IU Attends Press Conference for Movie Debut in Netflix Short Film Personal

I’m a little surprised to hear that singer-actress IU has never been on the big screen before. She’s been in the industry for nearly ten years and I totally thought she would have done a movie by now, if not as the lead then as a supporting role like she did working her way up in dramas. Turns out she’s making her maiden movie debut next month in the Netflix short film Persona, though big screen is a misnomer since Netflix movies only stream on its site. Persona is a collection of four short films with IU playing four characters and each short segment is directed by a different director. The four sections are called “Love Set”, “Collector”, “Kiss Burn”, and “Walking at Night” and will stream on April 5th.


IU Attends Press Conference for Movie Debut in Netflix Short Film Personal — 5 Comments

  1. the trailer looks promising though. looking forward to watching it. IU’s previous performance in My Ajusshi has set a new expectation bar.

  2. She’s actually good at acting and does really well without requiring her roles to be ‘specially’ written for limited acting skills, unlike some of those other idol girls.

    Even Moon Lovers was more an issue with the PD’s messy directing (which affected not just IU but everyone, right down to those weird closeups and wobbling camera) than with her, she nailed all the parts where she had to emote. I feel like she actually likes acting from the way she talks about it, it’s not just an image thing for her to get CF money – she’s way more famous as a singer anyway.

  3. I feel like shes more talented than the ‘real actresses’ but hasn’t always gotten the right roles. My Ahjusshi basically proved what she can do with the right role.

  4. Go IU! Congratulations on your movie premiere ‘Personal’. However please be cautious of your next drama Hotel Luna’ moreso of the Hong sisters scriptwriting as I’ve just finished watching ‘Warm and Cosy’ and my girl Kang So Ra’s character was a complete dim witted too trusting walkover that I ended up disliking immensely and if the Hong Sisters create your character in a similar vein we are in serious trouble.

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