Park Shin Hye Hits Fashion Home Run in Valentino at Paris Fashion Show

Not every couture outfit is equal, for stunning creations where are equally as many tried too hard duds. Park Shin Hye went from one baggy monochrome Valentino outfit at Incheon airport to days later wearing an eye-catching gorgeous ensemble for the brand’s fashion show in Paris. She fluffed her hair, layered on restrained yet suitably dynamic makeup, and hit a fashion win thanks to a maroon large pleated batwing top paired with an orange small pleated drape skirt pulled together with a wide buckle belt. The color gradations and cinched waist help give this also over-sized look shape unless her black dress and black jacket at the airport. Love it and she looks stunning head-to-toe.


Park Shin Hye Hits Fashion Home Run in Valentino at Paris Fashion Show — 14 Comments

  1. Now we’re talking that’s more like it unlike the sleeping bag she chose for her going away outfit. This is such a bold yet lovely 2 piece that looks stunning. I admit the colours chosen are great too. Not try hard at all. Phew she got it right thank goodness! Jennie and Irene both rocked Chanel too especially Jennie she repped Korea proud over there when she stepped out all elegant and chic definitely knows how to dress and pose. A true fashionista❤️

      • Gosh sorry I just saw pics of them looking glam and thought they were both in Chanel. Would be interesting to see Suzy and Seolhyun and how they looked at their fashion shows too because their airport fashion wasn’t too good at all in fact very uneventful. Maybe they should take advice of Jung Eun Chae in airport fashion she really knows how to put on glad rags when in public. She attended the Tods event in Milan Italy.

    • I’ll be blunt, most of these idol girls just don’t seem like they have any personal style or even taste at all beyond whatever their stylist or a brand gives them, so they just look like basic dressup dolls.

      It’s different with actresses, the way women like Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Go Eun or Kim Tae Ri etc dress at least feels like their outfits were chosen to match their taste. Plenty of Korean actresses dress basic too but at least it’s not as bad as the idols.

  2. This is a really good look, the colours suit her so well and that hairstyle looks so fresh and pretty on her! Reminds me of how she looked in her early 20s.

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