Cha Seung Won Leads Bevy of K-stars Saddled with Fashion Wack at Gucci Event in Seoul

I’ll take it if the type of negative news from K-ent is merely a collective grenade of ugly fashion exploding in Seoul. It beats the real stomach churning stories in recent weeks and the entertaining part from fashion fails is how collective it happens with K-stars. At the Gucci event this past weekend, Cha Seung Won led a contingent of young and established stars for the brand’s soiree in Seoul and everyone wore Gucci attire in the worst possible way. There is not a single item or combination that should ever see the light of day other than walking down a catwalk or intentionally to garner attention. From Kai‘s man purse to Kim Seo Hyung wearing socks with her loafers, the accessorizing elevating the fashion fail even more than the genuinely unattractive outfits. At least Gucci got publicity, I guess……


Cha Seung Won Leads Bevy of K-stars Saddled with Fashion Wack at Gucci Event in Seoul — 15 Comments

  1. They all look so sad lol. I wouldn’t be happy if I was dressed liked that though, tbh. So I don’t blame them. What a nightmare.

  2. Why is Cha Seung Won dressed like an idol?? Lol why is a idol dressed like how Cha Seung Won should be dressed with his age group?? This is disappointing…it’s not original. Rather cliche and bland…

  3. They all look like they went op shopping tried on the first piece of clothing on the rack then relied on their mates to say they looked great and WOW the outfit really suits them. Turned up to this fashion gig and instead of turning heads they turned cross eyed. Only highlight for me is the flying piglet on Yoo Yeon Seok’s coat. The women were so mismatched Im sure Gucci reps were scratching their heads wondering why. I only spotted Jo Bo Ah so awkward and fuddy duddy she doesn’t suit these events as it’s out of her league but I’m disappointed as it was a highly respected fashion event why did the attendees get it so wrong. Epic fail and plain dumb just stick to common mall brands it’s safer for us.

  4. I actually love Gucci since Alessandro Michelle took over . He made everything playful and eclectic and gender fluid. I love the mix of prints, textures, the artful layering. Under Tom Ford it was all about sex , money and power.
    I love all the clothes here. It’s just they have been styled all wrong . The Japanese are so much better at styling and interpreting Gucci.

    • I don’t know about fashion but these don’t look so bad to me. They don’t come together so good but separately they are fun. And I especially liked that plaid coat (it shouldn’t have been combined with the yellow purse though, not because it is a purse mind you, but because they don’t look good together). I liked that denim jacket too.

      I have no problem with gender fluidity in fashion. If it works go for it.

      But if I have the money enough to wear any fashion designer in the world, I’d choose Tom Ford (his aesthetic appeal to me and I love clean lines and non clutter) probably because I liked both of his film though.

  5. the ladies look good! the men… well lets just say those are gorgeous clothes but with BAD, BAD styling. The stylists totally missed the mark on high fashion – hint : it’s not just throwing together expensive branded stuff, coordi-nim deul!

    • Really? I have seen worse of him, his Cleopatra look was awful. I don’t think any brand can force an artist to dress like that. I couldn’t see CSW wear a purse. YYS did not have a purse. It’s Kai (or his stylist) who picked this awful combination out of all the new line the brand is selling. Your doubt is not valid.

  6. the 1960’s phoned. they want their PTA back. seriously though, it takes some incredibly bad styling to make those guys look less than gorgeous. somehow Gucci did it.

  7. Is not only the horrible clothes but also the bad makeup honestly I still don’t understand this asian obsession with the white B.B cream it doesn’t go well.

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