Big Bang’s Seungri Officially a Suspect in Soliciting Prostitution Charge Stemming from Burning Sun Club Scandal

The wheels came off the oppa train for K-idol Seungri and it’s been awhile since I saw the media swarming a disgraced K-star picture like these. Big Bang‘s maknae member Seungri finds himself in genuine legal trouble to start off the week as police in South Korea have officially named him as a suspect in their investigation into allegations that he solicited prostitutes for potential investors in his business ventures. Everything started from a physical violence incident at night club Burning Sun, which spiraled into further allegations of drug use, hidden cameras, and tax evasion for part owner Seungri. Then came further stories that Seungri was helping find prostitutes for overseas investors he was courting for his businesses. That’s the charge he’s now facing police investigation on and this may throw a wrench into his plans to enlist for the military this month as a way to distance himself from the spiraling legal mess. I’ll stay tuned to see how this how resolves in the end.


Big Bang’s Seungri Officially a Suspect in Soliciting Prostitution Charge Stemming from Burning Sun Club Scandal — 21 Comments

  1. Wow… He just announced his retirement in the showbiz industry on Instagram. I know the results to if he is guilty or not have not been finalized yet. In my opinion if he’s not guilty, why the sudden retire? He could just sue all the accusers to all these mess. An innocent person won’t let anyone tarnish his name for false accusations.

    • You really think he’s innocent? It’s just not him in this fiasco, i bet there are other powerful individual and police involved in it. From Police saying there was no such group text to now considering him a suspect based on those group text shows how much he’s involved in this and the legitimacy of those group text . Jung joon young was one of the celebrities in those group text. I believe this mess is just an outer layer of what they are showing to public.

      • Never said he’s innocent…
        Reread my post carefully before you say anything.

        An innocent person would never choose to disappear in silence without a fight if the case is this big. He know more evidence is being shoved out everyday so he chooses this decision to make his one true oppa fans sympathize him. Still don’t understand those oppa fan girls who’s barking at people about how OPPA is INNOCENT AND IT’S ALL A FALSE ACCUSATIONS. His retirement letter is so full of himself.

  2. Every retirement can also have a Comeback by fans demand. So I will watch this with a pinch of salt.
    Even Yoochun can climb back from his toilet scandal, anyone idols with strong fandoms can too.
    I have to say the more accusations raised each day on Seungri, the more he is losing his arrogance. From denying to suing threats, he is now silence.
    But I hope more names will be revealed to join him. He is just alone dealing with the blows. There need to be more by his side.

    • Yes I agree. Yoochun came back. Kim Hyun Jong with his abuse & abortion scandal. Park Shi Hoo with his rape scandal. I feel like he will come back as well. Maybe he’ll stay quiet for a year and then slowly come back.

      I do find it a pity that a kpop legend like Big Bang ended like this though. But I want justice to be served!

      • Tbh I think Big Bang can do fine without him. He’s always been the most disposable member in the group’s music, even though I admit he’s the funniest on variety shows.
        But this depends entirely on the members’ own decision of course.

    • Yoochun may have a new solo album &/ overseas concerts because he still has ifans in Asia for his music, but coming back as an actor to K-dramaland will be very difficult. No one will want to watch him in rom-coms. Seungri has committed a crime of exploiting women which imo is more serious. If he is found guilty, he may get jail time.

  3. If he exploited women as a pimp good riddance and I hope he gets jail time. He doesn’t get a pass just because he was a K-celeb. He knows it too hence the retirement.

    • Agreed. It’s still crazy to me how delusional his fans can be despite all this. Because their “oppa” could never do such a thing and that this is all just some crazy conspiracy to cover up some other big political news. I’ve even seen someone write that it is such an “honorable” decision to retire…. I guess in some people’s eyes, as long as you’re a famous star, you can do no wrong.

  4. Oh, no matter what crime he does. He will be back in a few years. The usual. Yawn yawn…….. This has to be better than their actual kdramas.

  5. People keep saying he will be able to make a comeback later. I doubt it will happen. Look at Yoochun. He wants to come back but he knows he would not have much support. In the case of Park Shi Hoo, he May he able act again but his fame was never the same as before. How can it be? People can’t see them the same way.

    If Seungri really did those things then he should pay for the crimes. I always feel like that there’s an air of arrogance with him. It’ll just be a life lesson for him. He’s still rich. Retirement from the industry will not hurt him. It will tarnish his name forever but I’m sure he will only get away with a scratch as compare to the average citizen.

  6. Never like him in the group for some reason that’s never clear why? His personality never really attracted me for I don’t know what reason from the beginning compareto the other 4 members. But dam…this man is so full of himself. His retirement letter screamed no shame for what he has done. He simply stated as if it’s people who’s forcing him to make the decision of leaving the showbiz world. Probably the biggest K-entertainment scandal up to date if he’s proven guilty alone with all the individuals involved. Hopefully justice is being served so he can be punished for the crimes he conducted.

    • I’ve been a fan of Big Bang since their debut. I think they are probably the only K-pop group I’ve ever semi-paid attention to and the only one I’d buy tickets to see. For some reason, Seung Ri has always rubbed me the wrong way. The two most respectable members, in my opinion, are Tae Yang and G-Dragon. I mean, obviously they are just people and are bound to make mistakes but they knew what they signed on for when they chose a life of stardom.
      I went to see them in concert in 2015 and honestly, it felt like Seung Ri loved the cameras more than his fans. He only ever looked into the cameras rather than the audience. Whether or not this is true, it doesn’t change my opinion of him since I never liked him to begin with.

  7. Personally, when he opened this club for the rich, I didn’t think much of him. Instead of using his fame to do and promote good, he used it to cater to the rich and do corruption…shows his character. I hope he gets what he deserves and grows up…

  8. Dammm, Seungri. Majorly disappointed. Justice will be served. As a fan of Big Bang, I hope everything will come to light and if you are guilty…Good riddance!

  9. OMG I felt so disgusted by all the so call Big Bang VIP oppa fans girls for defending Seungri on this horrendous case. Falling head over heels and blinded by love because oppa is so good at portraying himself with great manners on the stage and on the screen. Even blame rational people who are in the right mind for throwing oppa of the limits line. Some scary ass people. More like accept the truth if he’s guilty and let him serve the penalty for his wrong doing. Correct him instead of support his sorry ass to think he can do everything. Seungri wants to be the great Gatsby and now he’s is the greatest korean Gatsby. Maybe he forgot that at the end of the story the great Gatsby die.

  10. I like big bang but the law must be enforced, not only for him but all involved in this case (which unfortunately, I am sure is not just a case of a prostitute, which seems that the police are also involved). i really feel sorry for the victim.

  11. I’m VIP but I am not nor have I ever been a fan of Seungri. I have always thought him to be too frivolous and far too enamored of the limelight. He seemed like he was always trying to stand out from Big Bang due to GD, Taeyang and T.O.P. strong presence on stage, personalities, reputation and popularity amongst fans.

    I have seen Big Bang in Tokyo in 2016 minus Seungri and I thought they didn’t need him there at all. I hope Big Bang returns as 4 members. Should they do that, their return will be as strong as previously antecipated with 5 members.

    Also, I hope Korean Law punishes Seungri according to his crimes like they would punish a regular member of society. I don’t think he should have any privileges as the law is made for all, not to be usurped by the influence, power and money of some. Seungri and the other idols involved in this mess ought to pay for their crimes, ought to repent and ought to do their best to live their lives humbly as their nefastous actions are a bad example to the young generations that idolize them.

  12. Well Seungri was proven guilty for all the allegations that’s why he’s banned from leaving the country. Funny how International bloggers didn’t translate the exact report but choose to translate the what if questions only. Goodbye Seungri for being greed and ruin your own reputation you’ve built up to now. Have always thought he’s quite suspicious from how he talk. Commit the crime, served the punishment. Hope he’ll learned his lesson and become a better person. His fans sure are real Seungri support for still refusing to accept the truth. He’ll never resign if he’s not guilty. Everyone that take parts in should be held accountable for their actions and the penalties alone with Seungri.

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