Retired J-actress Horikita Maki Welcomes Second Child with Actor Husband Yamamoto Koji

When J-actress Horikita Maki retired at the top of her acting career after fifteen years of riding the young to adult roles, she said she wanted to be a full time mom after getting married to actor husband Yamamoto Koji. The couple had their first child in December 2016 and Maki announced her retirement two months later in February 2017. She wasn’t even 30 years old yet but she’s always been mature for her age and her decision though surprising was also something that her fans could see her choosing. She’s now an ordinary person but it’s impossible for J-ent not to cover her since her husband is still an actor so it was reported earlier this year that Maki was pregnant with the couple’s second child and spotted out with a very noticeable baby bump. This week her husband announced that the couple had their second child and mother/baby are both doing well. Congrats to Maki, I miss her a lot but seeing her doing what she set out to do is comforting to know.


Retired J-actress Horikita Maki Welcomes Second Child with Actor Husband Yamamoto Koji — 4 Comments

  1. There’s been some talk about her doing a comeback. But it might be after her kids are older (the genders have not been released to either child)
    Sweet Power will not sign her back so I wonder is she’ll join Koji’s independent agency.
    Is till find Yamamoto Koji to be a creep the way he pursued/stalked her.
    I assume Maki is using her real name now so she is Yamamoto Marina.

  2. Happy for her to have another baby! Still one of the prettiest J-actress for me. I suddenly have the urge to watch Hana Kimi just to feel nostalgic.

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