Gong Hyo Jin and Joo Ji Hoon Stuck in Fashion Fail at Dior Event in Seoul

When bad clothes happens to good people is the tagline of this post. Awesome actors Gong Hyo Jin and Joo Ji Hoon were stuck in fashion hell at the Christian Dior event this week in Seoul, doing their best to not get swallowed alive by fugly. Gong Hyo Jin wore what is best described as a while sleeveless sweater dress that should have been a mini but was instead a long dress with the bottom half finished with actual fishnet. Joo Ji Hoon took flower boy to its literal conclusion and wore a flower printed shirt with 70’s era white polyester pants and track shoes. He looked like good looking mafia boss trying to dress trendy. The only cute part of this night out was the two taking pictures together in the backstage making me realize they haven’t worked together before and MUST DO SO IMMEDIATELY because lordy the visuals are A++.


Gong Hyo Jin and Joo Ji Hoon Stuck in Fashion Fail at Dior Event in Seoul — 12 Comments

    • Pardon? Sorry @roxyalso what do you mean about good at making out on the screen?’ I never knew they acted together. They look very retro and they’re chanelling the 70’s vibe. GHJ would have been perfect in Item as the criminal profiler. If there was a drama or film please don’t go rom com they’re pretty much hit or miss nowadays. What happened with her drama with Kang Ha Neul? She’s so gonna look like the older sister if she takes it.

  1. Sometimes I just don’t get these events by luxury brands. Are we supposed to admire these kind of fashion just because they’re worn by high profile celebrities?

  2. Nothing wrong with the clothes, Gong Hyo Jin just doesn’t fit high fashion with her ahjumma face. She would look better in more conventional styles.

  3. I don’t know which is worse his fashion sense or Item. Why does that drama not have any plot whatsoever? The directing and acting are cringe as well.

  4. Only So Ji Sub would have pulled off an combo like that (and that is because he is otherwordly handsome 🙂 🙂 ) it looks awful in every way. And this guy has a great body and face and should be able to make even some bad fashion look OK. But not here, sorry.

    GHJ is not my favorite (never check out a film or a drama just because she is in it) but she carries off everything and looks like a fashionista. That dress and the fake tatoo are both awful but I like her hair and make up and definitely love the bag. The shoes are not bad either but that bag is awesome!

  5. OMG they should definitely do a drama together! Please drama gods make it happen:) and if it is in a hong sisters’ script that makes a double win for me!!!

    • If Ji Hoon and Huo Jin woukd make a rom-com, it might result to a good outcome since they are almost both of the same age. They are showing a good chemistry. Hope to see them together inna series.

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