Gong Hyo Jin Draped in Hair and Goddess Gown at Dior Event in Hong Kong

I wonder how stars feel about going to brand sponsored and promoted events? Is it as dull as us normal folks going to work and logging on for a day of typing away at a desk job? Getting dolled up for us is an occasion but for them sometimes its a job and K-actress Gong Hyo Jin certainly looks like she’s just going through the fashion motions. She looks woefully dressed at the Christian Dior event in because she really don’t suit this bland goddess gown look. She suits edgier looks and just gives off the vibe that this outfit isn’t her thang. I don’t blame her, it’s borrowed from a Roman flick and much too shapeless.


Gong Hyo Jin Draped in Hair and Goddess Gown at Dior Event in Hong Kong — 21 Comments

  1. Woa, that green gown on mannequin behind her is so pretty!

    I like the white gown. I think itt looks fine on her with her height and stature. What I don’t like is the dirty, flat hair and overdone makeup. I think she’ll look more confident and younger with her hair up and out of her face. That year she won daeseng award for a popular drama with one of the big three TV stations, she had her hair sculpted back in a bun and wore this edgy black dress, she looked chic like some famous European model.

    • Oops I the got the awards wrong. Just checked on a site I used to frequent back in the days. GHJ wore this long black dress with hair smoothed back into a long ponytail, smoky eyes and nude lips and she rocked the modern chic look.

      Just curious,does anyone know what happened the two original bloggers (javabeans and girlfriday) of the Dramabeans website?

      • Sometimes I feel that DB is on the verge of closing shop. The recappers have no enthusiasm in their recaps these days.

      • JustMyTwoCents

        Please go to the DB website and search for the November 5, 2018 article by Javabeans titled “Welcome to our new editor, stroopwafel!”

        The information you seek may be found there.

      • @MPJ thanks for that link/info

        I actually stopped checking on dramabeans for a year already when before i was the first one I’d open or ooen it multiple times day.
        Sad that DB and GF had to be the BTS people. Their writeups where always so brillaint.

        Thankgoodness koalas still captains this ship.

      • @Czak – I feel like dramabeans has just not been the same since they changed the look of their site.

        It’s nice they are trying new features like the videos with k-actors answering db user-submitted questions, but when most of the content is written by new people, it feels like a different place.

    • I wish she had worn it short like the mannequin because she’s famous for her long limbs. Like you said , hair up. The red lipstick seems too strong for the white. I like strong red lipstick with black but white is better with a more subtle color. Both GHJ and BDN look so chic because of their Audrey Hepburn like figure. Esom too.

      • Agree with you on the red lipstick against white. It’s very hard to pull off. Also hair color, skin tone play a huge role in creating a wow look off of the two contrasting colors of red and white.

    • lol why does it feel like the mannequin is wearing the dress GHJ should have worn instead?

      I agree she looks better with dresses and makeup looks that aren’t so basic. Leave that to idols, her usual edgy styles are so much better.

  2. She should wear Gucci. With Alessandro Michelle as creative director, she can showcase how edgy she can be with Gucci creations.

  3. What happened to he drama? Is it still casting? Will it still air this year? I don’t like the dress, hair or makeup but more than that what happened to her confidence? She looks very nervous and not sure of herself over here.

  4. GHJ is a fashionista and has an indelible sense of dressing for the occasion. I look forward to seeing her creations and she wears her clothes with swag and a sense of cool. However this white dress with it’s the whole Grecian drape doesn’t do anything but look like a failed attempt to try and sew together a curtain or two. The bangs ain’t cutting it either long hair and red lippy too . I really don’t know who styles her because they really do not know that she isn’t rocking it at all.

    • The dress is meh but I honestly think putting her hair up and using a matte red lipstick instead of this shiny one, would have looked a lot better.

      This look is just really basic by Gong Hyo Jin’s usual standards, she’s one of the very few k-celebs who actually has interesting style.

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