Sidus Releases Stunning BTS Pictures of Glowing Kim Yoo Jung Doing CF Pictorial

K-actress Kim Yoo Jung personifies the Chinese saying “youth is the original wealth”, meaning that being young is itself a total asset. She’s gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, but she radiates and glows with this mesmerizing youthful aura. It likely comes from her photo shoots and pictorials not overly accessorized or made up, and she tends to rep brands that are active wear or cuter feminine make up lines. Her agency Sidus HQ released a set of BTS stills over the weekend that are very stripped down, Kim Yoo Jung sports clean simple makeup and lets her pretty features steal the show.


Sidus Releases Stunning BTS Pictures of Glowing Kim Yoo Jung Doing CF Pictorial — 11 Comments

  1. Shouldn’t you be writing about the jung ja yeon case instead. The staute of limitations is coming up. Cover the real stories the entertainment world is a mess right now.

    • Koala can talk about whatever she wants. Her life her choice , her blog her choice lol

      Anyways , yoojung looks so beautiful

    • “Shouldn’t you be”?? Have some manners please when you are requesting. You can start a blog yourself to write about this. LOL. There is no “real” stories in the K-ent world, that’s why it is a mess. Lots of things are hidden from the public so don’t be naive. I’d rather be entertained with these beautiful pics of KYJ.

    • Jung Jayeon case is important and needs attention but this is not a news site, this is her personal blog. So being bossy and demanding for an article you want or think needs attention is just rude and wrong.

      If you arenn’t happy and satisfied with her posts, shouldnt you just leave instead. There are other sites (soompi, allkpop, koreanboo, kpopherald, koreang joongAh, chosun, Korea times) that totally caters for Korean industry happenings. Cover and check and demand from those sites because they should be covering for those mess..

    • Way out of line / topic!!! This is her blog and not a news site. She can talk about what she wants.

      Just leave this site and Go to other news site for what you want or better start your own site, then you can talk about what you want.

      Why people think they are to upright!!!!!????

  2. Did you see her as co host for the 100 day commemoration day special with Jinyoung? Her co star from Moonlight. She looked really smart with a bob haircut and presented really well too. I hope she takes that film offer and her character is a psychic so it would be interesting to see how this pads out. However Thank you Mz Koala for the write up and please keep all the good news flowing! Oh Im watching Angry Mum and found Kim Hee Sun – Wow she’s amazing I’m a fan of hers.

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