Park Seo Joon Model Lounges in April Edition of Vogue Taiwan

The slow and steady rise to top K-drama actor level for Park Seo Joon is the kind of classic work hard ethos that’s not as standard anymore. Nowadays idols pop up to headline a drama immediately or actors are tapped for breakout too early and miss the important experience building gradual leveling up. I remember when Park Seo Joon first came on my radar as the youngest brother supporting role in the awesomely batshit crazy I Summon You Gold in 2013 and since then he’s built up a really strong repertoire of performances and diverse project choices. His last two dramas Fight My Way and Why Secretary Kim put his roles as polar opposites, the scrappy every youngman and the born with a golden spoon but plenty of trauma chaebol company president. I appreciate his hustle and always enjoy his works.


Park Seo Joon Model Lounges in April Edition of Vogue Taiwan — 10 Comments

  1. Love Park Seo Joon! Anticipating his next drama. That first pic though… terrible photography. Why the heck did they make him look like a hunchback in there???

  2. I can’t say I’ve enjoyed every drama he’s been in, but I’ve enjoyed some of them quite a bit. His acting has never been an issue in the dramas that haven’t worked for me…always comes down to writing.

    He seems like a solid guy and I wish him best of luck in the future projects.

  3. What’s that LV thing over the white shirt?

    The most enjoyable performance I’ve seen of him is from the movie ‘Midnight Runners’ w/ KHN. It was unexpectedly good. Seems he’s building up his rep in both dramas and movies. I hope it continues esp since the bigger male stars will return from the army this year.

  4. PSJ is like LJS for me. I don’t care for their looks but they will win me over with their charisma and screen presence. At one point, I used to think they were the same person.

  5. Hope he can undertake more complex roles in different genres other than rom-com to display his acting prowess.

  6. One of the few k-drama lead actors that can actually act any kind of diverse characters and be natural in all of them. I still think, that his Go Dong Man one of the most underappreciated leading characters ever. Just like PSJ himself deserves more love.

    • Totally agree. The man is gorgeous but above all that, he is a talented actor. To capture the diversity of the characters he has played is no mean feat.

      And a good part of the reason why many of us swoon over him is because he makes his characters so real and believable that the lines get blurred so much so that when we fall in love with his characters, we fall in love with him.

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