Hong Sisters tvN Fantasy Drama Hotel de Luna Confirms Leads IU and Yeo Jin Goo

The Hong Sisters are going a lot younger in lead ages with their upcoming drama, a fantasy and supernatural yarn atmospherically titled Hotel de Luna. The moon hotel in question appears only to ghosts and houses only the undead, owned by a thousands year old cranky and greedy ghost spirit played by IU. Her character ends up working with the very human and very capable hotel director played by Yeo Jin Goo to run the establishment, and with it I guess fall in love despite the whole living/dead conundrum. I thought the sisters last drama Hwayugi (The Korean Odyssey) could never overcome the human/immortal deity trying to be together divide so I don’t know why they are going deeper down the rabbit hole. Other ghost/human dramas like Arang and the Magistrate, Oh My Ghost, Let’s Fight Ghost, and Who Are You all tried in various ways to end it satisfactorily. Let’s see if the Hong Sisters bring something fresh to the table with these two young actors at the helm.


Hong Sisters tvN Fantasy Drama Hotel de Luna Confirms Leads IU and Yeo Jin Goo — 23 Comments

  1. Let’s hope that no one is killed or maimed in the production of this drama unlike their last one! And again no I’m not watching…the whole fantasy ghost storyline is just overdone even with 2 great actors at the helm. And what is it with P.O from Block B as a supporting actor? He seems to be flavour of the month lately.

    • About PO, after zico left Block B, His agency need to promote him more. And he got lucky in reality show because of Kang hodong (his video was trending last time). I’m a big fan of encounter but not impressed with his acting, Park bogum save him *just my opinion*

  2. Excited for this premise, and this pair.

    I can very well see IU playing quirky characters, and YJG taking on a more light hearted role/drama for a change.

  3. IU isn’t that good in acting cute, she is cute and has baby face but her acting shines better in mature role.
    Hong sister doesn’t excite me as a viewer, had this been fron another writer, I may look it on their 1st day but I’ll wait till 6 eps for this.

    • I agree that she shines the most in mature roles, but I wouldn’t say she’s bad at “cute” ones. It depends on how the character is written. For example, I loved her as Pilsuk in Dream High but not so much as Haesoo in the first half of Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

      But based on the description, this doesn’t seem like a cute role considering the character is greedy, ill-tempered, and pretty much an old woman inside.

    • What do you mean? Kylie Jenner is even a billionaire at 21. So, that is only hotel that could be possibly in a state of delapidation.

      Locally, I see kids starting to accumulate investment properties at 18. So I don’t understand that comment about having Jo Won to star in it just because he is already more 30 years old in real life. Besides, we still don’t know the age of YJG character. He could be playing a late 20s for all we know of which he can very well pull off as he looks older than his actual age anyway. Beside the fact that he is a good actor that he can play characters in various age bracket.

      • He does look too young for the character and tends to lack maturity in his romantic acting

      • @Fae – have you watched the Crowned Clown? He does not lack maturity in romantic acting (in saguek), his kisses with the queen were all well delivered. We do not know his detailed character in this drama yet… what age is he playing? How can you say he looks too young for the character. 22 years old is not that young to own a property. My friend owns an apartment although it is inherited from the grandparents. Too early to tell when the drama is not even aired. I just don’t have confidence with the Hong sisters, Hwayugi is a big mess!

  4. can’t find any chemistry between them, would have been better if Kim Yoo jung and Yeo Jin Go , or IU and Kang ha Neul

    • KYJ fans need to stay away from YJG. He has no interest to work with your bias so stop dragging him into your toxic fandom. IU and him will be amazing together.

      • They have worked together before in The Moon that Embrace The Sun. Their chemistry is so on point that you’ll hate the moment they changed the character into adult.

    • How can you tell chemistry when you have not seen them working together yet? I guess you have very good chemistry with a GHOST? LOL…

      • What exactly are you crticizing? One one hand you say he can act romantic scenes on another you say he may not have chemistry. You’re such a troll. He should never act with his former child costars ever again because their fans are immature and stuck in the past. Weirdo

      • @Soya – What are you reading?? When did I ever say “he may not have chemistry”? When? When?? Your English reading skill sucks! Don’t call me a troll!! I don’t like you replying to me when you cannot even understand what I wrote. Go away you illiterate idiot!!! Your ignorance totally shows. Go take some English lessons first.

      • @Soya – who say “he may not have chemistry”? Who? me? Can you read English??

    • KJY and YGJ were spectacular in Moon embracing the sun in the first 4 -5 episodes I was totally floored by their chemistry and pairing but then it went downhill when Han Ga In appeared as adult Yeon Woo. Now if you want to start a riot @Helen please stop. Posts are giving preferences so no need to get angsty over it. Just know that it’s just opinions being stated. No harm or offence intended. I love KJY and YGJ and welcome the day they reunite in a drama or film. ❤️

  5. Ohh, I was looking forward to this, but I just can’t warm up to Yoo Jin Go as an adult male lead. I know he has grown and did a successful jow with his last drama. I just can’t see him as an adult.

    I will try to watch the drama for IU, liked her very much in My Ajusshi, maybe hopefully my view will change about him. *crossesfingers*

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