Taiwan Media Digs Up Insanely Rich Burning Sun Investor Madam Lin and Her High Flying Lifestyle

Taiwan netizens are super embarrassed that one of their own is embroiled in the Seungri/Burning Sun club investigation scandal in South Korea. This scandal has grown to encompass Japanese investors that Seungri arranged prostitutes for and even a Singaporean heiress Kim Lim who Seungri claimed to have gotten girls to party with her hence all his texts about getting women were blown out of proportion or taken out of contest. Riiiiiiight. New player to this hot mess is a certain Madam Lin (Mrs. Lin) from Taiwan who has been unearthed as one of the investors in the club Burning Sun.

Turns out she is a long time diehard Big Bang and Seungri stan, attending concerts as VIP guests and even snapping pictures with other Big Bang members. Taiwan media reports that Madam Lin is insanely rich, known in Taichung for going to department stores and buying entire sections in cash and never using credit card, and also flying directly to couture shows regularly to shop. Madam Lin of course is the woman with her face blurred out in a picture taken with Ji Chang Wook, and his agency has released an official statement that he merely took a picture with a fan upon request so that’s that. Madam Lin has deleted her Instagram when news broke to try and lay low.


Taiwan Media Digs Up Insanely Rich Burning Sun Investor Madam Lin and Her High Flying Lifestyle — 22 Comments

  1. Madam Lin… you’re literally a walking christmas tree. Surely money alone can’t buy you class & style. Please hire a professional stylist or personal shopper.

  2. OMG….she looks so insane. The way she’s following Gdragon looks creepy? How old is she? Isn’t she too old to be a fangirl????

    • Age have nothing to do with being a fangirl however people tends to see older fan as not the norm. I personally don’t mind older fan. We know some fans are crazy regardless of age. But I’m curious who this Mrs. Lin is.

  3. She does look like a mobster lady. I thought BB boys earned enough not to hang out with shady ladies. I read in Forbes that BB made $44 million in 2016 topping the US’s highest earner Maroon5 ($33.5)

  4. Crazy Rich Asian nuff said. Gosh what is she wearing? She looks like she’s popped up from the Neanderthal era with all that draped fur. If Im that age still chasing young K pop idols I want to be locked up. Too shameful that’s not fangirling that’s just being desperate. Now I’m starting to think of some of these K celebs and what they might have to do for these rich investors behind closed doors. Taiwan I feel your pain your Aunty has been partying up to the crack of dawn. I bet China breathed a sigh of relief she wasn’t from there.

      • What an ostentatious display of gawdy vulgar coats and dyed hair to match. No amount of money can save that! It’s like she’s part of new money and moving from the trailer park to a mansion except her dress code stayed the same. Taiwan’s Cruella De Vil less the 101 Dalmatians and thank goodness for that.

    • Lol..You crack me up. It’s true, I’m already over the young kpop fangirling too, anyway I never been a kpop fans. Looking at this aunty fangirl is just too shameful. 🙁

    • Actually China considers Taiwan island part of China. They dont not see Taiwan as a independent Country. So your end comment does not ring true.

      • Don’t go there cos I see Taiwan as independent of China not sorry if you believe otherwise.

  5. This brings filthy rich Asian to a whole new level. I’m sure someone in Taiwan needs that money more than mr pimp man.

  6. Who are all the celebrities she’s making gang signs with???? They must be celebrities because they are all wearing masks.

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