Park Shin Hye is a Pretty Nurse and Flight Attendant Hybrid at Clothing Store CF Event

K-actress Park Shin Hye continues her one step forward two steps back fashion yo-yo in real life and this week she modeled a new look for a store opening event of clothing brand Mojo.S.Phine. She was wearing a white double-breasted jacket dress with matching wide cinch waist belt and she honestly looked like either a minimalist flight attendant or a trendy nurse. Or both mashed together, I dunno. Her short crop cut was also not styled as chic as she looked in Paris last week at the Valentino event, with the doll look makeup doing her no favors. The cute check dress hanging behind her in one of the pictures would have been a much better choice. This was a game effort but imma give it a 3 out of 10.


Park Shin Hye is a Pretty Nurse and Flight Attendant Hybrid at Clothing Store CF Event — 27 Comments

  1. The only thing I can say for sure in her 16 year long career is that the girl is surely not a fashionista. The dress is cut very weirdly and is not flattering. Her smile still remains the best thing about any of her outfits.

    • Sure stinks like hater. Cannot find anything good to say. I’m worried about your health. Hate breeds sick cells & affects your immune system!

  2. Sure stinks like hater. Cannot find anything good to say. I’m worried about your health. Hate breeds sick cells & affects your immune system!

    • You are the one with nothing good to say here. Worry about your own health first. The dress is ugly and her hair looks awful. There is no hate but only honesty prevails.

      • @candycane wow this person really hate shinhye.. all her article i notice your name.. wow impressive. REALLY HATE..

      • my name is actually in a lot of articles here not just hers. the more i look at this dress, the uglier it looks. yucks. and the hair… still don’t like it.

  3. Wow, do these admins have sonething against her? Like they’ve been bashing her since MOA. And literally menshioning everything bad that she’s apparently done!lol

  4. She really loves clothes that add age to her looks. But that is her personal choice. I just like seeing her grow up so beautifully.

  5. It’s her stylist and the sponsors that are choosing her outfits either that or she just wants to stick to looking safe but ends up looking matronly instead. White is such a frickin boring eyesore I think if she chose something with an injection of colour we would be celebrating that look instead.

  6. Omfg she looks like an auntie in her forties, and not a gorgeous business type but the doormat type! Indeed like a corporate trophy wife lmao! Does her coordi hate her? Her face and body are not the type to rock everything, her hair makes her look super aunty-like

    • A lot of her fans have been complaining about her short hairdo apparently. I think the bigger problem isn’t the length of her hair but the bipolar way it is styled from even to event. They need to lock down one styling that works and go with it. The dress is just bad. No one could have saved it.

      • @xia that’s true. There are many ways to make short hair rock but that one looks like her mom cut it at home and then she just shampooed and dried it. Looks so aunty-like

      • LOL, I love her short hair. She looks very pretty and it makes her look younger and cuter. The dress for sure is aging her, but I don’t understand the complaints about her haircut.

  7. Yes. My Queen Park Shin Hye, looking sooooo beautiful, elegant, chic, and fresh. A really Spring candy to all eyes. Reason why she is so loved Worldwide. Her beautiful health aura can be seen and feel from faraway, and most important her confident pose and attitude , she does not need validation from losers. Fighting my girl. Ignorance is contagious.

    • What the hell is a health aura? Did you just invent a term to validate a non existent attribute? Its her core twitter fandom who have been long time fans that has been dissing the style the most and asking to fire the stylist which means there is 100% something wrong with the outfit.

  8. It’s sad because in the magazine, she always looks great, the haircut, make-up and style suit her. But in events, she always chose the sage and discret style and it makes look kind of plain.

    • Well magazine and cf photos are all photoshop some less some more but they all have photoshop. Journalist photos have none of it so they always look not as nice as other photos. Some journalists take photos from very bad angles which makes celebs look unflattering.

      • I agree but I was speaking about the style. Photoshop doesn’t change the choice of clothes, jewelry, etc.

  9. Oh man park shin hye really should kick ass choi tae joon,blind item already saying her boyfriend was nugu and his reps purposely went around leaking their relationship. Choi tae joon also close friends Zico and jung joon young didn’t surprise if they share video sex.

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