Park Bo Gum Seen Attending Good Friend V’s BTS Concert in Hong Kong

Today’s friendship goals and positive news coming out of K-ent is courtesy of cutie patootie actor Park Bo Gum. Apparently he’s living the real life version of Her Private Life sorta, being good friends with V of top idol group BTS and attending their concert like a seasoned fanboy. Park Bo Gum was spotted at a BTS concert last week dressed down in t-shirt and glasses with his hair au natural style. He was holding signs and the BTS glow stick like a seasoned pro, clearly no stranger to a BTS concert and a supportive friend all the way. So cute to see this top actor himself act like any of us at a BTS concert!


Park Bo Gum Seen Attending Good Friend V’s BTS Concert in Hong Kong — 13 Comments

  1. Argh… Where is my Hyung Sik-ie? I always love reading updates on the gathering of the Hwarang boys (PHS, V and PSJ).

  2. Awww look at PBG clinging to his more popular friend to stay relevant after his flop drama. KMJ is bff with V as well but I din’t see him advertising it at every point.

    • Aigoo PBG didnt advertising anything, he’s just too popular so everything he do become a headline. Army always busy taking his picts whenever he come to bts concert since 2017. Dont be jealous honey, maybe your bias come too but no one care taking his pict or no one know him. ?

    • Flop drama? I think we need hard facts here. Encounter is the 12th (for a single episode ranking) highest Korean Cable Drama of all time. In terms of summary average ratings of all the episodes, it ranks 7th…far from being a flop drama (Source: Nielsen Korea)

      Park Bo Gum is and will continue to be relevant. Let us not spoil a sincere friendship and sincere gesture of support with our rash judgement. He went to the concert to enjoy and people around him took pics and posted this on SNS.

    • Not popular?who? Pbg? makes me laugh…your comment is too obvious..haha…nice try.
      He is definitely too popular to the point having huge number if fans and crazy haters like you..aigoo…

    • What the….are you seriously trying to argue that Park Bo Gum isn’t popular or relevant??

      He’s not even the one who took and uploaded the image btw, it was BTS fans who spotted him and took his pic.

  3. He is not just top actor anymore, his japan single is number 3 in oricon right now. My dear bogummy, please stay humble.

  4. Hi Ms Ockoala, please write a post about Ha Ji Won. She is in Hong Kong too for the AMFAR Aids Foundation Charity Gala Night. Lots of stunning photos of her posing alone and with action Queen Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh. Lots of Hallyu stars attended too like Choi Jin Hyuk & others. HJW was in Malaysia 2 weeks ago even the South Korean President Moon and his wife took selfie with her at the K-Wave and Halal show. HJW was emcee for that event promoting Korea-Malaysia cultural economic exchange. Thank you!

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