Disgraced Singer Jung Joon Young Formally Arrested and Continues to Confess and Apologize to Victims

Every alleged defendant in any common or civil law abiding country has the right to a competent defense and to argue one’s innocence. But that doesn’t need I don’t think a clearly guilty defendant isn’t the height of douchebaggery to elect that course of action, costing tax payers money in a trial and more importantly inflicting pain on the victims through testimony and refusal to take responsibility. If the least that disgraced former singer and variety star Jung Joon Young can do is fully accept culpability and confess to the crimes of unauthorized and non-consensual hidden camera recording of unwitting female victims then that’s one less thing I need to think poorly of him for. He confessed mere days after the text messages were leaked and was subsequently called in for investigation. This week he was called in for a second investigation whereby he was formally arrested, and in conjunction Jung Joon Young faced the media directly and apologized to the victims and took full responsibility. Now if only Seungri can do the same……


Disgraced Singer Jung Joon Young Formally Arrested and Continues to Confess and Apologize to Victims — 28 Comments

  1. A serial rapist using the date rape drug to sedate women. He is evil and all I want to know is how long SK is going to sentence him for. Don’t want to see his face plastered all over the internet. He isn’t human.

  2. He is the tree hiding the forest. Some “powerful people” must have take part and abuse thèses women too. Where are they ? Politics ? CEO , Chaebols ? How is reacting the community of Entertainment ? Differently from Hollywood and Weistein’s case ?

  3. I am tired of all these remarks about celebs scandals to cover the big guns. Yes, it’s true. But a step forward to the justice is at least something. And these celebs aren’t innocent either. They are convicted because they commited the crimes. It’s still a long battle ahead with so much hurdles. They aren’t called big fish for nothing if they could be so easily caught. And a step forward as with this first arrest of the Burning Sun gate could increased awareness that no one is actually above the law.

    • @Alexa , i never said that he didn’t commit the crimes. It’s just that i’m sick and tired to see that only very little fish is caught. Yes it’s better than nothing, but it shows that some are actually above the law . You’re an optimist but not me. It doesn’t feed my hunger for justice.

  4. French media 20minutes.fr posted an article about the case , as in France they rarely spoke about Skorean news( we have enough in our own plate already ! ) , i can’t imagine how big it must be in SKorea. ” éclabousse l’industrie musicale ” they speak about “molka” and “porn revenge” too.

    • In a popular show ” Le quotidien”, and about hidden cameras in motels on Tv night news M6. Of off topic, France bought the rights of The masked singer… it will begin soon.

  5. Now he’s known all over the world! Disgusting trash, rot in jail. If anyone comes defending him then they’re defending a rapist

  6. From my understanding, it seems that he’s guilty of recording things without other party’s consent and reproducing/distributing it to other people. Calling him a rapist isn’t really suitable (or wrong tbh) ’cause from the things circulating in the news nowadays, its implying that the sex (the action) is consensual. Well i’m no fans or hater of him, but yeah he’s still guilty of those crimes. Btw, south korean netizen is really need to chill a little bit. The way they reacting to this scandal is like sentencing those celebrities to death -_-

  7. No one is defending him I’m waiting for the trial to find him guilty on all counts and then I’ll rest easy knowing justice has been served and I hope that it will be a deterrent to others you do the crime you’ll do the time. He is a sexual deviant not a rapist. Until there is a charge against him for rape then you can’t brand him one.

    • There were videos of him having sex with drugged and unconscious women aka raping them, and in the chat they bragged about raping women. One of the phones JJY submitted was factory reset so he really isn’t sorry or cooperative at all. The evidence is confirmed by forensic lab. The court process is all about technicalities now. Unless the women on the rape tapes come forward and sue him for rape, he’ll likely only get sentenced for filming and distributing hidden camera videos. Those who are not willing to call him wha he is – a rapist – until court verdict are just willfully ignorant. Justice is truly blind.

      • @Abc How would me being a woman define my response? Read my post and get the gist of what I wrote??? How the hell can I be helping a cause when I wrote I’m waiting for JJY to be charged with rape??

    • Tell me where he is charged for rape @prettyautumn and @abc. The news articles(Soompi) which I’m reading are about the secret filming and distribution of sex videos and conversations around that so do re read what I wrote and don’t misconstrue my post. Stick to the facts of what is being reported and be objective and furthermore don’t you dare say that I’m supporting the actions of JJY when I clearly stated I’m waiting for him to be charged accordingly with that offence. Don’t create unnecessary posts accusing me of being ignorant and helping a cause when I am clearly not. It’s offensive and downright annoying to have to justify my response over and over again. I called him a sexual deviant either way it’s not a competition to define his actions.

      • I agree with you @Ginger Crunch! I saw what you wrote and if there is more out there in the media than what we read, then they should say where it was so that we can make our own determination, but sometimes you can’t always believe what is in the news, especially in SK! Thankfully he came out and acknowledged it! When you have been a victim in any kind of sexual assault, you feel like you keep reliving it when they say that they didn’t do anything. I can’t believe he was my favorite in 1 night 2 days! This is the second time this has happened! He got off the first time, and he even went back on the show. A lot of people weren’t happy but I was, because I really thought he was innocent. So the Justice system is flawed!

    • @prettyautumn You’re 100% right I’m waiting for the court verdict until then I’ll call him a sexual deviant.

  8. If you go back to the very first articles published about this topic it states clearly that a number of the women are on capable of consent because they are either drugged or drunk.

    Do your research.

  9. Yes @lizzy4e I scoured past and present articles for the charge for rape so I did take the time to research and couldn’t find anything. Can you please provide your source? Articles implying what happened is not the same as an actual charge before the court. So yes please enlighten me as to where you’re reading an update on this case.

    • Really? He made a video of a girl passed out and raping her and sent it to a chat and he even bragged about it to his singer celebrity friend. All evidence from his own phone.

      That is not rape???? Why would you need charge for Rape? That is rape, on way can a women that is drugged consented to the video or what he did to her.
      I really sympathize those victims that there are people with your mentality. The case has not gone to court yet, he admitted to the charges.

      • ** No way can a women drugged consented to sex or being videotaped and having it all circulated

    • You are picking on words here. What happened was he did it all – intoxication of women, sexual assault without consent, exploitation of indecent acts. What is your definition of “rape”? Do you really need the court to tell you what he did wrong?

      • Yes I do @candycane because I haven’t seen the pictures and read the texts but am relying on what the courts have before them as in the charges. I’m reading articles from Soompi that’s my only source. Not choosing to use the word rapist or rape doesn’t mean I’m none the wiser. I’m waiting for the charge to be laid so no harm in that. Like I wrote before this is not a competition of words just accept what I have said and move on please. And @jkfan again my mentality is about being objective don’t question it because you’re emotionally invested in the term rape and rapist. I choose the word sexual deviant instead.

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