Police Announce that Park Yoochun Shaved His Body Hair Before Investigation and Was Caught on CCTV Buying Drugs

Welp, if the toilet and/or alleged sexual assault scandal didn’t tank Park Yoochun three years ago, I’m not sure this one will either but it has a higher chance of sticking because of the overall public attitude of throwing all the miscreants in jail and taking away their star opportunity privileges. Mere days after Park Yoochun held a teary press conference preemptively pledging his innocence in taking drugs or giving drugs to former fiancee Hwang Nana, herself being investigated, he’s since gone in for official police investigation and the results are hardly exonerating to him.

It’s the opposite actually, as police announce that Yoochun shaved all his body hair before going in for testing which is itself a sign of guilt. Drugs pass through the blood and urine much faster but can remain in hair follicles for up to 90 days (3 months) after using. His side has claimed the full body shave was for a concert but folks aren’t buying it as there are videos of Yoochun back in the DBSK and JYJ days performing in concerts with full thatch of armpit hair. Even more damning is the reveal that police have CCTV footage of Yoochun buying drugs, so if that doesn’t seal the indictment I’m not sure what will. This time maybe he will really repent and learn his lesson, and hopefully stop trying to make a comeback.


Police Announce that Park Yoochun Shaved His Body Hair Before Investigation and Was Caught on CCTV Buying Drugs — 15 Comments

  1. Let’s see: when confronted HE will say that he bought them for his ex and and never used them and SHE will say that he forced her to use them. Smh, banging my head on the table, getting a massive headache from following this mess-pick one-?

  2. Just a small comment-have you noticed how the news articles have been subtly switching the focus to him and away from her? It began with her being accused, then her saying she was given drugs in her sleep, then shifting it to headlines like “Park Yuchun has been accused by gf and is being investigated” and now everything about her has seemed to fade into the background. Bet the article ratio is now about 10 to 1 with him being the 10. Things that make you go hmmm. (Or if you are tired of it all then wtf) She has a really good damage control system going—

    • Or maybe it’s him that’s the celebrity and that naturally the ratio of articles would be more on the well known person instead of a wannabe celeb? It’s not obvious?

      • Agree that he is definitely more on the radar since he is an actor but isn’t she also well known after all the past press and especially in SK? Still think that money (stops the)talks here—and this seems to be a VERY toxic relationship too

    • He bleached and colored his hair red for the concert as well. And dyed it again to black. Apparently bleaching is enough to get rid of evidence too.

      • Ohhhh…. My god if this case is real then jjy and he are incorrigible! I mean after the first case, you wld think they have repented!

  3. They are both guilty but now the focus is on him more. That does raise an eyebrow considering how wealthy she is and how “they” just turned him into scrapegoat.

  4. Wonder how koala got her news on cctv where even the police denied of such a recording?..I’m not a fan but was hoping a better and honest writing from her.

    • @Sh, you should investigate before coming on this blogger’s page and calling her a liar. You would’ve done better to phrase your doubts in the form of a question such as asking if more news had come out that you weren’t aware of yet.

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