tvN Drops First Official Teaser for Sageuk Drama Asadal Chronicles with Song Joong Ki and Jang Dong Gun

I’ve been following along with SBS big budget thriller drama Vagabond more closely so when it was pushed back from May to September to accommodate a simulcast on Netflix I was all mopey about the additional wait. I totally forgot that tvN is premiering on June 1 the epic legendary era sageuk drama Asadal Chronicles so seeing the first teaser drop today was a happy surprise. Now I have a summer drama to binge watch and Asadal Chronicles looks like a mashup of The Legend (The First King’s Four Gods) and Jumong. It’s empire building, tons of supernatural and fantastical elements since it’s so early in Korean history, and Song Joong Ki in face paint and curly hair. I’m so in lol!

Teaser for Asadal Chronicles:


tvN Drops First Official Teaser for Sageuk Drama Asadal Chronicles with Song Joong Ki and Jang Dong Gun — 10 Comments

  1. June and July are my waiting list month.. Lol.. Uri Song Joong Ki and Seo Kang Jon in a meaty genre… I just no longer can’t wait! Swoooon!

  2. Just hope song joong ki acting way better than his wife lol! Kudos him to try different genre not like shk always play same character in every drama just boring and make you sleeping.

    • Wish u learn to comment on the topic of the article, not throwing names here and der, she maybe his wife but the article is abt his drama,and no flop comment fr koala’s resident rating xpert?

  3. To see SJK transform from his cool slick super hot DOTS character to this I’m flippin impressed. I’m actually keen to know how the story in Asadal will evolve and how the 4 main characters are developed so it’s quite exciting to see what is on offer. However I have to say that the downside to this is that the production team responsible- Studio Dragon are getting flak for breaking labour laws and making the crew overwork and underpaying then. Apparently when in Brunei a crew member broke their arm and there were complaints that they were working 150 Hours a week!!! That’s crazy and extreme so I hope this bitter piece of news doesn’t overshadow the drama and is sorted out quickly and fairly. Compensation and apologies for those affected. Come on SD get with it and sort your self out!!!

  4. I noticed many were confused by the teaser because they were expecting sageuk drama, I too was confused when I saw the teaser few months back because it was completely opposite of what I was expecting. This is definitely a new genre in kdrama world. Hope the risk pays off. Very excited for song joong ki.

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