K-actresses Han Hyo Joo, Jung Eun Chae, and Kim Go Eun Gets Swept Up into Burning Sun and Hwang Hana Drug Use Scandals

K-ent news is reporting latest developments that have tied together two separate recent scandals: the Burning Sun club investigation with Seungri and Hwang Hana (and Park Yoochun) drug use case. Apparently Hwang Hana is a frequent visitor to Burning Sun, is friends with the major investors, and reportedly gave the Burning Sun owner a list of VIP stars who have used drugs for him to use as blackmail material. Now folks are scared to have their names potentially on that list. There is also a report that one night a cosmetics company held an event at Burning Sun and a famous actress was spotting staggering around the club wielding a light saber, with blood shot eyes, and drooling, signs that she was high on drugs. Netizens have unearthed that two cosmetics companies who have held events at Burning Sun use actresses Han Hyo Joo, Kim Go Eun, and Jung Eun Chae as spokes models. Signs point to it possibly being Han Hyo Joo because the actress is in her thirties, and also because she is friends with Jung Joon Young and he invited her once on his variety show. All three actresses have had their agencies issue strong denials that they are the actress in question so we’ll have to see where this goes.


K-actresses Han Hyo Joo, Jung Eun Chae, and Kim Go Eun Gets Swept Up into Burning Sun and Hwang Hana Drug Use Scandals — 16 Comments

  1. Oh Lordy Lordy me a there’s a song by British group UB40 called ‘Where did I go wrong’ and I’m dedicating this to so called production crew of SBS ‘The It’s show’. What a pack of mongrols with no journalistic integrity. So if you are gonna insinuate then stop beating around the bush and drop thename instead of saying ‘ actress A’cos I follow all 3 actresses and the muck you’re slinging their way is totally unfair and emotionally damaging to them, their family and friends and us- the fans. I guess you’re hiding/covering for the top dog somewhere up there in all that sordid muck. Rue the day when it all comes crashing down around you and your kind of merry mischief makers. Total mud!

  2. Speculation is the Queen of Hell. I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again, this is irresponsible journalism. If there’s enough dirt on an actor/actress enough to sling mud on their names – then go for it. Otherwise, associating innocent parties to this scandal is nothing less than evil, and can lead to witch-hunting innocent people who have nothing to do with the matter in question. If investigators have narrowed down a suspect and feel comfortable enough to release that information to the media, please do so and leave innocent people out of this. Most of these actors and actresses depend on the public’s goodwill for their livelihood and articles like these do a huge disservice to them.

    • 100% agree with this honestly.

      If you’ve done the investigation and have the proof that points to a person, announce it and get them tested or whatever else they need to do. Releasing half of the information does no service to anyone. It just causes a lot of stress for those who aren’t involved.

  3. Can’t police investigate all that correctly ? Shouldn’t they step foward and say what is true and what it’s false ? I’m not a fan of thèses actresses but i remember when in 2013 The names of Lee Da hae and Yoon Eun Hye where mentioned in articles involving prostitution b the prosecutor cleared their names immediatly . Reporters should write about facts and not rumors. I must say that since the begining of the 2 cases it’s all about “one said that he knows someone who saw or said” as the friend of Ant man… That’s what we call in my country ” le téléphone arabe”!

  4. Omg, kim go Eun! Noooo! I miss her so much… I was actually rewatching CITT and wanting her to come back into small screen. But reading this viasco. Hope it’s just a speculation..

    • It’s not likely Kim Go Eun, the actress involved is said to be in her 30s and Kim Go Eun is in her twenties by Korean age system.

      I suppose this is the latest attempt to throw attention on a celebrity at Burning Sun and take the heat off the scum who ran it.

  5. It start to feels like they are liking this game of giving starting letter of a name of actress/actors and take theır tıme to explaın the real stuff!
    I hope the innocent ones can take action with law about this… seriously if you know who is it with proof just tell the name or dont do these little games about it?!

    • This. One of the things that makes me so furious about this (besides the fact that my all time favorite actress is one of the ones whose name is being dragged) is that once again, we are off creating more difficulties for women in this field. Is it not enough that women were drugged and r*ped in this club? Is it not enough that a huge number of the press has been viewing these chat room videos? Is the molka not enough? Are the prostitution parties not enough?? Now we have to invent new victims?

      If some witness really did see something as specific as a famous actress in her 30s doing drugs, then that witness should hike down to the police station and give them that actress’s name. Let the police investigate from there. Don’t get on TV and throw out vague suggestions that could smear any number of innocent people.

      I’m not a sue-happy person, but it is so hard to be a woman and an actress on top of that in Korea. Your career and your reputation can be destroyed in the blink of an eye. So I hope that those people being falsely accused take every legal measure to protect themselves.

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