Park Shin Hye is Pretty in White Attending Mamonde Event

The colors of spring are nicely represented at K-actress Park Shin Hye‘s event this weekend for Mamonde skincare. She’s been the face of the brand for many years and the youthful collection found a great spokeswoman in her. She’s lightened her hair color even more for the spring but keeping it the short bob she’s sported since February. It’s cute and reminds me a lot of her Heartstring days. Her outfit for the event was a simple white dressed paired with a beige blazer with black trim, effortlessly chic in a Parisian way. She’s someone I really give kudos to in K-ent for weathering the child actress awkward transition through her teen years and coming out as the top young actress in popularity and name recognition in K-ent, not to mention her incredibly passionate fanbase.


Park Shin Hye is Pretty in White Attending Mamonde Event — 13 Comments

  1. She debuted at 13 so not a child actress but a teen actress from the start just like PBY. Only SSK was a child actress debuting at 5-6 years old.

      • I think she meant actresses around the 1990 age group. PBY, SSK and PSH are the same age. KYJ is alot younger.

    • Kim Hyanggi debuting at 6, Kim Saeron and Kim So Hyun debuting at 9 are child actors too. Not to mention Jung Dabin, Seo Shin Ae, Kim Bora and many others. Kim Yoo Jung fans only think the world revolves around her and never miss an opportunity to push her in other people’s post. This comment is clearly about the same age actress in the 90 line since all three actresses are from that year. Noone cares about baby fat girl with her attitude scandals.

      • Oh just park it @delusional fans and aka all your other 50 aliases that you have here. I merely made a point to@berry no harm in that except it got your nose out of joint so stop spamming PSH article with your feeble insecurities.

  2. Is it just me or does the light make her hair look silver grey in some photos? She should stick to simple outfits like this because it suits her image. The weird high-end luxury clothes she wears sometimes look terrible on her. You need to have model looks like Lee Sungkyung or Han Hyejin to pull of those clothes its not meant to be for everyone.

    • Obviously a hater who can’t find anything good to say just to lift your own bias. You don’t have to read this. Go to your bias’articles or pages. You might develop a toxic virus! Park Shin Hye is THE CLASSIEST KSTAR OF ALL TIMES!

  3. Simple outfit suits PSH best! So much better with the jacket off.
    By the way is she still dating Choi Tae joon? I hope I got his name right.

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