Jeon Ji Hyun Glitters in Gold at Hera Event in Nanjing China

This isn’t quite a star is born but is definitely a star has descended as K-actress Jeon Ji Hyun did attended a mall stop even that was quite kitschy but she pulled it off with aplomb. Jeon Ji Hyun was in Nanjing, China for a skincare and makeup event at the Hera store, a brand she’s been repping for many years now. She was dressed to impress and also be impossible to miss, wearing a long sleeve high neck gold slithery sequined dress for the event that someone didn’t make her look like the Oscar statue thanks to her trademark long locks adding femininity to the look. The mall was thronged with people waiting to catch a glimpse of her and honestly with how star power she looked it was totally worth it.


Jeon Ji Hyun Glitters in Gold at Hera Event in Nanjing China — 11 Comments

  1. She rocked this outfit cause she has a modeĺ,regal physique..she’s so beautiful… I love to see her on a film again, hopefully this year..

  2. Perfect, Exemplary, Immaculate are just some words to describe her – statuesque, beautiful, regal, slim (after 2 babies!?), loving and handsome hubby, successful career and unwavering attention from fans, media and corporates for past 2 decades – Yes, she is undisputedly Queen / Goddess and for a long while before any girl can dethrone her.

    • I guess part of her allure and mystery is that she’s very cool when in public doesn’t get flustered and holds herself well. Also being instensly private with her family giving nothing away gosh no wonder she is the epitome of a superstar. Now she just has to signal her return to dramaland or film anytime soon this year preferably….please.

  3. Sure she is elegant. But why point out that she is above any k-actresses or celebs because she is not. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so what’s the point of comparison?

    • Uhhmm she is… for us she is above any k actresses, as you said beauty is in the eye of the beholder (sure there are a lot of actresses way good looking than her, but its how she carries herself; her charm and sex appeal i think ), but this is her article , if u wanna praise someone.. go to their artcles ahaha….. but seriously, i had a korean friend way back 2007 and i mentioned to her that my sassy girl is super funny (thats her most notable work that time followed by flop projects) and she said… you know in korea… jeon ji hyun is in another level.. everybody loves her, shes untouchable, a goddess… so i dunno if that changes now.. but i dont think so….

      • I think she is average. She keeps her privacy intact that’s why people find her mysterious.
        Beauty is certainly in the eyes of the beholder because I thought that outfit looks awkward on her.

      • @mistyeyes.. name actress vetter than her on her generation..

        @Male, ur funny, its an awkward dress and she pulled it off cause she’s tall and have a model type body, try to put it on other actress, say shk or kth and you’ll see how awkward it will look with them ahahah…

  4. I’m not a fan of her. First, I always thought she was older. I was very surprised when I saw her birthdate. I think she looks good on pictures but in drama/movie I don’t find her better than other actresses.

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