Joo Won is Contemplative in First Post Military Pictorial in Arena Magazine

I don’t think the K-ent landscape has changed dramatically for K-actor Joo Won in the nearly two years he’s been away serving his military service. He already experienced the steep drop off in ratings for prime time dramas and the emergence of cable as a new force to be reckoned with, but returning last month he is re-entering entertainment at a time when the industry is being rocked with sexual violence, tax evasion, prostitution, and bribery scandals/crimes. Joo Won has always struck me as a goofy big dork and that image probably serves him well returning to the public eye, not to mention just generally being a decent dude in real life who did his civic duty and works hard at his acting career. I’m excited to see what he picks as his first post-military project and hopefully the time serving has given him further perspective.

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Joo Won is Contemplative in First Post Military Pictorial in Arena Magazine — 10 Comments

  1. Indeed, dorky and decent guy. While his same aged “peers” are getting arrested and in hot water for whatever reasons, he was in Thailand shooting these photos… and happily telling his fans to go Korea with him at airport.

    He doesn’t need to do much to catch up though. The dramaland is barely hitting high 18 plus ratings and the whole industry is quite a mess now.

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