K- and C-news Covers Song Joong Ki Wearing Wedding Ring at Script Reading for Arthdal Chronicles, Confirms All is Well in Song-Song Couple Land

Earlier this year after Song Hye Kyo finished filming tvN romance Encounter, she deleted some Instagram pictures including ones with her and husband Song Joong Ki, and was also spotted at airports and events not wearing her wedding ring. Both of which could be totally innocuous, celebs purge Insta for various reasons and not wearing a wedding ring when traveling or attending events is normal. But since we’re talking the high profile Song-Song couple, her actions led to weeks worth of news coverage in Korean and Chinese papers and shows about how there was marriage trouble and even alluding to cheating. Sigh. Both agencies issued a statement that the speculation isn’t true and didn’t dignify with anything further. Of course the news cycle died down but this week it came back after the script reading video for Arthdal Chronicles showed male lead Song Joong Ki wearing his wedding ring. Now all the news reports are saying the couple is doing fine and the wedding ring is proof that all is well.


K- and C-news Covers Song Joong Ki Wearing Wedding Ring at Script Reading for Arthdal Chronicles, Confirms All is Well in Song-Song Couple Land — 16 Comments

  1. Aigoo..the rumor was baseless to begin with..If you are really a fan of both, you will know how private and careful they are esp SHK. Plus both have/had a project so I’m sure they want fans to focus on that. Wait untill SJK’s interview or appearance..He is the one who is more vocal about their relationship..Chill Song-Song shippers and just continuously pray for their happiness..

  2. Isn’t that script reading probably 6-3mth ago given that the drama is airing soon.

    No matter though, give it time, we’ll know sooner or later.

    • Script reading held on August 26,2018. There’s 8/9 month after that, and song hye kyo also will make movie in china/hongkong give me same vibe (dejavu) when she broke with hyun bin. Hyun bin shooting in Korea and song hye kyo working in China. We will know soon and later. I don’t think Chinese and Korean didn’t revealed the truth.

  3. as a person who has been married for 12 years, i dont need any ring to define and show i am married. i probably wont wear wedding band ever.

    • It’s not the ring…my husband has never worn a ring and sometimes I’m too lazy to put mine on…it’s the vibe that a couple gives off. I don’t follow them but it’s really strange that they seem to live seemingly separate lives and do not appear together. I think it’s strange that she signed with a Chinese management company to do more work in China. Wouldn’t that entail some degree of living apart/long distance marriage?

      • Coz they dont promote tog. They already said it before, they dont mix professional and personal life,if u are waiting for them to be in a show together, that will never happen atleast for now, and she will never share a pic with him in her ig, she will answer question abt him briefly, but will not entertain any question abt him when she is promoting her endorsement,thats professionalism,

      • more rumors means more buzz headlines… like the cup and starbucks promo… Professionalism is crap, Buzz is the Trend!

      • Well i am following song song couple since dots. And one thing I am sure about that shk will never mention about her personal life. Sjk is more of a open guy among the two. And the vibes you are talking about, I mean come on we don’t even know them. How can you or anyone guess what going on between them based on zero sightings? Song song are not the only couple who don’t get sported together. Just because no one report about it or share it on sns that doesn’t mean they aren’t together.

      • Not wanting to be mean, but if you don’t follow them, it means that you are new to them and their vibe. Post dots hype down plus all the awards show and fan meetings, she was never spotted being with him or talked about him, moreover post IG pic about him. While at that very time, they are happily dating.

        They are just that couple that will not let their private life to be consumed by public. And they have power to prevent media to leak any of their pics going out together, except for several chosen ones.

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