Lee Jung Jae and Elliya Lee in Talks for Political Drama Aide

A political K-drama is in the works and may unite an established leading man with a still rising young actress. Mostly movie star Lee Jung Jae is reportedly mulling his first K-drama in ten years with the drama Aide (Consigliere). His last drama was the very odd Triple, sooooooo much going on and nothing quite gelling other than a very memorable early dogicide and the launch of Song Joong Ki‘s career. His drama prior to that was more along the classic Hallyu route in Air City, he was a swashbuckling NIS agent turned sorta airport guru with plenty of emergencies to fix. In talks to join him in Aide is Elliya Lee, coming off a well-received villainess turn in An Empress’s Dignity and really working hard to build up her resume. The drama is from the PD of Chuno and The K2 so definitely has visual firepower lined up.


Lee Jung Jae and Elliya Lee in Talks for Political Drama Aide — 4 Comments

  1. It’s either ockoala is a big Song Joong Ki fan or a paid publicist of him. I don’t really see any reasons to mention him in the way that overshadows the subject or Lee Jung Jae.

    Well those movies actors are crueling back to kdramaland. There is more return in dramas. Long term drama royalties have more feasibilities than kmovies.

  2. Lee Elijah and LJJ look like a nice match and I like the synopsis and yep Im keen to give this a go. Welcome back LJJ to dramaland and any chance you can coerce Jung Woo Sung into joining you too…anytime soon? Please let him know he is sorely and painfully missed ❤️

  3. Having watched her in 2 different roles now, I really don’t think she is lead material. She doesn’t seem to give much depth to her characters beyond trying to be cute or sexy and then being over-the-top crazy. Even in scenes that she is meant to be acting ‘normal’ she still screams crazy. I think she would be better off – for her actual acting that is – to continue building up a resume with supporting roles and doing some more training and study of the craft. That being said, this may be her best opportunity – fame-wise – to capitilise on the success of her last drama.

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