K-ent Golden Retriever Taecyeon Wins Military Exemplary Service Award, Good Boy Gets Deserving Pat on Head

I’ve been charmed by Taecyeon ever since the big lunkhead barreled into the scene in Dream High and was as endearing a choice as the eventual male lead in that drama Kim Soo Hyun. His acting was sooooo stiff back then but he had so much earnest heart that reached through the screen, and since then he’s improved consistently as an actor through sheer hard work and screen time logged. He’s finishing up his military service next month after the last two years away from K-ent and it’s ending on a high note for sure.

He just received a military Excellence for Exemplary Service award for being a role model in how he served. He gave up his US citizenship which would have exempt him from serving, and also he had a prior injury that would have allowed him to do public service but he instead got surgery to fix it and went on to serve active duty in the army. I swear I see the human equivalent of the forever good boi Golden Retriever just staring back at me, he’s so awesome and what a well-deserved honor. “Be like Taecyeon” should be the lesson imparted to all hoobae idol boys entering the industry.

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K-ent Golden Retriever Taecyeon Wins Military Exemplary Service Award, Good Boy Gets Deserving Pat on Head — 13 Comments

  1. I love him since the show “We got married” with Gui Gui. Oh gosh, I shipped them so hard. 🙂 Congrats Taecyeon!

  2. I’ve adored him since LFG! His chemistry withe KSH was off the charts and the whole drama was just pure cuteness!

  3. Back then when so many raved about Woo Do Hwan (he is talented too), I on the contrary was more charmed by his performance in “Save Me”.

    Taecyeon definitely an idol to look up to and I agree, there’s always that sheer honesty in his acting performance.

    Also, it’s worth mentioning that celebs like Jung Il Woo who suffered serious brain injuring due to major accident back then also did his best and served the army. These are the kind of actors/celebs worth supporting.

  4. Ever since he entered the k-ent through 2pm I have always thought he reminded me a puppy even though he was so massive (tall and muscular). I think it’s because they showed a lot of his nerdy pre-debut images. But yeah a golden retriever is the perfect descriptor for him.

  5. I love 2pm and my favourite song is ADTOY so Taecyeon being my favourite member I was rapt with his performance in Save Me so when he quietly enlisted in September 2017 Im happy to read that his military service is nearing the end so hopefully since he is with So Ji Sub’s agency 51K he’ll have a stash of drama offers calling his name. Welcome back you were missed ❤️

  6. Wow I did not realize Taecyeon went to all that trouble to serve. Good on him, he really wanted to serve his homeland.

  7. I thought he never had US citizenship in the first place, it was his green card that he gave up to work full-time in Korea/eventually serve (which I think gets given up autonatically after some years if you are no longer a US permanent resident?)

    Still, his ethics are such a contrast to the other trashy male celebrities we’ve been hearing about for the last couple of months.

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