Kim Jae Wook Sees True Fangirling in Action with Park Min Young in First Teaser For Her Private Life

I think the tvN drama Her Private Life must be made for the K-pop fangirl and even the K-drama Hallyu fan. Unless one is a teen there is a tendency to hide that addicted side for fear of seeming silly but it’s honestly all healthy fun and nothing to be ashamed about to keep solely in one’s private life. The first teaser is out and its adorable, showing supreme fangirl Park Min Young wearing a face mask as she wields a SLR camera with a monster zoom lens to snap pictures of her idol bae. She’s satisfied with the results which confirms that fangirling needs the right equipment to succeed. Then we see male lead Kim Jae Wook look at the camera and say “fangirling?!?” Yup, these two are so gonna spark onscreen.

First teaser for Her Private Life:


Kim Jae Wook Sees True Fangirling in Action with Park Min Young in First Teaser For Her Private Life — 41 Comments

  1. Oh look PMY has a bob in this teaser. How cute and KJW looks super amazing as always. So many PMY articles lately in fact one every couple of weeks. So if it’s not about her hair, shoes, dresses, jewellery etc. what next may I ask? These articles are beginning to read same old nothing new and are very boring. Like driving to work same route and time but different day. I know Mz Koala’s writes about what she wants to but surely….

      • Really if that’s all you can manage grow up and articulate a proper response; what a pathetic excuse and reply @drawde2000 take a healthy dose of your own advice and promptly do the same…If you don’t agree then state your reason but don’t be so seriously juvenile.

      • Let me put some British accent, Oh do shut up. Much better.

        Please re-read your own posts. I can tell from way over here you are the juvenile one.

      • What part of Britain? In what accent then? Geordie? Cockney? There is not one single British accent gosh and please learn how to write grammatically correct English for a start. What is ‘Let me put some British accent?’ Yeah yeah stay way over there wherever you are with your 2 bit fobby as broken English putt putt putt. Ha ha @drawde2000 and you best be not telling me to shut up okay like I wrote before state your opinion if you disagree. You been watching too much Downtown Abbey. Pfftt

      • Why you so angry? You can’t stand someone talking back to you? Have you read your posts and replies? Do you even notice what you are doing? Probably not.

        Yes, you do have the perfect grammar. You can keep it. I don’t want it.

      • @drawde2000 May I remind you that I wrote a comment then you posted ‘Oh shut up’ then you told me ‘Oh shut up’ again but you tagged a British accent with it. I’m not angry as I responded back to you. I read my posts so what’s the problem? You were rude straight up. There are other PMY comments below in this thread go tell them to shut up if you disagree with what is being said. Good day to you too🌞

    • If you know that Ms Koala writes about what she wants, then leave it at that. She hasn’t asked for a content manager.
      Also, re:going to work vs. an entertainer’s various promotional activities which spawn articles–really? The comparison of apples and oranges isn’t making the point you were hoping you would.
      ~written by someone who enjoys reading all of the various non-identical and ergo non-boring articles about PMY

      • Stop preaching @Adnana as you can see some of my posts garner discussion which in turn brings site traffic and revenue to this blog so I’m totally within my rights to state an opinion which I’ve been doing so for months. That’s Mz Koala’s whole intention isn’t it? To get a reaction. Need I say if I’m going to raise a concern here then I shall; so please don’t teach me how to suck eggs as Im perfectly fine as is.

      • Oh, I geddit–your brilliant comments are what practically keep Ms Koala’s site traffic and revenue afloat. Hahaha. And I’m sure she’s very thankful–like she would be to a monkey coming to dance uninvited inside her shop. Geddit? The monkey isn’t pesky outside the door, “directing” customers towards the shop, but it is nesting inside it, being pesky in front of the customers who’ve already entered. It’s an annoyance, not a draw. Surely the egg-sucking expert ought to know that?
        What repeat traffic are you truly responsible for? Or what people are returning to the shop solely for the monkey? Hint: they’re very few. There might be a couple lurkers coming for nested comment threads such as this one, but if they’re in that frame of mind, I think they’re better off loading a joke site rather than coming to look at your joke–and they probably know it. That leaves the one-two people you’ve managed to stir up into leaving you a reply, i.e. drawde2000 and myself this time, more fool me. Wow, that’s a lot of clicks! (This is my 2nd click on this article, btw.) Has Ms Koala sent you a thank you letter and red envelope yet?
        P.S.: You’re not irreplaceable. Anyone can write provocative comments on a popular blog and stir up one or two people into responding. I’ve tried it myself. 🙂 People rarely reply to my nice comments–but my not-nice comments always garner a couple of replies. That’s nothing special. Just like the only thing special about your comments is your utter inability to use proper punctuation. Really, have you ever heard about a little thing called ‘comma’?

      • Firstly what’s a geddit? Secondly why do monkeys have anything to do with Koala’s on this blog and phew had to read your blog in between breaks cos it reads like a sermon. I know what ‘a comma’ is and not ‘comma’. Finally have you been elevated to playground monitor here where you’re above everyone else? Yes I know I don’t use punctuation but I’m writing away as long as I don’t invent words and my sentences read well then my message has been relayed. Happy now? Oh and @drawde2000 told me to shut up and you told me basically to mind my own business so both of you responded to me which is fine however further below in following comments there are posts actually stating more reasons about PMY maybe you should pay them a visit and write a 2 page dissertation @Adnana because there’s a whole lot of stirring going on there then me alone. Happy days sunshine 🌞

  2. That zoom lens is huge. No wonder fan-taken pics are sometimes so good. That’s surely a big investment for a fan girl.

  3. Park Min Young looks like in another Secretary Kim kind of drama. Like her better in melo.
    Anyway will watch it for Kim Jae Wook about time he is the leading man.

  4. another happy goes lucky heroin and arrogant male lead. PMY has become such a type cast and let’s not start with these same old males.

    • hahaha… “same old males”? Do you know how old PMY is?? KJW is hot. Why is he in this drama with her is my biggest question!

      • LoL i meant same old type of Kdrama male lead character, arrogant but soft inside that falls in love eventually, very predictable.

      • Yes, very predictable. I am glad KJW finally makes to be a male lead, but why with PMY? Oh well, hope the drama will be good. I think we think the same.

  5. Its not even that PMY is playing the same character again but this drama follows TYH which is another fluffy workplace romance. The male leads in both dramas are identical also. Ugh!

  6. PMY seems to me to be an actress who is very underrated. Healer would not have been as good without PMY. But all we heard about was the male lead. He was good too, but without each other, Healer wouldn’t have charmed us like it did. The whole cast was wonderful and talented. PMY is an actress that brings it home, no matter which genre she attempts. PMY is a talented hard working actress.

    • Not at all Healer would have pulled in the same numbers and enjoyed the same success no matter who they cast as the female lead. PSH, HHJ, MCW or KSR could all have done that role justice. Don’t forget Pinocchio severely out rated Healer both in and out of Korea. PMY just does the same acting and sticks to safe roles. Now she even has the same hair as her precious drama.

      • @Saffrom – I disagree with your comment. A good amount of Healer’a charm was due to how PMY nailed the character. Let’s not be salty and give an actress her due. A less experienced or less talented actress would not have been able to give the character the same charm. Granted that the script was good and all, but the chemistry between her and Chang Ji Wook is a major part of what worked in the drama. On the other hand, a more experienced and more talented actress would have also done more justice to the character than she did – Objectively speaking, ofcourse.

      • Are you trying to say Park Shinhye and Han Hyojoo are not more talented and experienced? I don’t know how the drama would have done without Park Minyoung but I do agree the female character could have been played by a variety of actresses because it was a run-of-the mill character.

  7. Similar to WWWSK & TYH on aloof boss falling for employee so rather stale. Only watching for Kim Bora and KJW. PMY managed to rekindle fans and media interest in her after WWWSK but her role there was light and simple and she’s only using the same route to retain current status. Instead, she should challenge herself with more complicated roles, considering her age now which is inappropriate to play cutesy (leave that to Kim Bora or young 20-something girls).

  8. Similar to WWWSK & TYH on aloof boss falling for employee so rather stale. Only watching for Kim Bora and KJW. PMY managed to rekindle fans and media interest in her after WWWSK but her role there was light and simple and she’s only using the same route to retain current status. Instead, she should challenge herself with more complicated roles, considering her age now which is inappropriate to play cutesy (leave that to Kim Bora or young 20-something girls).

  9. I think people should remember that PMY played 2 serious characters before WWWSK – Remember and Queen for 7 days. Maybe she wants to take a break from crying buckets of tears and just have fun in romcom genres for now. She still got plenty of time to work on more challenging roles as you all are pointing out.

    • No she’s sticking to what brings her relevancy and to maintain popularity. Going from WWWSK smackbang into HPL just typecast her because who really cares about her past works(even though they were great) it’s what is happening now. Had she gone OCN then I wouldn’t have a problem.

      • To typecast you have to consider the past works not just the recent one. And yes her reason may also be to maintain popularity which is not a bad thing especially when she has the talent to switch gear if this second round will fail her this time.

        What I’m more curious about is KJW accepting this role. He strikes me as someone who chooses his project not because of the fame it’ll bring him. I’d think he receives a lot of offers to be a lead but why choose this romcom to debut? I’m hoping there’s a good enough reason either in the script or director.

      • Agree. Also believe its timing issue – if PMY had done QF7D after WWWSK, she may have won acclaim for her acting capability. Her role in Remember was insignificant as focus was on Nam Goong Min and Yoo Seung Ho instead.

    • Queen for 7 Days was a complete fail and never gained any popularity while Remember was only known for Namgoong Min. She had nothing to do in the drama. She got lucky with WWWSK because of Seojoon but she doesn’t have any originality in her acting.

      • I was talking about the type of characters she played when I mentioned Remember and QF7D and not their popularity. And I’ll leave you on your opinion of her acting because clearly we won’t see eye to eye with regards to that.

  10. Miss kaola is really a positive person or sumone who happens to see positivity bt most of her reader/commenter r so full of negativity…ti 80% eda laye ti won ba ti feran mi EMI fi 20% to ku sile ko ma gbe imu

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