K-actor Lee Min Ho Discharged From Military After Completing Public Service

The fans are out in force in Seoul today to welcome back K-actor Lee Min Ho who was discharged after completing his mandatory military service. Due to a car accident at the beginning of his acting career, Lee Min Ho was exempt from active duty but still spent nearly two years at a desk job in Seoul. He left for his service as one of the biggest name twenty-something actors in K-ent, and is returning with the attention from fans and media showing he’s still quite popular. Unlike some other recent and soon-to-be discharged actors Lee Min Ho hasn’t announced or confirmed his first post-military project year but I’m sure he is getting plenty of pitches and will find the right role to jump back in. Welcome back!


K-actor Lee Min Ho Discharged From Military After Completing Public Service — 29 Comments

  1. The hallyu king is back. Congrats on finishing your service. Cant wait for his next project. Aaaarg. Lets make kdramas great again 🙂

  2. He is hallyu king, I’m sure he will be ok. Its weird tho korean didnt recognise him as hallyu king, remember his name in number 9 as representative of hallyu…

  3. He can play Russell in the Up Movie. LOL. BTW, there is no more Hallyu, it has been totally replaced by K-pop. Hallyu is an “old” term.

    • Kpop artist can be hallyu too, hallyu means popular overseas kpop, dramas, product contents, kpop artist are also called hallyu king,

  4. Welcome back Oppa! BTW, his job is not a desk job. He was taking care of those elderly people who need help from community.

    There is one touching moment when an old lady who is thanking him for his service for those two years.

    Now king is back. Look forward to his new project.

  5. I only know him from dating Suzy but am keen to see any new works of his; post military. Yes I agree with @candycane the term ‘Hallyu’ is so yesterday and exhausted best be leaving it there. K pop dominates now.

    • thank you thank you! All my friends are listening to k-pop. No one watches K-dramas except the Ahjummas they said. Don’t bash me. It’s so true!!

      • Ajummas is the target audience of kdramas since forever, it was never the younger generation who is into worshipping idols,hence the very impt 2049 age bracket rating

      • Ajummas worship idols too. Don’t you watch the new PMY drama? Your thinking is ‘so yesterday’. The more you talk the more you are showing.

    • Im not sure tho, many of my friends still watching kdrama, and of course they will look at the actor before pick what they will watch, like when encounter aired and everyone in my office watched it together. They’re just not as fanatic like kpop fans out there.

    • Kpop and kdramas are each only one facet of the soft power. I see hallyu as the umbrella term. Understandably kdramas have done their share and kpop is expanding, but kdramas aren’t done yet and still does its share of spreading popularity otherwise kpop oppas and unnies wouldn’t still be trying so hard to break into the acting market especially to ensure a job after they are past their prime. An international streaming site like Netflix has started producing Korean works and not just picking some up. Obviously kdramas aren’t all done yet.

      Kpop dominating also still doesn’t reach audiences that kdramas can, so each has their own strengths and still expanding imo.

      • They must have misunderstood the term hallyu reffering only to actors and actresses, its a korean word meaning korean contents which is popular outside of korea,and most kdrama lovers do it silently unlike kpoppers who are competing who is the most popular or who trend the most, mv views, music show trophies, world tour,

      • On Netflix, K-drama is termed “Korean dramas”, not “Hallyu” is my point! Go search for ”Hallyu” in Netflix, see what you will get.

      • They dont use hallyu to refer to dramas,not only in netflix, even other streaming site,those kpop idols are considered hallyu too.they are mostly introduce in award shows as hallyu superstar,

      • @abc thats what they call when they use the english alphabet to write hangul on how they are pronounce, like anyeonghaseyo,or oppa or unnie

      • ‘Hallyu’ is a very old fashioned term initiating from the 90’s and associated with Chinese interest in Korean stuff so, it is true I don’t see this term used in the Western media. KPOP is more popular here.

      • @Abc- Exactly! And to @ma.llyanne – we do not need your teaching, we can learn it from Google.

  6. awww Im not really fan of his works unless he got good chemistry with lead lady BUT I somehow really like seeing good news about him! He looks very healthy to me from photos Im glad ^_^ it makes me want to poke his cheeks kk

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