Lee Jun Ki Spots On Trend Silver Streaked Hair at Delight Encore Fan Meeting

I was wondering what actor-singer Lee Jun Ki was up to recently, what with actors and actresses confirming new dramas and movies left and right and me wondering what’s next on his acting agenda. Turns out he’s still squarely in the singing side of his career and last week held an encore fan meeting called Delight For Us which I kept reading as delight focus and wondering what he was focused on lol. He’s got super trendy and on point silver hair that popular right now and looks great especially with that idol boy mop on top.


Lee Jun Ki Spots On Trend Silver Streaked Hair at Delight Encore Fan Meeting — 12 Comments

  1. I want him to play a playboy, bad boy, me against the world character or like the character he plays in Time Between Dog and Wolf.

    PS. I was wondering about Lee Jun Ki early this morning then a news about him came,lol guess we have thought the same? nah

  2. Love the hair. He would have smashed it in a boy idol group. Also gives me hope that some of the other guys that are getting older aren’t afraid to still go for it. Feels like we don’t usually get many actors/actresses that do.

  3. Miss him. LJK is always so good at entertaining his fans. That’s one of the qualities that I like so much about him on top of his acting talent.

    I hope he will do a drama at OCN or can I hope for a sageuk? Goodness, I miss watching him in sageuk.

  4. He really cautious choosing his next drama. After a good rating of lawless lawyer but sadly not a critically acclaimed they didn’t wins any award in korea.Good thing he win an award in starhub.
    He aiming a good and quality drama this year maybe because most of the hallyu stars done a drama this year and there’re two big dramas upcoming vagabond and arthal chronicles. He need to choose wisely this time.

  5. I didn’t know he is a singer. I hope he will be in a drama soon. He is one of the few talented k-actors. It’s a waste if he only seldom on an acting project.

  6. I lkie all dramas he is in .I like him as a singer. Not so crasy about his hair on this tour ,I prefer him with longer hair , but oh well , he is gorgeous anyway any thing

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