Sweet and Sincere Romance Heats Up Her Private Life with Sizzling Chemistry Between the Leads

Sorry for the gap in writing about tvN Wed-Thurs drama Her Private Life. It feels like my own private slice of heaven, I am so protective of this adorable and sweet drama, and of the two leads Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young who have ascended permanently to my bae status. Ratings have stayed steady in the 2.5% range through episode 6 but the romance has skyrocketed to new levels of squee and fanning myself OMG. The tropes are old but the heady sense of attraction it elicits is fresh and fierce, I can literally see the tension and sparks between Deok Mi and her Lion in every second between them.

Plot wise all the misunderstandings and set up has been quickly cleared up and all that remains is a man charmed and slowing opening his heart up to a woman and a woman who is walking into adult romance without a clue she is. I love that Ryan is falling for Deok Mi even knowing she’s a super Shi An fangirl, because that doesn’t define her. It’s a hobby that’s harmless but he sees through that and also her work place capabilities to the balanced person she is inside, a kind and thoughtful art curator with an eye towards appreciating the prettiest men around.


Sweet and Sincere Romance Heats Up Her Private Life with Sizzling Chemistry Between the Leads — 9 Comments

  1. Love this drama! I love how taken back Lion is by Deokmi and that he respects her love for Si Ahn instead of being condescending towards her like how her previous relationships were hinted at. They have really good chemistry (Park Minyoung is a pro at it) and the ratings have gone up which is nice!

  2. I love love love love this show! It totally exceeded my expectations, which were not low at all, and jumped right into my list of favourite rom-coms. The chemistry is sensational, the dialogue between leads mature and sincere, the comedic vibe is not cringe-worthy. What more do I want?

  3. The first two episodes were in okay territory because he seemed the normal cold, arrogant male lead and the fangirling stuff isn’t in my wheelhouse. However, I was totally won over the following week. Ryan Gold is fast becoming my favorite male lead character due to his empathy, smarts and willingness to admit he’s at fault and apologize but also forgive and accept someone else’s apology when they admit they done wrong. The drama also really focuses on the leads and gives us a little of the side characters without those characters overwhelming the drama with what is often filler, at least through the first 7 episodes.

    And there’s the rub. I really don’t want the 2nd leads messing this up so crossing fingers we don’t go there.

  4. I am really love this show. It is so refreshing that both leads are mature enough when they are in the wrong. If they realized they made a mistake or assumed something, they took responsibility for it!! The chemistry is off the charts!! They have both amazing comedic chemistry and romantic/sensual tension between them!

  5. If I am completely honest, I would bail on this drama if I didn’t like the entire cast and especially my soft spot for the main OTP. The story kind of bores me to death and the repeated use of flashbacks so early in the show and almost every episode is a little overkill but I find the actors themselves endearing and funny which is what keeps my interest. I do like some of the characters such as Ryan Gold just not the whole story. With a different cast I probably wouldn’t enjoy this show half as much. KJW and PMY have amazing chemistry which makes a lot of sense because it seems that both of them and the 2nd lead actor (I am currently blanking on his name) have a great friendship behind the scenes so they are able to play off each really well when the cameras are on them. I do think overall this was a good drama choice for KJW to have his first male lead in a romcom and I am glad he is working with a capable female lead even though I am pretty sure that man can have chemistry with just about anything since he seems like the nicest and funniest guy behind the scenes.

  6. This drama is an answer to my pray since coffee prince & Marry stayed out all night. He is so awkwardly funny in the drama, and finally he will get the girl (yaaaayy).
    Damn KJW is fineโ€ฆ he is one of this Korean actors who elude sexiness without doing anything. I demand KJW shower scene! I want to see his dry muscles and pelvic bone! Don’t like Nam Eun Gi burly six pack ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ;D

  7. I love watching the behind the scenes for this drama because they are really playful with each other and I think PMY’s really helpful to KJW (like with his hands on her face when they were kissing and the humor scenes), he’s always saying “oh, so this is how you do rom-com” and is letting himself be more playful and silly too. You can see she’s really a pro with rom-com and he’s very talented, proving he can work well in every genre.

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