UEE Continues to Lose Weight as Seen in Latest SNS Update Picture

Being beautiful and feeling beautiful can be two separate and dangerous things for young woman. What we look like isn’t always what we see of ourselves and the mirror becomes an enemy of sorts. Former After School idol turned K-actress UEE continues her weight loss transformation after debuting with a healthy curvy image beloved by her fans. She is now one of the thinnest K-celebs in the industry and it’s gotten to the point even her fans who have excused and shielded her protracted weight loss are getting concerned because of how haggard and skeletal she looks in the latest SNS picture she posted. I hope she is doing well healthy-wise and emotionally, but as a viewer her effort to keep losing weight and/or staying extremely think isn’t a good look for her. She was so much prettier as the bombshell with curves and legs that went on for days.


UEE Continues to Lose Weight as Seen in Latest SNS Update Picture — 18 Comments

  1. The comments above just make me sad. I hope she gets the help she needs, it’s hard to deny that she has anorexia at this point (unless she’s is dealing with an unrelated illness)and her health is most likely in serious jeopardy.

  2. Can’t believe this is the same Uee who was famous for her honey thighs and wholesome body image. What happened, I don’t know but I just hope she gets help and gets better.

  3. She is in an industry that holds people, women particularly, up to a very intense, often critical, microscope and is possibly very stressed because of it. I hope she can stop before it’s too late and get some help.

  4. I’ve always loved UEE for her healthy curvy body. She defied the odds for idols that has to look stick thin to be pretty. She proved that she didn’t need to diet to become an “it” girl.

    Sadly though she was praised for her body, she also got a lot of hate from antis regarding her body. I guess the hate took a toll on her. I remember those antis literally photoshopped her fatter with her “stomach flab” sticking out. Sad that this happened.

    • Yep her photos before are exceptionally gorgeous but it’s her current IG photos that are of concern. Her last drama rocked in the ratings so she’s got a lot going on and to maintain the momentum she needs to be healthy and well.

  5. Oh no, I don’t know her or watch any of her drama but this is a big NO. She looks so beautiful, healthy and look at her brighten smile with her red shirt.
    Being in this tough industry when facing with criticism in every little things really hit people hard.
    I hope she gains confidence.

  6. UEE looks anorexic in her IG post and when she was questioned further about her appearance she said she used a photo app to make face look smaller..skinner but that wasn’t it. Her wrists are literally bones. Why isn’t her agency, management, parents, friends talking and helping her with this. It’s glaringly obvious she has some issues to contend with and it’s sad to watch her waste away. I was too young when the beautiful Angel Karen Carpenter passed away due to her anorexia but I’m telling it here I don’t want to see UEE suffer the same fate! She’s too loved and adored to be doing this to herself. Can someone please help her now!!

    • Same its just reminds me of Karen Carpenter that adults talked about when I was young. Such a waste she had such a wonderful voice when I listen back to her songs.

      Let’s hope Uee gets the help she needs.

  7. Im feeling so sad seeing her this way :c I hope people near her try to talk her to it and make her feel she isnt alone in whatever she is feeling for recent last years… Whenever she came to Running Man she was shining clearly very happy and energic but the last one she was a little off and lost so much weight and now this recent photos shows it still cont. happenıng :'(

  8. Unfortunately, with illnesses of the mind, if the afflicted does not decide on their own to get treatment it’s very hard to convince them. Her being a young woman with fame makes it worse. They show skinny legs detox tea adverts before prime time shows in S.Korea. I saw people commenting on Ha Ji Won being “chubby”, Song Kye Ho having “thick legs”! The perception of thinness in Korean entertainment industry is outright crazy!!

  9. I think she has a problem with her health, but if she is comfortable with her current appearance, it doesn’t matter, that’s her choice. but if it’s really anorexia, I think she needs more support from many people who love her.

  10. I’d have to see her in real life to even make any observation to whether or not she might have an eating disorder. It’s hard to tell from a photo. I have thin wrists but lots of fat below. And with my lack of good sleep cause of the baby, I probably could take a photo like that too.

    I hope that her family and close friends can continue to support her and if she does need medical help, that she can receive what ever help she needs.

  11. I wish someone help her and guide her… I believe due to pressure, she is going extreme measure.. I wish she should know how beautiful she is by not being very thin… I do not want to think she has eating disorder… Can someone guide her of being beautiful and healthy.

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