Idols Irene and Yoona Have Most Sought After Plastic Surgery Faces in 2019 Displacing Last Gen Beauties Song Hye Kyo and Kim Tae Hee

The plastic surgeons in South Korea have spoken and it’s the passing of the baton in terms of emulation. On a recent variety show program, a group of doctors shared that the industry has seen a new wave of faces that patients most want to look like. Leading the wish list is Irene of Red Velvet, followed by SNSD‘s Yoona and then Jennie of BlackPink. What’s notable is the three ladies are all pretty but in different ways and features from each other so there is diversity in particular looks, and also what’s worth noting is that the top three faces are all K-pop idols. The doctors said that for the prior years the top looks that patients wanted were Song Hye Kyo, Kim Tae Hee, and Han Ye Seul, with the three being famous actresses in Hallyu drama land. I would says that ladies should be happy with whatever face they are born with but obviously with the massive plastic surgery industry in Korea and everywhere else the trend remains the “fix one up”.


Idols Irene and Yoona Have Most Sought After Plastic Surgery Faces in 2019 Displacing Last Gen Beauties Song Hye Kyo and Kim Tae Hee — 30 Comments

  1. I always think it’s pathetic how people want to look like somebody. If you have a problem with your nose then fix your nose, don’t frigging mutilate your face to look like someone famous. You can be pretty as you with a better nose or something

      • I think Yoona has made her nose a little improvement. I just observed since I watched every drama she had. It was a subtle change but still a fan could notice. I like her nevertheless.

  2. All these articles are saying that PS wants to look alike are kpop idols who are 10 years younger than SHK or KTH. Fair enough, who wants to look like an ahjumma? HYS omg she looks horrible with lots of PS…

  3. There should be a page dedicated to ‘Only in Korea’…..Maybe instead of PS prospective clients should try and fix their personality and self esteem issues first. No use fixing your face cosmetically if your heart isn’t content and you’re ill mannered.

  4. Irene is really pretty in tv ,I bet she look like twice amazing if I see her in real life situation. I watched her in variety show knowing brother, Heechul asked her to tie up her hair, and the camera focused on her as she ties up her hair. Everyone in the room were amazed by her beauty including me who is watching. I wonder why she is not in drama or movie.

    • I agree she is very pretty but very little expression perhaps that’s why she has not been casted in drama/movie. But then again there are really wooden idol turned actresses around who have been casted again and again, go figure.

      • If SM can give Joy roles, they can surely find roles for Irene lol. Maybe its a personal choice?

  5. After so many years and whichever angle I look at, I still don’t get what is so pretty abt Yoona. She looks like an average girl next door.

  6. First time seeing Irene. I think all Korean artist looks almost the same. Honestly, I can’t tell which is which. Sorry out of context. I think Bea Hayden from Taiwan is a real beauty with no PS.

  7. No matter how many years pass, Yoona remains standard of beauty in Korea. Shes been on top for 10+ years now, her Innisfree contract is the longest running CF contract ever in Korea, and shes still getting CF deals left and right even after SNSD practicaly disbanded. Call her plastic all you want, you can’t deny her power.

      • Innisfree is literally No1 selling cosmetic brand in Korea and has Yoona and Lee Min Ho as spokespersons. Previously Kim Tae Hee ,Song Hye Kyo and Moon Geun Young were all faces of Innisfree. So please informe yourself before you make stupid remarks.

      • Innisfree have other endorser with yoona,before its with lmh, then with wanna one, maybe her tf was negotiated thats why they can still have other big name enforser with her, innisfree is 1 of the lower price product of amore pacific.

      • @Liki – you sound too defensive. Innisfree is a low cost product, not a luxurious brand is what I meant.

  8. Actually I find the Thai ladyboy effect (Nong Poy for eg) much prettier – their surgery at least does not churn out ‘lookalikes’ .

    I see a lesser-known actress s’times, and she vaguely reminds you of someone … but who?

    Ditto the Kactors – many have gone under the knife for jawline or whatever … there’s always a vaguely reminiscent air of being reminded of someone else with some of them

    Park Min-young comes across as unique in her PS. And it’s enhanced by her acting, and she comes across as adorably vivacious, yet quite down to earth in many of her roles.

  9. For me Yoona’s beauty is so simple, not the kind that you’ll turn for another look. Beauty is subjective though, so yeah, other people may find her beautiful.

  10. SHK and KTH are way prettier than the two idols..I love Yoona…always like her simple beauty…but to say these two idols beauty is not at the same level with the two senior actresses..

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