japan ?

    • @poh Don’t worry me n you know that he’s popular in Japan but it depends on how ‘popular’ is defined. We see it as ‘half full’ but others see it as ‘half empty’. Either way he has presence in Japan judging from his recent fan meeting and presenter at MAMA awards and releasing his single etc…

      • No worry, just found it weird because PBG have more people attending his fm in japan than some of actors who get mention in the list

      • PBG’s fm in Japan was also sold to his Fan Clubs in Hong Kong and those are not Japanese and will not vote on any Japanese polls. Why are you bothered by whether Japanese like him or not? Let’s wait for his single to be released on March 20 and you can check Oricon’s ranking of his sales.

      • @candycane Because I like him as an actor I’m not really bother with his single or his song, he actually did well with his cf song tho. I dont want him to end up like jang geunsuk or something. I’m more interisting with his seobok movie! (Oh gosh he confirmed!) ? looks like you know everything about his fm in japan, now you brought his fanclubs in hongkong. Maybe I need to ask you for more update about his next fm ?

      • Lol at candycane u dont expect that 15k plus or maybe half of the people who attend his fm are fr hk? Or do u think its like that, der maybe ifans who follows the activity of der idols in other countries but not half or all of them, he have sched fm in hk so why would all of his fans will go to japan, even his fm will not have that much attendees but u said they will all go to japan hence the number is too high,u really are making story, ev3n if u are jap not living in japan its does not mean u are right abt all thats happening in japan, and by the way some fans fr other countries attend too, not only hk fans but not that too high in numbers, and he doesnt have official fc in hk,he only have japan

      • @ma.llyanne – now you have confirmed my point that those who attended PBG fm were mostly ifans & not Japanese. Maybe you should speak with @Poh directly. I only brought up HK fan club as one of the groups. You have proven that I am totally correct ?

      • @candycane lol yes I understand it. @ma.llyanne said you’re just making a story, try harder honey. its must be so hard for you to believe that there’s an actor who did fanmeeting with 15k+ people. Lets pray for your fav too.

      • @Poh – 15k is nothing in Japan. LOL. JGS has sold out 40k+ concert in Tokyo Dome. You make me laugh so hard, like a frog in the well cannot discuss ocean and a summer insect cannot discuss ice. Hahaha….

      • But of course JGS would be more popular he debuted in1997 and was a child actor plus he is an accomplished singer not mention of Hallyu status dubbed ‘Prince of Asia’ so of course he has a greater fan base to draw from. PBG is just an infant in comparison having just debuted in 2011 . That’s a 14 year advantage to JGS.

      • @Ginger Crunch – Bingo! That’s exactly my point. PBG is not that popular in Japan.

      • @candycane lmfao you’re so shameless. You comparing him with jang geunsuk now, to make sure that pbg is nothing? Seriously? ? @gingercrunch already explain it to you the reason why you’re not supposed to comparing JGS with PBG, he was on hiatus for 2 years, and upgrade his fm from 10k in 2017 to 15k+ in 2019, without drama, without any promotion. FM with 15k people is nothing? When there’s other actors boasting their fanmeeting with 5k people. What are you? a kid? ? try harder honey. Its remind me, you comparing PBG with YJG too before ?

      • @candycane Yes you are right PBG is not that popular in Japan….yet. There win-win situation now issue resolved.

  3. I don’t understand the comments. He has a beautiful smile even when showing his teeth. I wish I could say the same for myself :/

  4. He has the best teeth in d world… With or without showing his teeth he is always refreshing to look…the ever handsome guy… He is just so lethal… Oh I love love love Bogummy…

  5. Those who r not loving his smile showing his teeth is just so incomprehensible because he has the best smile showing his teeth and he has the best set of teeth to show not even crooked set. He could actually passed excellently for a toothpaste CF. OMG… When he smiles openly he resonates innocence and sincerity. So incomprehensible.

  6. Why are those loving his teeth always being so defensive? Faked teeth of coz are not crooked. I don’t read those who don’t like his smile questioning those who like it. People can have different opinions here.

  7. lol it’s my second time on this site and boy do some of you weirdos enjoy hating on people who won’t ever know you exist to feel better about your pathetic lives jfc. Step away from spouting hateful shit on a keyboard and get help. All these actors/actresses are amazing hardworking people and nothing gives you insecure clowns the right to throw personal attacks at them, yikes. And no, making fun of someone’s appearance to overcompensate for your ugly mug is not an opinion, it’s just sad 😉

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