Kimura Takuya Posts Starstruck Picture After Chance Encounter with Tony Leung in Tokyo

See, I always think it’s hard to run into famous people and apparently it’s hard for famous people as well to run into other famous people. Top Japan star Kimura Takuya posted on his SNS a picture with him next to HK superstar Tony Leung, with him looking I would if I ran into Tony Leung. The two stars actually worked together in 2004 for the Wong Kar Wei movie 2046 and spent months promoting it overseas afterwards including at the Cannes Film Festival. In the intervening 14 years both have continued to remain at the top of their respective industries, an amazing feat and totally worth being starstruck over.


Kimura Takuya Posts Starstruck Picture After Chance Encounter with Tony Leung in Tokyo — 9 Comments

  1. Awww…….
    It truly is amazing how these 2 manage to stay so popular in their respective industry. Two very talented actors!

  2. There was not enough of Takuya in 2046 but his scenes with Faye Wong as the cyborg were so beautiful. ….the train of loneliness and longing that you can never get off. Every shot of 2046 can be framed. WKW did amazing work and you can see his influence in a lot of Korean dramas.

  3. Tony hasn’t been doing much though for the past few years. I suppose at 56 years old he can just take it slowly. Chow Yun Fat seems more active then him in China.

    • You mean he hasn’t been doing much that are big hits. He was in 3 movies in 2018, that’s more than what most k actors do in 5 years.

  4. I love Carina’s silver white ensemble in this pic. So classy! Miss her sassy style. Am not a fan of her current fashion choices of darks and prints, etc.

    • that picture is more than 10 years ago… Her current fashion choice is too mature looking for my taste. Her face looks more plastic now too.

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