First Stills of Lee Jung Jae and Shin Mina in jTBC Political Drama Aide

There are plenty of trendy dramas but upcoming jTBC drama Aide straddles the line of both trendy and serious. Leads Shin Mina and Lee Jung Jae are veterans yet still quite popular with their fans for a stable of great movies and dramas under their belt. The drama itself deals with Korean politics with Lee Jung Jae playing a top political aide and Shin Mina a rookie elected politician. I’m not sure there is romance other than innuendo flirting which can be hella sexy to break up the political heaviness. I find both leads looking hot as hell already in their drama stills, Lee Jung Jae makes 40 look like the new 20 and Shin Mina is ravishing in a chic bob and no nonsense attitude. Aide is airing in multi-seasons with the first season being a 10-episode offering starting this June.


First Stills of Lee Jung Jae and Shin Mina in jTBC Political Drama Aide — 11 Comments

  1. Shin Mina does not look like herself in these stills? Is it the camera angle?
    I don’t her very pretty but this short hair looks really good on her.

  2. Shin Minah is not the best actress out there but I lover her so much! She has this cute quirky vibe that really gels for me and this hair is fab on her! I think this can be one of those career defining roles for her! Feeling those girl crush vibes already!

  3. JTBC is being on fire as of late. As Kim Ji Woo being the latest writers who finally found her footing along with her partner in crime through beautiful world. So can’t wait to wa6ch this one!

  4. Nice pairing of talented actors and Welcome back LJJ and SMA ❤️Worth giving this drama a go if there is an element of romance added. Any chance of Kim Woo Bin in a cameo role for one episode? Please….

  5. Wow. She does look like a politician. Super attractive female politician and all.

    And I love this hairstyle on her. One of the rare times a Kdrama character who suits the style that has been done to her.

    • They could have paired her with someone more attractive, but it’s always great to see her! It’s distressing when they paid my favorite actresses with actors I dislike or don’t know!

      • LJJ is very famous. Surprised that you don’t know him! You should check out his many movies. She is lucky to be paired up with him!

  6. Oooh, this is a hot pairing. I like how both leads are mature adults. And Shin Min Ah looks great with her bob.

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