Song Hye Kyo Channels Understated Top Star Fashion Leaving Hong Kong After Awards Ceremony

In a turn-around from her red carpet bad dress night at the Hong Kong Film Awards, actress Song Hye Kyo proved that less is more when one simply radiates the aura of a top star. Song Hye Kyo was snapped at Hong Kong airport headed back to Korea after attending the awards ceremony and announcing that she’s signed with top director Wong Kar Wei‘s production house for further forays into the Chinese-speaking movie market. Trading a drab and heavy long-sleeved black gown for an effortlessly chic travel look of belted trench, grey scarf, and cute black booties, Song Hye Kyo looked gorgeous even with her face hidden under a black cap. Her trying to go incognito just brought more attention to her, the whole look screams I’m famous but trying to blend in.


Song Hye Kyo Channels Understated Top Star Fashion Leaving Hong Kong After Awards Ceremony — 16 Comments

  1. Just wondering how SHK always with super popular actor as her male lead in her drama? Btw her hair still short, and I love her smile.

    • Various reasons. One, she is focused on the commercial success rather than on craft, thus she only does the same type of dramas. She is wants to be more assurance to achieve the expected rating, thus, she only appears with actors who have the same commercial value as her. There is nothing wrong with it. She is focused on the commercial value now. She has more years ahead to do projects for artistry later on.

      • @Klove SHK decided to do TWTWB because of the writer and the PD.

        @Tiani I think this is your second time asking the question. What’s wrong with having popular male leads? Just curious..

  2. Very styley and chic she looks very comfortable, relaxed and non fussed.Im happy that she has chosen to collaborate with Chinese Directors and Producers at least she’ll have better scope to pick and choose scripts from.

    • She can’t break into Chungmuro despite how popular she is in Korea because her acting still only drama level. HK movies need her because tbh, nobody really give a damn about HK movies now, unlike during those golden age of HK cinemas with stars like Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung, Leslie Cheung, Brigette Lin.

      They need SHK despite her below par acting level to get ppl to watch their movies.. Well, at least she can still offer something like that.

      • Oh so she’s targeting HK market and not China market.
        I was wondering why she signed on with a Chinese company when its not 100% certain that Koreans are now allowed to appear in Chinese films and dramas.

      • @boa wkw maybe base in hk but he doesnt make movies solely for hk audience,itsfor chinese market his nxt film is with chinese actors and will be film in shanghai,and beside hk is too small market for movies

      • @OMG fyi Shk already did chungmuro movies and won some awards and acting nominations for her role in hwang jini and a reason to live. And for Wong kar wai scouting her to be in his production company that’s a big deal lets get real he is one of the best asian directors.

  3. The HK did have a golden age but honestly I think everywhere is struggling, not just HK. American films aren’t getting anymore unique or Bollywood films. New ideas and talent need to be rediscovered everywhere. It’s all about money now, producers don’t invest unless you are bankable and SHK is regardless of how bad her acting is, she still gets commercial success. BTW, I think she should have gotten rid of the boots she is wearing, it looks super tacky with the trench coat she is wearing.

  4. OOT: Massive news in HK. Andy Hui having a secret affair behind Sammi Cheng. It’s taken up most of Weibo hot topics today! The gross entertainment world!

  5. Shk already did some chungmuro films and she got acting praise, nominations and awards in Hwang jinyi and A reason to live. I feel like majority of negative comments here didnt even bother watching her projects. And besides chungmuro is flopping too all their movies are male centric and if you are a female actress you need to do some sex and nude scenes.

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