Yang Se Jong, Yang Dong Gun, and Many Other Yangs Deny Being the “Actor Yang” Arrested for Drug Use

This is actually a highly amusing story due to the timing and the last name in question. Seoul police announced that a “Actor Yang” was arrested yesterday morning around 3 am after being reported for erratic behavior running around outside of a hotel. After being taken to the police station for investigation, he continued to act strangely and spout nonsense so was naturally given a drug test. It came back positive for meth (Philopon to be exact which is a Japanese brand meth), with Philopon in the news a lot last week the the arrest of variety star Robert Holley for buying it over the internet as well as former Park Yoochun fiancee Hwang Hana also arrested for using it. Because Yang is one of the rarer last names in Korea, after news broke within hours a host of Yangs released statements via their respective agencies that they are NOT the “Actor Yang” in question including: Yang Se Jong (filming), Yang Ik Joon (somewhere else not in Seoul), Yang Dong Geun (on drama set), Yang Hyun Min (not involved), and Yang Joo Ho (currently filming). Lol, I guess the Yang that didn’t release a statement may be the one in question.


Yang Se Jong, Yang Dong Gun, and Many Other Yangs Deny Being the “Actor Yang” Arrested for Drug Use — 3 Comments

  1. I think it’s irresponsible journalism to just release a last name like that and put so many innocent people under scrutiny forcing them to come out and make statements like these to declare their innocence. Either the police release more accurate information or say nothing at all, particularly in today’s entertainment climate. Why does it feel that nowadays actors and entertainers are being unnecessarily witch-hunted? Sure there are some very bad apples whose crimes need to be exposed and punishment given. But does it mean that innocent entertainers should be tarred with the same brush, just by virtue of their profession? Just recently, I read an article on how netizens complain about how much actors and actresses are getting paid in today’s world. My argument to that is, if they were paid less, would their work attract the attention of the public? Aren’t the public interested in celebrities because of the “rarefied” life they lead and secretly want to be them? Then they turn around and complain about those celebrities income. Isn’t that hypocritical?

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