Kim Yoo Jung Debuts Dramatic Hair Cut and Still Looks Super Adorable

Stop the presses, the girl is grown up and going for something brand spanking new. K-actress Kim Yoo Jung delivered a visual jolt leaving Korea this weekend by debuting a very short new hair style. Her long long hair as been with her since her teen actress days and she’s never deviated from it in years. But youth is the time to experiment so she’s chosen a smart new framed bob with bangs as her dramatic hair change. I LOVE IT! It’s so fresh and cute on her, and all in all she was the picture of a happy young woman dressed comfortably and adorably headed on a trip. Brought a smile to my face, I love seeing young’uns enjoying their opportunities to be different and take chances.


Kim Yoo Jung Debuts Dramatic Hair Cut and Still Looks Super Adorable — 13 Comments

  1. She still pretty of course but personally, I’m not a fan of the shape and style of the cut, it ages her and not in a refreshing way. I hope she likes it herself though.

  2. She’s super pretty with her long hair so i don’t know why she has to make herself look like an ahjumma, although a very cute ahjumma. She looks like she is in her late 20s, reminds me of the actress in encounter. She should wait until she is much older to sport this look if at all unless she’s doing it for a movie/drama role.

    But she looks happy, and seems to love it. That’s all it mattered, her happiness. She’s glowing so much and that makes us happy.

    Is her next project, the movie confirmed? Can’t wait to see her again. Hopefully it’s a good role.

  3. She’s oozing with freshness! She seems happy and confident with her hairstyle so that’s all that matter, even if I agree with other commenters that it’s a bad haircut haha.

  4. So gorgeous as always I believe she was off to Macau for a photo shoot but whilst she looks good with a bob I still prefer her with her long locks. I saw some fishing vids of her bass fishing in Korea somewhere having a tonne of laughs when she caught one. Eagerly and patiently waiting for her next drama/film to be announced. Don’t care what who when why will be happy for whatever KYJ chooses.

  5. She looks amazing. I love the cut and its 80’s retro style but more girly. It frames her face well, brings attention to her face and suits her warm personality. In no way does she look like an aunty or older.

  6. She looks pretty in this new hair style.
    It seems inside her heart she is an honest ,genuinely warm person,yet down to earth and mature with words for her age.
    Think so that perhaps gives a special glow to her in simple dresses and different hair styles

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