Suzy Doesn’t Renew Contract with JYP After 9 years, May Join Same Agency as Gong Yoo

Woah, this is big news. K-actress and idol singer Suzy has announced that she won’t be renewing her contract with JYP Entertainment when it expires on March 31 of this year. She’s been with the agency for 9 years since her debut at age 15. She was a member of Miss A which disbanded in late 2017 after other members left the agency. Suzy has been focused on her acting career so it makes sense to move to a more acting-focused agency as JYP remains first and foremost an idol creating factory. Suzy was at a CF event last week sporting sensible black-and-white against a pink backdrop, looking every bit marketable still as a popular face in K-ent.


Suzy Doesn’t Renew Contract with JYP After 9 years, May Join Same Agency as Gong Yoo — 58 Comments

  1. I really have nothing nice to say about her. Leaving JYPE probably is good since the girl can’t sing either. Again, she can’t act but if joining SOOP can actually assist her to improve as an actress, then why not? Maybe she could be guided to not undertake roles that more than she could handle. To me, Suzy by far only excelled as CF model and so short to be considered seriously as actress or even a singer. Hope she will prove me wrong, though.

  2. I’m curious what SOOP will be able to do more than JYPE did for her. JYPE helped her to have main roles when she’s not a so good actress. She had a lot of CF and she released music. I guess it sounds more professional to be an actress in this new agency but in the facts I’m curious.

  3. SOOP must have really wanted her if they gave her a contract so quickly. Suzy did very well in WYWS and Dream High so the problem isn’t her acting but the roles she picks. She’s always going to be crazy popular and beloved in Korea and one of their highest paid stars. Her and Yoona are loved more than any real actress in their generation despite the tag of idol actors so I don’t see any point in criticizing her. They top every poll, they even have a substantial amount of actual acting awards alongside their numerous popularity awards and are known to be donation angels and are a dream cast for variety shows. No matter what agency she joins she’ll still be insanely popular.

  4. Seohyun and Suzy being scouted by Namoo and SOOP the two most respectable actor agencies in Korea just shows how greatly appreciated their acting is by the industry experts.

    • It’s not because of her acting. She’s extremely popular despite how bad an actress she is. It’s all about money and she’s definitely bringing it with her many CFs.

      • SOOP and Namoo don’t care about cf money if you see their list of actors you’ll know. They are widely known to be acting focused agency and they focus on talent first and foremost.

      • @Cindy

        You must be joking to think that those agencies really are impressed of Suzy’s non-existence acting talent. And business is all about money.

      • @cindy – lol are you naive? Staff from acting agencies have gone on the record years ago to say that they NEED their actors to get CF deals in order to make any money at all because Korean film and drama don’t pay stars high enough salaries to run their agencies with.

        Namoo/SOOP have impressive rosters of actors but don’t kid yourself into thinking they don’t care about popularity or hired all those actors solely for talent. They have eyes and ears, they can see for themselves both what kind of acting ‘talent’ Suzy has (none) and also what kind of money she can bring in just by modelling (a lot).

  5. Suzy is crazy popular and beloved in Korea so no disputing that. She is a CF Queen too being sought out by top agencies however please remember the majority of comments that are posted here about Suzy and the main criticism voiced is her acting. Not her choice of projects but her character delivery and this is glaringly obvious over the years and a lot of people hone in on. She just isn’t getting it. I prefer her in rom coms anything safe because she does that well. For example if she was to act in a drama such as ‘Save Me’ instead of Seo Yea Ji do you think she would have managed to capture the nuances and emotions succinctly? Would her performance be captivating and believable enough? Most likely no. Why? Because it would be too much of a hard ask to catapult her into such a demanding angst riddled character it would have mentally and emotionally scarred her.. That’s why I know she has a long way to go to be in the league of serious credible actresses regardless of her popularity and sponsorship. I’m hoping that VB will change all that.

    • Well she already looks better than park shin hye did in memories in the little trailer they showed and before her fans attack me I’m only using her name because recently they both have been getting the same criticism of being pretty faces who are popular in cf and have limited acting ability. In that comparison sense based only of the very short trailer for vagabond she is looking better than park shin hye. Sorry for the long comment didn’t mean to rant.

      • Idk why PSH is used as a benchmark when she is never known for spectacular acting. Compare her alongside actresses who are in the same age group and similar level of popularity like Kim Taeri, Park Boyoung, Kim Jiwon and Nam Jihyun and you will know she is severely overrated.

      • PSH, KTR and PBY are all the same age. Isn’t PSH a lot more popular than KTR and PBY. KJW is just a year younger the other three and NJH is not even close any of their popularity. Suzy is younger than everyone except NJH and more popular than all of them combined.

      • I don’t understand the correlation between popularity and talent. Just because Suzy’s popular doesn’t mean she’s a good actress. It just means people will continue to give her a pass no matter how crappy her acting is. Money does matter, after all. Shame, because the more discerning viewer will continually be irked by the loss in drama quality.

      • The more discerning viewer isn’t watching dramas hence the ratings of present day television.

      • Both Suzy and PSH are mediocre in looks and acting skills. Without JYP as agent, she won’t have the same stylist and makeup team to groom her idol look. Time for a change and see if she can hold up on her own.

      • @See – sure but then why did Sky Castle become a cable show that ended up with 23 percent ratings? Or why did multiple TVN shows end up with ratings over 10 percent last year?

        People are certainly watching dramas on domestic tv channels, they’re just not willing to watch mediocre dramas led by CF stars any more.

        @blue – but is she really more popular than them as an actress? Her acting projects in the last five years have done mediocre ratings at best – Uncontrollably Fond had huge hype but then fizzled out once it aired, WYWS barely broke 10 percent ratings which is the lowest any full-length Park Hae Ryun drama has ever got. Meanwhile all those other actresses – Kim Tae Ri, Kim Ji Won, Park Bo Young, even Park Shin Hye – have had multiple successful acting projects with much higher numbers than Suzy’s in that time. She’s popular and sells product, sure, but as an actress she is not the draw her fans think.

      • @Venus – I think there is a distinction, Park Shin Hye is not a great actress but she’s watchable, never BAD really.

        Suzy, meanwhile, has been pretty bad in past dramas because she looks like she doesn’t know how to emote. Let’s see if the writer of Giant can help with that.

      • @Royal We – How does it matter if she is more popular as an actress? Nobody is casting Suzy for acting talents or ratings. You must be crazy if you believe that. Dramas can’t make money from ratings that is just an ego boost for everyone involved. Money comes from CF deals not ratings. SKY Castle had high ratings but they didn’t sell out their PPL while Encounter had much lower ratings but all the PPL saw a huge increase in demand. SHK lipstick was trending more than twists of SKY. CF popularity is the reason only some actors get cast into big productions. Ratings can’t make up for the cost of drama production.

  6. She is so pretty and look kind..but I hope to see her improvement in acting example of female idol who act well is eun ji from A Pink..I hope suzy will get a role that makes her shine as an actress will be perfect if that is the case since she is very pretty and great actress to

  7. She is pretty , charming, managed to stay popular despite dating popular actors ( an example that shows that you can be in a Relationship without prejudice!) but she had big roles prematuraly…and it didn’t help her acting.

    • She’s certainly pretty in a way that appeals to her market, and her image has been really well-managed as a nice and non-intimidating girl next door type. JYP did a fantastic job of that, and of creating the hype around her that made her an It-girl in the first place. She’s popular as a model, and honestly it’s clear that is why any agency would want her.

      But yeah, she really has had the biggest names in Korean film and entertainment working overtime to make her acting look better, and it hasn’t really worked. Mentioning her performance in WYWS as evidence of ‘improvement’ is like treating Hyeri as a great actress based on her performance in Reply 1988. Roles specially written to cater to a limited acting ability can only do so much.

    • But she is the daughter of a well loved by Korean netizens National Olympic Coach . Connections count! I bet her father must be well known within the entertainment industry.
      As her current company made her who she is today, the new Company might be able to do the same thing or better without staged scandals(?) and cheap media play. She is young. I hope she will build her carrier basing on her work, in a responsible and honest way. This can be the cure for her burden and emotional issues, as she acknowledge herself of suffering for deep depression . Wish her well and Fighing!

  8. I have noticed a lot more bigger name agents are on the Production side of drama and film these days days which would certainly gaueantee work for those lucky enough to be on their books.I would say if your with this type of Agent work is more likely to be offered than auditioned for though I dont know much about her new agent.

    • I highly doubt Suzy has ever had to audition for any drama or movie till date. SOOP is one of the biggest and most respected management agencies. With this news I have a strong feeling actors like NJH will get overshadowed because they are both almost the same agency and now under the same agent. They will be getting similar roles and the Suzy will automatically become priority 1 for the scripts with good writers and directors. She’s the prized jewel of SOOP alongside GY.

      • Suzy gives me the impression that she likes to work with famous directors, popular Hallyu actors, big-budget productions. Never mind the lackluster results she produces with them.
        Nam Jihyun, on the other hand, works with smaller productions but produces great results with all her works so far.

        They won’t be competing for the same roles.

      • I have to agree about her overshadowing njh for scripts because even if they won’t do similar roles I think overall suzy will get the better ones. Example if a writer like nhk (live, dear my friends) wants an actress around their age and casting agents approach soop they will push for suzy over njh because she will get paid more and bring them more revenue with her endorsements. She will also go on to win awards like she does with all her roles so the validation will come through as well.

      • Ok its weird, the last NJH’s drama have a good rating. Yet she still not popular in korea? I thought she’s in kimyoujong’s level right now.

      • @Tiani and her last drama was a complete flop so thats not a level to be at unless that level is 0. NJH doesn’t have the goodess looks to make it in the industry as a popular cf model which is where all the real money comes from.

      • @Alia – Noh Hee Kyung is a writer who doesn’t cast pretty-face ‘popular’ mediocrities in her dramas, don’t forget this is the writer whom Kim Min Hee had to actually beg for a third lead role in Goodbye Solo because back then KMH had a rep for bad acting…it was her willingness to go that far and actually put in the work as an actress that led to a turnaround in her rep. Can’t see Suzy ever doing the same since for her, acting roles are just a way to keep an image for the sake od getting CFs (her real bread and butter, and the reason why any acting agency would want her – it’s been openly stated by staff from these agencies before that they can’t make a profit off acting fees alone, they need the ad ₩₩₩₩).

        @togethri – sorry but this could not be further from the truth lol. Nam Ji Hyun’s last drama, 100 Days My Prince, was one of the biggest hits of the last year and a surprise hit at that, and her last dramas before that, Suspicious Partner and Shopping King Louie, had good ratings and positive buzz, and that’s without even counting What’s With My Family.

        Compare the average ratings/audience numbers of Suzy’s acting projects over the last 2-3 years with NJH, and you’ll see who is just empty hype and who is the real deal as an actress lol.

      • Who the real deal as an actress is makes no difference to popularity and cf deals. The one who makes the more money is the real deal other wise go ah sung would make more money than park shin hye and kim ji won. Acting isn’t a criteria to land roles in korea it never has. The thing that matter for long term popularity is goddess level looks and cf deals. TaeJiHye wouldn’t be the pinnacle of korean celebrity standards if talent was even a factor. Why do people keep trying to play the talent card when literally nothing comes from it. Unless you’re making it onto those weird ‘top beauty’, ‘valentine day’ and ‘white day’ lists you’re not really doing it right. Suzy is mentioned in almost every other drama or variety show as an ideal. Every other person wants to collab with her in one way or another. That kind of popularity can’t be defeated by acting talent ever.

      • @Realistic- Okay I want to get this right so please correct me if Im wrong. You’re saying acting talent in Korea doesn’t matter as in Suzy’s case popularity and CF deals coupled with good looks is more recognisable and accepted and this is the mainstay of the Korean Entertainment industry? Also because of popularity and CF deals no one cares about your acting range because it’s the amount of money you bring in that keeps you relevant?

      • @realistic Makes sense I’ve always felt the industry to be completely shallow which is why it always surprises me when people attack popular actors for being untalented. If they were exceptionally talented with mediocre looks they wouldn’t be popular its because they are exceptionally beautiful with mediocre talents they are popular. Same thing happens in my country as well.

    • @Jobs Thank you for your feedback and I was looking for the word ‘Shallow’ and you nailed it in a nutshell. Yes @Realistic who’ve wrote an opinion which is somewhat a factual and you clarified it with your explanation.

  9. Big news indeed. Soop’s website crashed yesterday once it was reported that Suzy could be joining their agency. Also, @Koala these pictures were from a Lancome event in Hong Kong from March last year.

    • Suzy also trended on Melon, Twitter (worldwide, as well as in Indonesia and Malaysia), and Weibo. And three of her articles were in the top 10 most viewed/commented on Naver.

      • When does Suzy not trend? She sneezes she’ll trend. People just love to know every single detail about her.

  10. After she settles in at SOOP I hope they give her acting lessons and maybe she won’t trend cos she’ll have to buckle down to learn her craft and that means hard work on her part. Poor JYP all the care and time in the world he spent on her and she still walked. I guess Suzy reading the comments here on KP most probably influenced her decision to leave so that she could be a better actor. Thank you Suzy my piece of advice ‘Don’t play to the camera play to the character’. Ask Kim Jae Wook and Gong Hyo Jin for acting tips too.

    • If KJW hits big with HPL then Suzy’s next drama might just be with him. She always acts with the popular actors and it-stars. The funny thing is actors like LJH also often say that they want to act with Suzy. Pretty comes before talent for korean men clearly.

  11. Lets be honest, suzy can maintain her popularity because she always work with a big hallyu star actor. So even tho her drama flop in korea, its still doing well in other country. JYP always take care everything for her, but soop didnt care about something like that. GHJ and SHJ, rare for them to work with bigger actor than theirself. Except suzy as lucky as PBG.

    • So Suzy now just has to work with Gong Yoo (again) and her status will be immortal like Song Hye Kyo. Maybe she can join him in the movies with Park Bo Gum. They are now all in the same agency more or less just different independent labels.

      • Lol no, Shk’s drama always a hit in korea (except WW),while many of suzy’s drama was average. So no. And there’s no place for suzy in PBG’s movies. They didnt need her. Like encounter, Im sure they will cast unpopular actor, because GY and PBG already too expensive.

  12. It’s great news. She decided well. All her dramas are always so popular .


    Now there is one drama and one movie.

  13. I have never been able to understand the casting process in S Korea..You always here of actors been offered roles so i am assuming their Agencies give roles to their actors through their connections and involvement in the industry..Even mediocre actors.What happend to working and competing for roles as it used to be.

  14. For me I would like to see Suzy, PSH and SHK each be given their own drama to headline as the main protagonist no romance or male lead so that they own it entirely and then that would shut us up or rather me because with a stellar scriptwriter and PD n crew I’ll have to eat my words and say yes their performance was fantastic and I can see now why they’re great actors. That drama would have to be on OCN and the genre thriller/supernatural/horror but alas their million $$ sponsorship deals won’t allow the drastic change to take place because it will ruin their impressive image and then we’ll be back at square one.

    • Lets be honest that will never happen. OCN is owned by CJENM so its not a small channel at all. These 3 can never headline a drama on their own because their whole image is of a romantic ideal so if they don’t have anyone to romance then what will they do? No scriptwriter will cast them for a ‘real’ drama. This isn’t HJW, LBY or BDN. They made the mistake of getting trapped within the image that made them popular and while I think Suzy is trying something different with Vagabond it still won’t be very far off from the image she has.

      • Yep you’re right their image is their money maker but I have faith that one day they’ll take up the challenge because PSH is lead in a thriller (movie) so that’s a start. They’re all getting older so best to look outside their comfort zone and take a pay cut to extend their range beyond romance. I think they can do this if they were given the opportunity. Suzy and VB will be interesting to see her as a Government agent. I dunno how that will turn out though.

  15. I see always the same pathetics womans spiting on this fine Actress.

    It’s been years already. It’s too long for all your negativity to show here .

    Funny because all your hatred and jalousy will not change the Love and Support she’s getting from the general public.

    • I don’t think anyone here negates the fact that Suzy will always be one of the most beloved celebs in Korea no matter how bad her acting is. I see a lot of comments about different things none is saying that her popularity is not top class or she doesn’t have the charms that attracts a lot of people.

  16. You certainly got the wrong end of the stick @agatha the only disagreement I have with your comment is the use of fine actress. No not yet not by a country mile. Stop reading our posts as hate comments it’s constructive feedback so much so Suzy left JYP so that she could focus on her acting to make her into a fine actress. She took our comments seriously enough to make the move. Don’t make trouble please because now you’re being pathetic.

    • Uh, do you really believe Suzy read the comments section here? Is this why you type so much hoping that she will see it?

      • I couldn’t careless @Anna whether she or her team read them but international commentary is followed believe it or not and I know a lot of actors are in tune with what is being written about them and are actively searching out articles to have them translated from English into Hangul. And my comments really are tongue in cheek so why on earth would you be so gullible to think otherwise? Smh.

    • @Ginger Crunch – you have more faith in Suzy’s motive for this agency move than I do haha. But her rabid fans behave like typical kpop fans and attack anyone who dares to give even a plain opinion of her abilities as “hate comments” when no one has anythimg bad to say about her character, only her acting.

      • Oh hallelujah @Royal We – yes I’m always about the acting but somehow my comments are misconstrued as hate and I’ve re read what I’ve wrote just to get a check on my post. I’m like looking at SOOP as a highly reputable and popular agency and I hope that Suzy relishes the opportunity to really work on her craft whilst there because they have the big guns and I would really appreciate knowing that she’d left her CF image at the door and put on a serious real hat of acting. If not at least they’re have their agency fees paid in advance.

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