Jeon Ji Hyun is Pink Chic at the Rouge et Lounge Event in Seoul

The shade of dusty rose looks impeccably fresh on K-actress Jeon Ji Hyun this week, as does making a suit style I normally dislike actually look charming. Jeon Ji Hyun stepped out in Seoul for the Rouge et Lounge event wearing a matte shade of pink double breasted suite with an unexpected satin slip peeking out from her left side. The whole look is quite Blake Lively circa A Simple Favor except for the distracting too busy vibe of the bag which is rather ironic since it’s a purse brand. The purse looks old-fashioned and not in a throwback cool way, she should have carried a geometric print style or something petite to let her outfit carry the day because it’s so winning.


Jeon Ji Hyun is Pink Chic at the Rouge et Lounge Event in Seoul — 4 Comments

  1. Song Hye Kyo may be prettier, but damn Jun Ji Hyun sure commands more when she is on screen. She has a stronger aura that one cant help but notice her. Her aura spells star power in the ninth

  2. I wish she and SHK can star in a movie together..Like Bride wars type of movie..It would be explosion of prettiness…but I guess it would be impossible…

  3. JJH represents life goals and for me I have nothing but a huge respect and love for her work. Having kids and still managing to maintain an active presence within K entertainment circles I wish the same for the other 50 actresses/actors that I follow – that’s if it’s the path they want to take.

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