Song Hyo Kyo Goes All Black at the 2019 Hong Kong Film Awards

It’s so frustrating whomever dressed top K-actress Song Hye Kyo for the 2019 star-studded Hong Kong Film Awards. She was wearing a heavy black gown with long sleeves dug out from Mortitia Adam’s closet and paired with a grandmotherly middle parted bun hair, I’m wondering if her coordi is secretly her anti. I’m guessing the intention was to direct ALL the attention to her millions of dollars worth of Chaumet jewelry, the necklace and dangle drop earrings, since she’s repping the brand. I don’t think it worked, the better approach is to put her in something light and delicate and make me see her as the ethereal youthful goddess she is and then notice the jewels because I’m admiring how well-dressed she is for the event. Poor Song Hye Kyo, dedication to her profession was a fashion fail this time.


Song Hyo Kyo Goes All Black at the 2019 Hong Kong Film Awards — 47 Comments

  1. Kinda ‘off-topic’ but I was happy to see her on stage with Andy Lau presenting Best Film award. Also, according to some posts, she’s officially signed with director Wong Kar Wai’s company. Previously in her ELLE interview, she mentioned her wish to work with him again after TG.

  2. She’s pretty but I don’t get the hype about her. I watched the crossing and some other projects she was in but her acting never really stand out to me. She’s very mediocre compare to actresses like Ha Ji Won and Son Ye Jin. Maybe her look is what got her this far but she’s still is not up to Ha Ji Won and Son Ye Jin beauty. John Woo should consider some one like Son Ye Jin to be in his film instead. Son Ye Jin is a full package. She’s gorgeous and sexy.

    • It’s always looks over talent for Koreans. They make people like TaeJiHye, LMH and Suzy top stars. Talent is unnecessary as long as you have looks and a big fandom.

      • Read her comment again, she actually said shk is not up to syj and hjw beauty, lol

    • Yeah SYJ needs to expand her career with international collabs, but it seems like she’s not very interested?
      She pretty much won every film award in Korea already. Would be great if she can win a big award overseas.

      • All her involvement in international films are small supporting roles. There is no way she can win any big award overseas unless she leads a movie like Chloe Maayan in Three Husbands.

      • Which international film did Son Yejin star in?
        I could only think of Bad Guys Always Die, which is a Korean/Chinese film.

      • ooops sorry my bad. i thought you meant SHK, i read it wrong. Yes I agree SYJ has not been involved in internationally films…. maybe she is not interested? or no offers? I think SHK is prettier than SYJ, maybe that’s why SHK gets more offers for supporting roles in international films because of her unique beauty. But SHK won’t be able to lead an international film with her mediocre acting nor will she be interested at this point of her career, just my guess…

      • Candy cane , Song hye kyo was actually a lead in the Chinese movie queens .

        She was also a lead in an American horror movie.

        Please stop misleading people with false information.

      • Yeah SYJ has basically won all the acting awards twice over and she is still quite young. It’d be brilliant to see her head out towards international films especially because directors love her style of acting. I don’t think SYJ is prettier than SHK but the difference in their looks is very small as opposed to the difference in their acting. That gap is enormous and SYJ should take full advantage of it. SHK is only fit for doing small roles since her acting is one-note but SJY can do so much more and lead roles especially.

      • The Queens actually has three lead actresses not counting its director Annie Yi. Fetish (2008) is a terrible big mess, a lead alright but a really bad one.

      • Or nobody casted her, dont follow her much but i think i havent seen her much in a promotion overseas even just for endorsement purpose, correct me if im wrong.

      • Its impossible for people to not cast son ye jin. She is THE most in demand actress in south korea. The public adores her and she is seen as the pinnacle of an excellent actress even with a huge number of flop dramas and movies. Her acting has never ever been criticized. She is too cool to do promotions and prefers to let her craft speak for her and never bothers with media play. If her and hyun bin end up being a real thing they will completely dethrone song song couple.

      • Whether the movie had hundred leads ,the fact still remains she was one of them which makes your comment invalid.

        The fact is not if fetish was a spectacular movie , the fact is if he plays a lead in international movies which she does .

        So your whole argument is invalid and baseless propaganda.

        Song hye kyo has acted in about four international movies and she’s played lead in two , a crucial supporting role in one and guest star in one .

        This is honestly not a bad record .

      • Funny how some Son Ye Jin fans think everything is a competition. Song Hye Kyo is not interested in competing with other actresses and she definitely doesn’t care about SongSongCouple being the most popular couple. Otherwise she won’t be trying so hard to keep her married life private.

        If you believe that Son Ye Jin is that talented..then she shouldn’t have any problems in getting casted in international movies. I really have nothing against her but some of her fans here are so annoying. You do know you can praise your fav without dragging SHK, don’t you? Stop being insecure. You seem to think your fav’s the why would you compare her to SHK?

      • She doesn’t need intl collabs to win big awards like Cannes. Jeon Doyeon and Kim Minhee both won an intl recognized award with a Korean film. In fact its much easier to do so. Intl collabs seldom give you meaty roles, and often relegate the actress to flower vase roles or shitty films like SHK.

      • I am not sure what the international film deals are such big deals, unless its a lead role like 355 with Fan Bingbing. Otherwise SYJ will be just like SHK, having little screentime and playing insignificant screentime. She can work with directors like Park Chanwook and Lee Changdong, and still manage to target the international market.

      • Different actresses, different career paths. How boring it’d be if everyone wants the same thing.

      • So if SYJ doesn’t need international movies to win awards..then there’s nothing to be insecure about, isn’t it? As far as I know..SYJ has been doing extremely well with her movies but instead of focusing on her and feeling proud of her achievements, some of her fans decided to come here and drag SHK. Treating like everything is a competition. Smh

    • @vi what to dethroned with ssc, do they have a crown or something, and im right then she doesnt have promo outside korea that much, u need to have exposure outside korea for producer to believe in u, they are investing big money, they arent producing movie for korean audience, mostly its for chinese,

    • Diff strokes for diff folks. Beauty in the eye of the beholder.

      HJW = beauty? Face – not outstanding. Park Han Byul is a more proportionate (face wise) twin of HJW.
      Hairdos (or lack of – flat, lopsided floppy) always bothers me.
      Sorry no offence – but I always wondered WHAT the hype about HJW is too.

    • Shk Never a fashion fail in her photoshoots for magazine/Ads and Encounter her fashion style is Lit but when it comes to red carpet im used to her style i think she just like it simple and dated style.
      Anyway its good to see her with andylau who is fanboying over her lmao saw some videos. Congrats to her contract with wong kar wai company.

  3. What you expect, Korean celebrity doesn’t has taste if they going to RC award. What a shame, i mean she’s going to Hongkong award ceremony and she just wearing a bland/plain gown like this! Big failure.

  4. What a heavy dress just looking at it with all that weighty material SHK has to carry. So the focus is on the jewellery? Well couldn’t someone get a lighter n nicer dress to compliment her frame? I dunno her stylists/s sure do want her to appear matronly and stiff n proper.

    • Ur rude, respect is a universal thing but i guess they dont teach u that fr where u came from, the people who brought u up are useless they havent teach anything.

  5. Her stylist is her bestfriend Hyun Kyoung. She is a terrible stylist that’s why all her red carpert looks are flops but her personal style are always on point!

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