Jung Hae In Gets All Buttoned Up as a Pharmacist in First Stills from MBC Drama Spring Night

I’ve never seen K-actor Jung Hae In as a sexy, always the sweet boy next door, but the first stills of him from MBC romance drama Spring Night turn him into stuffy ahjusshi territory. I’m sure it’s part of his character persona but the plaid shirt buttoned up to the top and vest combo under his pharmacist white coat definitely sells the tightly wound personality. He definitely looks older and more serious compared to his last drama of the playful younger brother type in Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain). His counterpart in Spring Night Han Ji Min is also looking prim and proper in her first stills, so maybe the drama is about their dating couple finally cutting loose and having some fun.


Jung Hae In Gets All Buttoned Up as a Pharmacist in First Stills from MBC Drama Spring Night — 24 Comments

  1. OMG I wish this wasn’t Han Ji Min with him because she’s not an outstanding actress. So sad Ye Jin drop out. She’s should be the lead in here instead.

    • Don’t watch if you don’t like han ji min lol. Jung hae in’s wish to act alongside han ji min finally came true so i guess you’re the only one who feels that way. Han ji min is not an outstanding actress, well that is your opinion. Just watched familiar wife, miss baek and the light in your eyes and she is a great actress. I hope she proves everyone wrong again in this project. Can’t wait!

    • @Jenny – you do not need to leave multiple comments to put SYJ up a pedestal while stepping on all other actresses like HJM and SHK. Go to SYJ articles and leave your fangirl comments all you want. This drama is set with HJM as female lead although I do not like JHI any wee bit… Dramas with SYJ make me fall asleep, she is only ok in movies, definitely not in dramas!

      • @ jenny hahaha….are you sure? please refrain from commenting nonsense though we are in a free world but people may dislike the actress that you like most. dont brag her name or more people act like you do in her page. we dont want that to happen.

    • He is 31 yo, of course he looks old. And unfortunately He is the main lead. Im sure People will give it try for HJM, like me.

      • Might as well understand the character first. I don’t understand comments like he is too skinny, too old, too young..age gap. esp when actors are on characters…

      • he’s not right for a first lead, first lead should be the most charismatic and has the look but he doesn’t have any of it

  2. I thought he’s too good for her because everything she’s in is always a flop. She never shine because she seem to lack a lot of charisma when play a role. He should choose his script wisely and act alongside strong top actor like his previous co-star the gorgeous and talented Son Ye Jin. Anyway good luck to this drama.

    • Really but sorry it’s the other way around Han Ji Min is too good for him. SYJ and JHI really match because their fans are lame. Both to meet are bland and not that good in acting as well. I have been a Korean drama fan for a decade and don’t recall ever finished a SYJ or nor have I watch anything she was in beside Summer Scents, Personal Taste, and Pretty Noona. Sadly I didn’t finish any of those dramas because she bored me after 3 to 5 episodes. I watch Secret Garden and don’t even remember she was in there even as a guess. As much as you want to put Han Ji Min down, still doesn’t change the fact that she’s still a better actress. She has grown so much since her fail dramas. Everyone has their up and down.

  3. I hope his future drama will not be with another noona after SYJ and HJM.
    He needs to try to lead on his own and partner someone younger rather than rely on senior actresses.

  4. @mamja…oh God! you really hate our girl….dont be…think she hasnt done anything that hurt your feelings. hahaha….HJM is just one of the few actress who can portray varied roles. she was cast in the age of shadows with gong hyo because of her versatility according to the director. she was in blockbuster movies e.g. detective k , the fatal encounter. she have won in less than 8 award giving bodies not just in korea from the movie miss baek. dramas with lee seo jin, ji sung, jung woo sung and many others were highly recognized amd always remembered by the korean people. she is a well respected actress and adored by people who knew her. she is also known for her charity works internationally..she had brought smiles and hopes for the people in africa and the philippines. i like SHJ too. i have watched her works and adored her too. personal taste was one of my faves. ive watched 2 movies of hers too. but i cannot compare her to HJM since they have their own style nor im not that kind of person who put other people down just to tell the whole world how shisssssi (hahahha) i am with idols. sometimes that kind of nonsense comments of yours will just help us not to like shj. so please dont be too childish with your comments.

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