Jung Joon Young Led Chat Group Messages Include Disparaging Conquests and Comparing Them to Korean Comfort Women

I’m sure some folks are tired of the still ongoing criminal investigation in South Korea over the alleged lawbreaking misconduct of various celebs. There’s Seungri for tax evasion, embezzling money, distributing illicit material (sharing hidden camera sex videos and pictures), and now alleged rape and prostitution. His cohort singer Jung Joon Young is being investigated for the illegal distribution of sexual material by sharing hidden camera pictures and videos of women via a group chat with his buddies, and many are also being investigated.

This week more contents of their chat have been released and it’s vile, filthy, stomach roiling stuff. Be prepared to be triggered when you read it because they compare some conquests to Korean comfort women (forced prostitutes during the war), talk about women like objects, and one even discusses giving a sleeping pill to a woman before sexually assaulting her. I think this is notable news to share because we cannot forget that these were not simply “boys behaving badly.” They broke multiple laws AND there are actual female victims who suffered at their hands. Let the law come down on them like Thor’s hammer. SMASH.

T: Poor A and B.
K: S had sex with A and B yesterday, how was it?
T: Give me A and B’s phone number.
K: A and B are like comfort women.

Jung Joon Young: I’m getting on the plane.
K: Wow, I’ll really miss you.
Jung Joon Young: Haha, I’m still going to have sex with Korean women after I go, I’ll call them to my place and do it there and then go out. German bitches have big butts.
P: Return safely.
K: German vaginas smell like sausages.
Jung Joon Young: It’s not too bad lol. It will be exciting.

Jung Joon Young: She’s also legendarily bad.
P: LL’s vagina smells.
Jung Joon Young: She also does drugs.
K: She’s reached to bitch status. You have my respect, little bro, getting with LL.
P: After feeding her sleeping pills, I did it in her asshole, did it in her vagina, did it in her asshole again, and then finished in her mouth.

P: It’s LL. No one, leak that stuff.
K: Okay.
P: Really. Only I am supposed to have those. If it leaks, then I am going to be the asshole again.
K: Is LL’s vagina hairy?
P: Nope, when having sex with LL she is sexier than anyone else.
K: Do it again with LL.


Jung Joon Young Led Chat Group Messages Include Disparaging Conquests and Comparing Them to Korean Comfort Women — 17 Comments

  1. WOW. That was disgusting. I think I almost hurled just reading that. These men, they deserve the very worse. It does make you think twice about the Korean Entertainment industry because what you see on TV really has become dreamlike. BTS, they are different people. It’s so corrupt, I will never encourage anyone to enter. I am afraid for Korean female celebrities.

  2. It is truly disgusting to know that this is just one among numerous vulgar conversations that these men have participated in. Delusional fan girls who still idolize and defend these celebrities should kindly volunteer themselves as tribute so that these criminals do not have to drug and prey on innocent women.

  3. This is disgusting. To think I used to be a fan D:
    However there is a part of me that’s like,enough of the celeb news. . if only because where are the details on the non celebrities involved? Thought there were some important people involved in this. Or are the celebrities going to be thrown under the bus* whilst they slink away?
    (*Not implying any innocent on their parts, disgusting evidence above. Just…I thought they were meant to be part of something much larger?)

  4. I honestly have no words for these beasts. This is one of those times that I hope karma exists and will make them live miserably for the rest of their disgusting lives.

    I really wonder how the sisters and mothers of these “precious” bastards feel reading these chat logs.

  5. Yech. Just yech. Gives me the urge to give these jerks a slap up the side of the head. Let’s see what the law does to them but you know those that just viewed and didn’t pass on material will probably get a fine and probation. Hope these morally bankrupt creeps get a karma payback.

    • Yup, I know what you mean.
      With my engineering background AND now working in field work, I had my share in male dominated world and since most of the time they forgot that I’m a woman, I’ve been in similar discussion, heard similar conversation, or read similar contents in a group chat.
      Don’t ask how many times I told them how disgusting they are, most of the time they just laugh. And don’t ask why I still associate with them; I’m working and they’re my collage, more often than not I’m the only woman on site so I have to know how to pick my battle. It’s not that I have solid proof on what they did so I can’t just throwing accusation. At least they know better than to pick on me and I stay clear from their bussiness. Not that I associate them outside working anyway.

  6. It’s quite amazing how they seem to forget that they have mothers and mothers are women. How can they degrade women like that? And with all the issues that have been raised regarding comfort women, how can they even mention it.

  7. It seems like they don’t consider women as human beings. They should get the maximum punishment and internet data being there forever will serve rightly for these people.

    The thing that makes me angry is that they didn’t believe the woman who came forward years ago. The fans blamed her for lying and the police covered it up. So these people were given the opportunity to do it again and again to other women. The fans should think twice before coming to the defence of their oppas after this. And hopefully the fans of the perpetrators of the three prior scandals have woken up properly now.

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